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For a beautiful lawn, and healthy trees and shrubs, you want to follow a consistent program that includes weed control and fertilization. Here is a basic schedule to follow for southern grasses including: St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia:
  • FERTILIZE -  Four Times a Year:
    • Late February-Early March | NOW IS GOOD
    • Late March-Early April 
    • Late June-Early July 
    • October-November 
  • HERBICIDE - three times a year:
    • (Pre-Emergent controls to prevent weeds) 
    • February-March - pre-emergent controls for grassy weeds | NOW
    • May-Early June 
  • FUNGICIDE - two times a year:
    • July-September - Gray Leaf Spot is a blotchy spot on the grass blade leafs. (mostly on St. Augustine lawns)
    • September-October - To control the dreaded Brownpatch fungal disease (symmetrical brown circles in the grass) you must prevent it from coming up with a systemic lawn fungicide
Your pest control company may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re thinking about Lawn Treatment and Fertilization. So it may come as surprise to learn that “Lawn & Ornamental” is actually a specialized license in the pest control industry. Whether it's time for pre-emergent weed control, regular fertilization, insect control or containing the dreaded brown circles in the grass, we've got you covered.
  1. Bi-Monthly/Monthly Mosquito Treatments: We utilize a multi-prong approach that includes a residual insecticide to kill adult mosquitoes & an Insect Growth Regulator to control the life cycle. Frequency of treatment is important due to the breakdown of the active chemical after 30 - 60 days.
  2. Install a Custom Mosquito Misting System: We can design & install a system specifically for your home. Call for more information & an estimate.
  3. Refill your existing Misting System: Typically these systems need to be refilled every 90 days. Our technicians will inspect your system each time we are there to refill it.
We are introducing an innovative new mosquito product that, when used in conjunction with our regular mosquito treatment, helps with long-term reduction of the mosquito population around your home.
 It actually tricks the mosquito into carrying the larvacide from one breeding area to another, preventing hundreds of larvae from ever maturing.

We are proud to introduce our top-notch technicians

Next up in our introductions to the IPMI team of awesome technicians is Cleo. Cleo is a native Texan, born in Lubbock. Guess is wasn’t humid enough for him up in the panhandle, so he has spent most of his life in either Houston or Louisiana. He has been in the pest control industry for 24 years; lucky us. Like most of our team he is a family man and considers himself an outdoorsman. He says, “I’m a pretty boring guy. If I’m not fishing or hunting I’m watching sports.” His favorite fishing spot is Treasure Island in Port Arthur.


For all you do-it-yourselfers out there we are ready for you. The big truck from NitroPhos has been here and we're all stocked up with Imperial for your spring fertilization, Barricade pre-emergent herbicide and Image post-emergent herbicide (just in case you miss the pre-emergent happens.)

While you're out there enjoying your beautiful green, weed-free yard, you'll want to protect yourself from those annoying, disease-transmitting mosquitoes. If you need to refill your misting system, we have multiple options to help you out there. We also have products to kill the adults & larvacide for areas in your yard that hold water. Stop by and see us. We'll direct you to the correct product & gladly instruct you on how to use it. 

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