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Spring Guild Assembly 2019

Welcome to the guild spring assembly 2019! The meeting will be on Monday the 15th of April and Tuesday the 16th of April. Wednesday the 17th of April will be a possible day of continuing the meeting if we don't finish the days before. You can candidate to open positions through the website. Send motions to the secretary before the 31st of March.

Following dates and times

  • 15th and 16th of April (MH: R) - the guild spring assembly

with starting time 17.59.

Following dates and times before the meeting

  • 31st of March - Motion deadline
  • 8th of April - Publishing of the Meeting Agenda

For more information check the website calendar.
Should you have any other questions about the Assembly, contact the Board.

In the service of the Guild

Otto Holmström, Secretary
Alexandra Lengquist, Chair of the board

Women and mathematics

The second event in the series "Women in mathematical sciences" at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Lund will take place on the 8th of March, the international women's day! Barbro Grevholm, who was organizing a network for women in mathematics starting in 1990 will talk about her experience. After her talk there will be some discussion and an apportunity for students to talk to PhD students. Finger food will be served. In order to plan the amount of food, please register by sending an email with your name to latest until Thursday the 7th of March, 8:00. Everybody is welcome!

JoL-group at mathematics center

Byelection of Song Contest Team Leader

Hello everybody!

The Ministry of Culture is now looking for Song Contest Team Leaders ★
The Song Contest Team Leaders make sure that our beloved guild has an outstanding contribution (the best contribution the F-guild has ever seen) to Sångarstriden 2019. Are you interested in making this happen? Hesitate no more - contact to apply!

Stina Olsson, Minister of Culture

Tandem Relay 2019

As the spring is approaching, so is the Tandem Relay. This is the first one to be held since 2017 so we have many people to inform about the greatness that is Tandem. We're going to have a little info session on Tuesday lunch in MH:R for everyone that's curious about Tandem. The session will be held in swedish, but we can also give a short summary for the non-Swedish speakers. Bring your friends and your lunch to MH:R at 12:15 this tuesday 5/3 so you are well informed about Tandem 2019.

Ivar Vänglund and Peter Hallstadius, Tandem Relay Generals

Volunteers during the introduction

The Fös has now chosen the volunteers for the introduction! If you’ve applied for anything but haven’t recived any information by email

By tomorrow, Monday 3/3, or have any questions regarding the process please contact us at

There will be more oportunities to get involved in the introduction later, for instance at events. So if that’s something you’re interested in keep your eyes open!

The Fös

Truth of the Week

This term the third year nanostudents take a course called Project Nanoscience engineer and work in groups to develop a product which potentially could become a business. My group started developing our product in the lab this week and it will be very interesting to see if our idea is totally brilliant or very stupid. Anyhow, we have found out that a good spirit in the group is important so we had a party yesterday. It ended with one person in the group spraied his ancle so he has to lie down. But we are happy anyway!

Maja Svensson, Minister of Truth

Do You Want a Notice in Weektorn?

Do you have some information that you want to spread to the guild thorugh a notice in Weektorn? In that case send me an email  at before 5 p.m. on Sundays. Write Weektorn in the subject line and include a headline, text and sender in both Swedish and English, if you need help translating that can be arranged.

Maja Svensson, Minister of Truth

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