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This Week’s Student Right

It's time to bring back This Week's Student Right to Weektorn!

Did you know that…
When the contents of a course is changes significantly, whether by changes to the reading list or otherwise, the University has an obligation to offer examination in accordance with the former course content for a period of one year following the change. (Right 5.4)

Is the right not fulfilled? Contact the Student Union at or contact us at the Student Council.
Are you interested in your rights as a student? Head over to

//The Students’ Educational Council

Lunch lecture Volvo Penta

The registration for the lunch lecture with Volvo Penta the 28th of may have now opened. Volvo Penta is a division within Volvo which is a world-leading supplier of power solutions to marine and industrial applications. Come and listen and learn more about what the company does and what they can offer you as a student. We will be providing lunch.
For more info see

Nik Johansson, Head of Corporate Relations

Bicycle repair day

It time for another bike repair day so come join us during lunch on Monday 20/5 outside of Mattehuset and lubricate the chain, oil the lock and refill your tyres. We will also sell bike lights, reflexes and bells so you can be seen and heard on the roads.

Magnus Svensson, Head of Facilities

Donate your old shoes

During the introduction it’s usually popular to take a swim in Sjön Sjön and since you can find a lot of things in the lake it’s important to wear shoes. If you have any old shoes you no longer want the Fös will happily take them so the new students can wear them when taking a bath! Size och condition of the shoes doesn’t matter, we’re very grateful for Everything! There will be a coffin in the Hilbertroom from Monday 20/5 to Thursday 23/5 where you can put them. Thank you!

Hugs from the Fös

Do you want to engage in Sustainability?


Lund Sustainable Engineers is the Sustainability Association at LTH. Our goal is to increase the LTH students knowledge in sustainability issues, arrange interesting events such as pubs and lunch lectures and we are also a platform for students to meet like-minded. 

On Wednesday 22nd of May there will be an extra Members' Meeting and then we will choose a new President for LSE for the Autumn 2019. It will be held 12.15-13.00 in Corneliskorridoren and there will be fika.
As the President of LSE you will be able to inspire students to think more sustainably, improve your leadership skills and meet others that love sustainability issues. No other engagements or experience is required. If you or someone you know would fit perfectly as the President, please fill in this form:
On Monday 20th of May at 15.00-17.00 the board will be there for an Election Fika in Mattehusets foajé. It is a perfect opportunity to ask all your questions about LSE, the President Position, how you can get active and get to know LSE better! 

We are looking forward meeting you on the Fika and Members' Meeting! Everyone is welcome, regardless if you been engaged in LSE before or not. 

Election Fika on Monday
Members' Meeting on Wednesday

Lund Sustainable Engineers

Truth of the Week

As a complete Eurovision geek, I am feeling very disappointed today. Last night, was the grand final in the world’s biggest music competition, Eurovision Song Contest, and I was very hopeful for Sweden to win. John Lundvik did an amazing performance however, the competition was quite hard this year. And since Sweden have won six times already and the last time was 2015 and 2012 before that, it might be good for someone else to win. Don’t get me wrong, the only thing I want is for Sweden to win but the risk is that all other countries loose interest if one country is superior. Look at what is happening in the World cup for cross-country skiing for example. Norway, Sweden or Russia win 9 out of 10 times and the audience in the rest of Europe is getting smaller and smaller.

We want Eurovision to continue to bring Europe together. It is an amazing and incredibly entertaining phenomenon. Once a year you get to experience so many different cultures and hear music you would never get the chance of hearing otherwise and I love everything about it. It is a positive force in the world and I hope it lives forever!

Speaking of Europe, it’s the election to the European Parliament on Sunday and everyone must make their voice heard. Don’t forget to vote.

Maja Svensson, Minister of Truth

Do You Want a Notice in Weektorn?

Do you have some information that you want to spread to the guild thorugh a notice in Weektorn? In that case send me an email  at before 5 p.m. on Sundays. Write Weektorn in the subject line and include a headline, text and sender in both Swedish and English, if you need help translating that can be arranged.

Maja Svensson, Minister of Truth

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