What are you longing for?

Dear Tribe,

It’s my ongoing quest to allow my passion and skills in yoga teaching, poetry and embodiment practices to intersect with your evolving needs in the realms of wellness, creative writing, and mind/body sustainability. As we continue to turn inward and ask ourselves what we need in these realms in a post(?)-pandemic world, I’d love to to hear your thoughts on what’s resonating with you most, and what in my newsletters is serving (and could serve) you best. While I often find personal reflections and poetry the most natural way to communicate, and to share my own on-going explorations in the realms of embodiment, sustainability and creative writing in a beautiful and broken-open world, I’m interested to hear if this approach resonates with you, and what future offerings would serve your current needs and longings. Please take a moment to engage with the questions below—I’m listening…

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