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Student Session with Axis Communications

Hello everyone,

As head sponsor of FARAD 2019, Axis communications welcomes members of the F-guild to interviews! Axis Communication AB is a company based in Lund, which primary buisness is the manufactoring of network cameras. You might be selected to be interviewed which might lead to such things as help with your master thesis and future positions at the company!

The selection process will be made through consideration of Axis preferenses. Axis has stated that they are primarily interested in students in year three or later in the ffollowing fields:

“Signals and Sensors”, “Systems, Signals and Control Systems” aswell as “High-frequency and nano-electronics” and “Control Systems”.

Even if you are not at the end of your studies there is still a chance that you can get selected for interview, especially if you have other relevant qualifications and are interested in the fields mentioned above, so do not be afraid to apply for this chance!

Apply now! Axis is currently expanding a lot and are really interested in students from the F-guild!

You can apply with the link:

Max Gustafson Project leader FARAD 2019

Put the furniture back in MA10

On several occations the chairs and tables in MA10 in Matteannexet has been moved around- This causes extra working hours for employees at LU Byggnad, and it can not go on like this.
If there is no improvement regarding this, that we keep moving the furniture around, then MA10 may no longer be used as a study hall. This would affect many of us, and therefore we hope that all of you could help to make sure that it won't happen again.

Kind regards, The Student Union

Message from the Medal Committee

Hail F section!

Saturday, February 23, it is skiftesgasque, where the faithful stewards are rewarded with medals and newly appointed officials are welcome to their posts. For this reason, we in the Medajkommittén will sit outside Hilbertrummet Thursday 14:th and Tuesday 19:th during lunch to provide you with medals and ribbons.

For those of you who are honored with 2nd degree medal or up, we want to remind you to bring your former medal to trade.

Where: Outside the Hilbertrummet
When: Thursday, 14:th February, 12:15 and Tuesday, 19:th February 12:15
Do not forget: Medals to exchange

Well met,
Medal Committee

Petition urges the university to halve its emissions

On the first of February the "Climate call" was published, a petition demanding that the university reduces its emissions within 4 years, in line with the actions required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement. At the end of the month, the petition will be handed over to the university board. Every signature makes a difference! Sign the petition, and read more at:  


The Climate Call is a collaboration between the students and the student organisations at Lund University, including Lund University's Student Unions, Kuratorskollegiet and Lund’s nations, Studentlund, Akademiska Föreningen, Sustainable University, Lund Sustainable Engineers, Fossil Free Lund, and Climate Students Lund.

Board Gaming Day with FISK!

Curious about board games? Good news! We invite you to a day of tabletop gaming on Saturday February 16. We start at 13:00 by the game locker in the corridor behind Hilbert Café in the Math building at LTH and continue all day. We have everything from breezy party games to Twilight Imperium, and there will be people there to help out with the rules. Everyone is welcome, you don't have to be a member of FISK or anything else to come play with us. Oh, and there will be FIKA! Hope to see you there!

The Board Game Association FISK


The application to be a volunteer during the introduction is now closed and tomorrow, Monday 11/2, the time for the interviews will be sent to you e-mail. So keep an eye on your inbox  as well as your spam folder so you don’t miss anything! If you haven’t recieved a mail by Tuesday morning please let us know as soon as possible at
See you at the interviews,

The Fös

Truth of the Week

This week we have a very important message in the news letter. It is the one about the petition to urge the university to halve its emissions. The climate is in crisis and we have ignored the signals far too long. If you feel that your own actions to reduce your own carbon emissions doesn't do any change to the overall picture, this is your chance to really make a difference. Institutions, companies and other big actors in society have a lot to do and this is one step closer to stop the planet from getting warmer.

By reducing your own carbon emissions and urging people in power to do so as well, you have done what you can to help the climate.

Maja Svensson, Minister of Truth

Do You Want a Notice in Weektorn?

Do you have some information that you want to spread to the guild thorugh a notice in Weektorn? In that case send me an email  at before 5 p.m. on Sundays. Include a headline, text and sender in both Swedish and English, if you need help translating that can be arranged.

Maja Svensson, Minister of Truth

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