Monday, May 14
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Bschool feels like a pretty great place to turn 3-0. HBD Jasper Speier! 

And just like that...

We are at the start of week seven. Where has the time gone? Some of us are starting to feel both the excitement and terror of graduation, others are merely enjoying a spring filled with sunshine and CAB events. While the sun may continue hiding for a few days, it'll be back at the end of the week for a sunny weekend.

How was everyone's Mother's Day? Today our issue celebrates the Kellogg Moms! Read on to learn about the crazy juggling act that is being a full-time mom and full-time student.

Also, a special reminder that today is the Daybreak info session! Want to learn how you can contribute to waking Kellogg each day with need-to-know info (namely the weather)? Join us at lunch.

Do not be deceived

While the clouds may indicate another flash flood (PTSD Saturday night) is on the way, today will be mostly dry. The temperature will be warm, though, so don't wear too many layers. Expect a high of 71°F (22°C).

M.ake Y.our O.wn M.onday

  • Align center. Terrified of titling slides, pivot tables and non-stop travel? Come to this lunch session to gear up for your summer in consulting. Hint: become a PPT wizard (12:15 p.m., 1120).
  • The 4Ps of marketing internships. Students with internships at PepsiCo, Mars, Unilever, Walmart and EcoLab will share their insight on succeeding over the summer. Pot Belly not included, it's BYOL (12:15 p.m., 2410A&B).
  • Summer goals. While your peers prepare for their summer work plans, shape up your summer bod with yoga @ the hub. Good excuse to check out our remarkably nice (and mostly empty) fitness center (3:30 p.m., Fitness Center).

The team behind your bleary-eyed morning read, Daybreak.

The more you know

In honor of today's Daybreak info session, we wanted to share A Brief History of Daybreak. We'll start with the basics...

  • Did you know that Daybreak was started only three years ago? This is our third full year running and first year running without our founder, Rachel Xanttopolous KSM '17.
  • We have 2,014 subscribers, which includes current students, professors, staff, alumni, JVs and even proud Kellogg parents!
  • While we are clearly a big part of the Kellogg community, we are not an official club -- we instead consider ourselves a Kellogg start-up, founded to declutter Kellogg communications and bring the Kellogg community together. In fact, we originally received support from KETI and Zell Fellows. You can see our logo in the Innovation Lab!
  • We relaunched our website a couple months ago -- have you checked it out yet?
  • We have a staff of 10 students -- six writers, one community and digital manager, one copy writer, one monetization manager and one social media guru (if you're not following us you should, he's 🔥).

It's because of readers, like you, that we do this (and there are a few late nights on staff). If you have any suggestions for Daybreak, we love hearing from you!

The Kellogg mom squad mom squad with their kiddos in tow.

To celebrate Mother's Day, we caught up with the Kellogg moms, which include Amanda Barber, Andrea Valin Acuna, Archana Morrison, Evelyn Bustillos, Gloria Jin, Huihui Liu, Laura Lukens, Liron Snai, Maria Skufait and expecting mother MJ Arroyo, in order to hear what life is like as a mom and student. Everyone here talks about just how hard it is to do it all -- so how these incredible women are able to make it work is an inspiration to us all!

Was it intimidating to start Kellogg as a mom?

I had always thought business school would be a great time to have a family, so I wasn’t intimidated until I learned there weren’t many mothers in the program. The Kellogg Kids group is huge, so I was surprised to find out that so few of the student-parents are mothers. It also didn’t help that soon after getting into Kellogg, I attended a Kellogg-sponsored event in Chicago for new admits. I was 6 months pregnant and asked a recent alum if she had known many parents at Kellogg—she said yes, “the student-Dads are a lot of fun, but the problem is when the mom is the student. No one can relate to them.” You can’t make this stuff up!

- Laura Lukens

No, it wasn’t intimidating starting at Kellogg while pregnant. There is this misconception that pregnancy and motherhood is limiting, but in my case I mountain biked, I hiked a glacier in Iceland during KWEST, I performed with my section during CIM, I did Yoga at the hub, I partied during Fall Ball, I attended the lunch and learns, I went to the happy hours and I recruited along with my peers... all while pregnant. After the birth of my baby, I have continued to partake in Kellogg activities. We both attended the Women’s Global Summit! I was never concerned or intimidated with my ability to get things done. What was a bit of a concern was to get excluded from activities once people knew I was pregnant because of misconceptions around maternity (e.g. people thinking they were doing me a favor by not inviting me to something they perceived as inappropriate for a pregnant woman).

- Evelyn Bustillos

How do you approach balancing everything that Kellogg offers with the responsibilities of motherhood?
My daughter was 5 months when I started Kellogg, and my 1st quarter was very difficult. I was constantly questioning how much time to invest in studying, extracurriculars, recruiting, socializing and being a mom. No matter what decision I made, it felt like the wrong one. I was also pumping breastmilk on campus each day, and my daughter wasn’t yet sleeping through the night, so these things didn’t help either! By 2nd quarter, I found my rhythm, and things only continue to get easier. Yes, there are many constraints on my schedule, but I love the flexibility that being in school offers.
- Laura Lukens

Prioritizing has been key. I personally go through seasons where I prioritize one thing over the other (Kellogg over family or family over Kellogg). I truly believe you can have it all, but not at the same time. And being content and happy with the choice you make in each season is important.
- Archana Morrison

Has the Kellogg community been supportive?
We are supportive within the group of Kellogg moms but there are too few of us. Being a Kellogg mom is different from being a Kellogg dad and obviously from being a student without children. So, not surprisingly there is some room for improvement in this domain. First, in terms of events being child friendly and second, would be the number of moms in the b-school. 
- Maria Skufati

Kellogg has been a very supportive place -- flexible group meetings, Kellogg kids & parents, supportive faculty, and beyond all that an amazing group of peers who constantly encourage and inspire me both as a parent and business leader. Who knew “Negotiation and Leading Strategic Change Concepts” would also help you as a parent!
- Archana Morrison

What are your thoughts on motherhood and building a high-pressure career – how do you think about work-life balance?? 
It is great to combine motherhood with career! Because it is the best way to prepare your child (especially a daughter) for her success in the future and maybe even become a role model for her. I deliberately selected not the most time-consuming industry. It will be challenging, but this is where the mutual respect and support with my husband will help.
- Maria Skufati

As with most things, it’s a matter of trade-offs and priorities; each family has to decide how to allocate their resources (be it time, emotional energy, financial etc.) to what makes them the happiest. I found I’ve been more mindful than ever in making company culture a big part of my decision to join a firm. With competing priorities, making sure I saw role models and informal cues that showed the organization truly respected working families (like seeing a male colleague leave every day at 5pm from a consulting engagement with absolutely no negative repercussions or even attitude from the team) made me feel comfortable this would be a good fit in the long term. It is very different for a company to say they value diversity and want to retain women than to have a living culture that enables that for working parents.   
- MJ Arroyo

Happy Mother's Day! 

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