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Bicycle repair day

It time for the first bike repair day so come join us during lunch on the Thursday 21/2 outside of Mattehuset and lubricate the chain, oil the lock and refill your tyres. We will also sell bike lights, reflexes and bells so you can be seen and heard on the roads.

Magnus Svensson, Head of Facilities

LSE TALK: Can we expect renewable sources to deliver the energy we need?

Join this first interactive LSE Solar power talk about the global energy transition. Can we expect renewable sources to deliver the energy we need? And if so, how can we get a carbon-free energy sector fast enough to save the climate?

In this session, Anton Frisk will take us on a journey from the urgent need for deep decarbonization of the energy sector, through the alternative routes of carbon-free energy, to the promising potential of a solar power world.
The speaker Anton Frisk has studied Engineering Nanoscience and graduated in early 2015 from LTH. He has since spent his career working in solar cell technology startups in Sweden (Sol Voltaics and Exeger).
This talk is designed to be interactive and you will be invited to participate in various discussions along the way. The event will be held in English.
Attend the Facebook event for more info!
Location: M:D in M-huset
Date: Wednesday 20th February
Time: 17.30-19.00

Lund Sustainable Engineers

Suggestions for the Spring Guild Assembly

Now during the spring I, Mattias Näsström, am the guild assembly chairman, which means that I will lead the upcoming spring guild assembly. There is still some time until the assembly, but for the assembly to be as good as possible I want to collect your opinions on how the assembly can be improved. Think back to previous guild assemblies and how it was then. Was it difficult to keep up with the meeting? Did people talk too much? Something else that bothered you? All suggestions, big and small, are welcome! Catch me at school or email me at

Mattias Näsström, Guild Assembly Chairman Spring 19

Skiftesgasque 23/2

On Saturday it is time for this years Skiftesgasque. The Skiftesgaque is for all the old and new officials of the year, there will be a three-course dinner free of charge but you will be able to buy wine and punsch tickets. More info is in the sign-up in the event calendar. The sign-up closes at 15:00 February 18th.

Theresia Jansson Palmer, Head of Festivities

Truth of the Week

On friday I was at the Jesperspex show Ottar and the following sitting afterwards. Beginning a sitting at midnight and partying until early morning is not something you do everyday  which is very good because I have been destroyed the entire weekend. 

Many people in the spex are from the F-guild and I want to thank you for a fantastic show and night!

Maja Svensson, Minister of Truth

Do You Want a Notice in Weektorn?

Do you have some information that you want to spread to the guild thorugh a notice in Weektorn? In that case send me an email  at before 5 p.m. on Sundays. Include a headline, text and sender in both Swedish and English, if you need help translating that can be arranged.

Maja Svensson, Minister of Truth

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