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Clothing Swap Day

Have you done your spring cleaning and realised that you have clothes and things that you don't longer use? Come to the Committee for Student Equality's CLOTHING SWAP DAY on Friday in the Hillbert room and we will help them to find a new home!

We take CLOTHES (whole and clean),  PLANT CUTTINGS (with roots and name-tag) and BOOKS.

Come by a while! It will be fun!
Link to the event:

Seamus Doyle

Quiznight with the Ministry of Truth

On Thursday we will have a quiz night with the theme 1984. The theme refers to the dystopian novel by George Orwell with the same name from which we got our name the Ministry of Truth, however the questions will be on several different topics to suit everyone. We will prepare some simple food and desert for 20 kr. There will be a price for the winner!

Date: 16 May at 17:15
Place: Alumni room
Sign up: (for food)

Hope to see you there!

the Ministry of Truth

Volunteer thanks

Hello all you amazing volunteers that makes the Guild go round!

It’s no easy job to arrange sittings, read CEQ-forms, study our policies and everything else you do! You are all worth your weight in gold!

Therefore we thought it would be very suitable with a golden theme at this semester's volunteer thanks. The event will be a pubquiz in Cornelis with questions about the noble metal we all desire. Show up in your golden outfit and make ours, and your day golden!

Link to sign up:
Deadline to sign up is friday 17/5, 12:00
When? - Tuseday 21/5, 18 o´clock.
Where? - Cornelis (The pub in Kårhuset).
Dresscode? - According to theme.
Who? - All Volunteers.
If you have any questions send an email to

Stina Olsson, Minister of Culture

Introduction to Management consulting

Have you thought about pursuing a career as a Management consultant or wandered what a Management consultant does? Then you should come to our lecture 17.00 on Monday in MH:R. The lecture will be about what it means to be a Management consultant and what you need to do if you want to work as one. No registration needed and we will be providing fika.
For more info see

Nik Johansson, Head of Corporate Relations

Truth of the Week

So school started again after the Easter/reexam break and if you thought summer is far away you are wrong! I believe everyone have some hectic weeks before them with project deadlines, exams coming up and reports to write. On top of that everyone got an email about course application and for everyone in the third year this means we have to start choosing our own courses from now on. Even though I knew what courses I wanted to take I still felt nervous and excited because there are going to be some tough choices before every course period now.
I am really looking forward to taking specialization courses though. It is this moment all previous courses have been leading up to and I feel so inspired and ready to learn about some cool stuff!

Maja Svensson, Minister of Truth

Do You Want a Notice in Weektorn?

Do you have some information that you want to spread to the guild thorugh a notice in Weektorn? In that case send me an email  at before 5 p.m. on Sundays. Write Weektorn in the subject line and include a headline, text and sender in both Swedish and English, if you need help translating that can be arranged.

Maja Svensson, Minister of Truth

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