Irish Skin Foundation Winter Newsletter 2016
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Irish Skin Foundation Winter Newsletter

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In this issue: A report from our recent Nationwide Psoriasis Roundtable Meetings, the #SaySomething Campaign fights stigma, we launch new booklets for children with psoriasis and fitness expert Pat Divilly shares practical advice on ways to improve your health.

Please consider making a donation to support the ISF's important work and play a part in improving quality of life for people with skin conditions in Ireland.

It's official - there is no safe level of exposure to UV on artificial tanning sunbeds. Find out how Doctors at University Hospital Cork have pioneered a new treatment for treating 'strawberry birthmarks' or infantile haemangiomas

David McMahon, ISF COO, has been elected to the board of the International Association of Dermatology Patient Organisations, 2017 dates for the Psoriasis and Mindfulness Research Study are announced and Billy Dixon advises on how to maintain a healthy mindset when your body is under pressure.  

Please feel free to get in touch about any item in this newsletter e: Please note our helpline is closed until January 9th.

National Psoriasis Roundtables
Psoriasis Roundtable Image

To follow World Psoriasis Day on 29th October, the ISF held a series of roundtable meetings for people affected by psoriasis during November. We held meetings attended by about 50-60 people in Waterford, Galway, Limerick and Athlone, asking people to break up into small groups of under 10 people.

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New Booklets for Children with Psoriasis
ISF Psoriasis Booklet Image

Our new What you need to know about your child’s psoriasis booklet was launched for World Psoriasis Day 2016 and has been prepared by people with psoriasis, dermatology nurses and consultant dermatologists to help you understand your child’s condition.

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No Safe Limit for exposure to UV radiation from sunbeds
ISF Sunbed Image

It’s official, there is no safe limit for exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UV) from sunbeds, according to independent scientific committee. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland, with rates projected to treble in the next 25 years.

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Pilot Scheme to Fast-Track treatment of infant haemangiomas
ISF Strawberry Birthmark Image

Doctors at Cork University Hospital have devised a new photo-triage system for babies with infantile haemangiomas (also known as strawberry birthmarks).

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Billy Dixon on maintaining a healthy mindset
ISF Healthy Mindset Image
Billy Dixon is an international speaker, author and specialist in personal projection/branding. He spoke at the recent ISF Psoriasis Roundtable Meetings about maintaining a healthy mindset and why there’s nothing as destructive as isolation.
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#SaySomething Campaign
Say Something Banner

Psoriasis is not contagious, but if you have it, you’ve probably had to deal with people who think it is. To mark World Psoriasis Day this year, the SaySomething campaign turned to the stigma that can surround the condition, educating the public to help dispel myths and empowering people with psoriasis to handle everyday situations. 

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Pat Divilly on fitness and success
ISF Pat Divilly Portrait

As a guest speaker at the recent ISF Psoriasis Roundtable Meetings, author, fitness expert and entrepreneur Pat Divilly provided practical advice on ways to improve fitness and shared insights about his philosophy for success.

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Support the ISF's work with a once-off or regular donation
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The ISF operates a free Nurse Helpline, raises awareness of skin diseases, publishes up-to-date evidence-based booklets, offers education to nurses and pharmacists and campaigns to better services.

Please consider making a donation today to support this important work and play a part in improving quality of life for people with skin conditions in Ireland.
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ISF representative elected to Global Skin Organisation IADPO
IADPO Logo Image
The ISF’s David McMahon has been elected to the Board of the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organisations (IADPO), of which the ISF is a founding member.
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Mindfulness & Psoriasis Research Study
ISF Mindfullness and Psoriasis Image
The Department of Dermatology in St. Vincent’s University Hospital are conducting new research with people who have psoriasis using a technique called Mindfulness.
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