Tuesday, April 17
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Are you basing your entire working knowledge of start-ups from episodes Silicon Valley? We're here to help.

Your lean guide to start-up week

Not knowing much about start-ups doesn't mean you hate "disruption," free food or the next Uber for [insert every other industry]. Instead, it probably means you like structure, getting paid well and having your summer internship on lock by February 1. Not a bad place to be.

For those interested in a start-up life sampler platter, today's Daybreak issue is dedicated to start-up week. We'll have you in the know on start-ups faster than you can say flame-out. 

For starters, did you know that a number of recent Kellogg grads are running successful consumer companies in the Chicago area? Kellogg 2017 alumni are at the helm of plant delivery company, WellTended, and the modern uni(tard)form for men, Romphim. Other recent Kellogg alum are running companies from Wise Apple to Brideside. Be sure to check campus groups as many of these founders will grace the Global Hub this week.

Also, in case you're like 1870-what?! 1871 is a work space / incubator / accelerator for start-ups in the Chicago area in Merchandise Mart. It's definitely worth a trip for those who haven't been yet.

We've also been in touch with some of your classmates who interned at start-ups last summer and had diverse experiences ranging from importing hay stacks for a happy hour to asking strangers to sample skin care products. These interns surely were not trapped in a cubicle.

Walking in a week-three wonderland

We're still waiting on spring over here. To all y'all Meese and Buckets in Mexico - get appropriately sunburnt on our behalf. Expect a slightly higher high today of 40°F (4°C).

Reporting for duty

  • The secret life of a nonstick pan entrepreneur. Are you also starting to realize all the money in the world is stored in the forgotten aspects of your everyday? Check out the family enterprise club's lunch session with Ravin Ghandi, CEO and co-founder of GMM, to learn about how to build a family business empire (in his case based on nonstick coatings) and make a successful sale (12:15 p.m., 2410A).
  • Haven't heard of it. Hear from the founder of TaskRabbit and OpenTable, Chuck Templeton '06, about his story as an entrepreneur and now investor at S2G Ventures. You and 266 of your classmates believe this is a can't miss lunch session (12:15 p.m., 2430A).
  • Growing your share of the pie. Lou Malnati's CSO Heather Sage will discuss entrepreneurship through acquisition. While not explicitly listed, we're hoping Malnati's pie is also a large piece of this event (5:15 p.m., L129).

Also known as 'productivity Wednesday'

  • Spiderman, Batman and Superman present to you: Storytelling 101. Learn how to tell stories that pack a punch and importantly drive sales and your career forward with the all star cast of Carter Cast, David Schonthal and Craig Wortmann (9 a.m. - 2 p.m., 1420&30, waitlist only).
  • Yes, Pinot has a silent "T". Have no idea how to navigate the wine menu? Fell asleep while trying to get through the documentary Som on Netlfix? Try this more interactive way to learn how to order wine at a business dinner, hosted by Professor Russell Walker. Bonus: starts before most happy hours (3 p.m., 2410A&B).

All about that start-up life

Curious what a summer in the start-up promiseland was like? We checked in with a few 2Y 2018 grads to get the scoop -- is the hustle worth the hype?

q: What was one experience you had this summer working for a start-up that you wouldn’t have gotten in a traditional (larger company) role? 

I wore many different hats in my startup internship. One week, I worked on a new pricing strategy and did a breakeven analysis. Another week, I personally called every new customer to ask how their first order went and recommended meals they might like to try next. - Alex Onslager, Intern @ Wise Apple

The opportunity to attend investor meetings and work in multiple parts of the business including product development, operations, and digital advertising was very unique. - Caroline Regan, Intern @ Oars + Alps

q: Was start-up recruiting anxiety inducing given it’s later cycle? What kept you on track to get your start-up job?

I felt pretty comfortable not having an internship until the question “what are you doing this summer?” came up. And it came up often. Knowing who else was in my shoes and keeping in touch with them made all of the difference. It’s easy to feel like you’re the last one without a job, but there are so many others in your shoes! - Mia Velasquez, Intern @ Lantern

Frankly, yes - it was nerve-wracking, especially since I got my choice offer in mid-May. What kept me going was reminding myself that I came to Kellogg for a reason (to seek out startups), that it always somehow works out in the end, and if my worst case scenario happens and I land nothing - I can always start my own company over the summer, and if it fails, I can chalk it up to a valuable entrepreneurial learning experience down the line :) - Michelle Perkins, Intern @ Away

q: Any funny stories from working at a start-up this summer?

Our company had themed bi-monthly happy hours hosted by different departments for each. When my team was in charge of our wild west themed happy hour, we literally brought in stacks of hay to the office and a pen with real teacup pigs to play with. Prime example of startup life right there. - Michelle Perkins, Intern @ Away

Oars + Alps is a men’s skincare company, so there were many days that the three of us interns were running around accosting random guys to sample products in various stages of development. - Caroline Regan, Intern @ Oars + Alps

Learn at your leisure

Want to continue getting up to speed on start-ups? Check out these podcast and book recommendations to keep you cozy on these still frigid nights: 

How I Built This bring together guests with some serious street cred. A recent episode will explain to you what Chuck E. Cheese and Atari have in common besides obviously being cultural icons. Listen here.

Side Hustle School tells you how to build more than an Instagram empire. For example, a recent episode chronicles the tale of a man who built a dropshipping bouncy castle empire. Listen here.

The Learn Start-up is the Bible for all wannabe entrepreneurs. Read it so you can always say "Yes" when asked if you've read it. Buy it here.

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