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Hello Good Humans~

How's your weather today? I'm sending out one more call to creative arms for the upcoming "Poetry 101" that begins next Friday. There are just a few days left to register, so if you are coming and haven't secured your spot yet, now is a good time. 

Here's the link: Poetry 101

I read something this past week that really resonated with me--both because of its message, and because it is one of my own creative, core beliefs: that in the act of healing ourselves, doing our inner work, we help heal the world. When we're more conscious of our inner landscape and the changing weather patterns there, we can have more awareness around what elements we are invoking in our own lives, in our relationships, and in the larger, outside world. When we explore our own inner landscape with compassion, curiosity, and wonder, we are less likely to consciously or unconsciously create more chaos and violence out in the world.  

Our poetry can be the place where we do this--the double work of alchemizing the experiences of our hearts into art while also developing a renewed connection to ourselves, and to the beliefs, expressions, and energies we put out into the world at large.

Poetry can be a place where we align our head, our heart and our art. Poetry as a vessel for exploration and expression of our own unique consciousness--all weather elements welcome-- and creative practice as a vehicle for exploration, expression, and emotion. 

And "healing" not because we aren't already whole, but because at times in our lives we need to make our way back to that sense of wholeness as we integrate life experience--sacred, mundane & profane. And because our sacredness and our humanity deserve our care and attention. 

Learning poetry craft tools can support us in this alchemical innovation, and in creating art alongside the unique expressions of our heads & hearts. The side effects of poetry also include: enhancing our sense of freedom, wholeness, and innate beauty. 

Turning inward to effect change in the outward isn't a verse we hear very often in the world around us today--it's easier to speak against what we see, but what happens when we take the time to contemplate what the contributions of change might be? In this way, I see tending to the personal as a way of contributing to the collective. 

This poetry series will give you the opportunity to integrate your unique experiences and expressions with grounded craft skills, and solidify the foundation of your art & your heart.

This investment in yourself, and the skills you'll develop, breaks down to $20/hour--what you might pay for a group yoga class--and the skills you'll build over these 6 weeks will take you far beyond the mat. 

As always, hit REPLY and let me know if you have questions. 

To Your Ink & Mine,

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