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Giving Pledge Drive 
October 14th-28th
Dear Friends,
Thank you so much for being a regular giver to South Church. Your monthly automatic payment provides a reliable income stream that is always there to support the programs and operations of our church community.  Without you it would be very difficult to maintain our buildings, our worship, our staff and all our programs. So much of what happens here depends upon your regular payments.
In the past, you have had to reauthorize your scheduled ACH payment on an annual basis, even if you were not making any changes to your annual gift or banking information. Due to feedback, this will no longer be necessary. Your monthly gift will automatically continue into 2019 and will continue until you contact the church office to make a change.
This year as we approach the annual pledge drive, we want to make you aware of how this change will change your options for pledging. As an ACH giver, you have two options:
  • Enter your 2019 Pledge using Realm – As you have seen in a previous email, our church is beginning to integrate new church management software called Realm. We will begin this integration by using it to make our annual pledges. You are invited to activate your account on realm and follow the instructions at to make your 2019 pledge. If your pledge is an increase from your 2018 amount, which we hope you’re prayerfully consider, we will process that change in the church office.
  • Do Nothing – If you do not make a change to your monthly gift, you can simply do nothing. On November 1 we will convert your monthly gift into an annual pledge, calculated over 12 months, and update your Realm account accordingly.
Thank you, again, for supporting the ministries of South Church. Your ACH gift helps our trustees and leaders plan faithfully. If you have not yet registered in Realm, we invite you to visit to read more about how to register and pledge. We pray that these changes will feel helpful and welcome. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the church office. 
Thank you and many blessings,
Robin Gendron & Vicki Hoyt, Co-Chairs
The Giving Committee
Thank you for your pledge and your generosity. 
Click Here to Read More About Giving
Click Here to Access Realm
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