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  1. The Society of Mental Space Psychology is a fact!

  2. Three new short articles

  3. Film about mental space showed in Rome

  4. Mental Space Psychology training in Japan


1. The Society of Mental Space Psychology is a fact!.

About 2 years ago 3 initiators:

  • Lucas Derks
  • Robert Hemelaar
  • René Koppelaar

decided to start an international organization for everybody interested in Mental Space Psychology.

You can read about on our website:
many interesting articles are available or take a look at our videos:
At this moment the society is operational although there are many thing to work on.
First of all the organization itself.
There is lots of work to do.
As you can see in the scheme:

Each part of the organization has his own administration.
If you are interested in our organization and you are willing to help us with your personal qualities, please contact us. We are looking support to achieve our goals and make our efforts successful.
Please use our website to get in contact.
You can also become a member  of our SOMSP federation.
Please send us your reaction!

2. Three new short articles

  1. Brain Space
    The brain is a 3-D structure and logically speaking this fact must somehow relate to spatial interventions in psychotherapy. When the client moves in space or when he moves an image to another location, this must in a way be reflected by some occurrence in the neural tissue of the brain. However, in most spatial psychotherapies there is little or no mention of the 3-D anatomy of the brain. And as Steve Andreas (2014) states; in general psychotherapy can do completely without neuroscience. Read more =>
  2. Central Nervous System Space.
    The central nervous system is a 3-D spatial structure that connects the brain with the body its organs and senses. Over the last 40 years, neurological research revealed great populations of neurons around the gut (Gershon, 1998) and the heart (Waytz, 2010). Some have suggested that these cells are similar to those found in the brain. Read more =>
  3. Body Space.
    The body itself is a three-dimensional structure in which the nervous system connects everything with the brain in such a way that the body can be sensed en moved.  The so-called “Embodied Cognition Theory” (Lakoff & Johnson, 1999; Bergen, 2012) states that bodily experience forms the basis of all (higher) cognitive functions. This means that all we know and think is mainly learned along with becoming capable of holding and moving our body in physical space. For instance, finding our balance in early childhood can become the prototype for a life style of balancing out things in adulthood. Read more =>
Will you help us with articles about all the interesting aspect of Mental Space Psychology.
We like to receive your information. Please contact us.

3. Film about mental space showed in Rome

Here you can see the film about Mental Space Psychology as showed in Rome at the 2015 Computational Linguistics / NLP Conferences

4. Mental Space Psychology training in Japan

Social Panoramas is part of Mental Space Psychology. For the first time there will be a training in Japan. Here you find the link to this event:
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