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Dear Tribe of Mat & Pen~

I hope this note finds you all well and transiting into fall with some self-compassion in tow. That has been a renewed theme for me, a reminder surfacing in importance as I've moved through a new cycle of change. Since I wrote you last I've moved twice, felt the pang of regret in donating a few old sweaters and tees I thought were hindering me, and in hindsight, realized were memoried parts of myself that in their shedding, I've missed.

I've turned another year older, moved half my things into a storage locker with the unexpected help of family, found another temporary home. And all the while, have been continuing to send out my poetry manuscript and draft into new poems birthed from the seeming disarray in my outer world. One of the beliefs I've been practicing is alchemy, one of the practices I've been believing in is the self-care of sustainability, and remembering how poetry is one of the very things that stabilizes and nourishes our inner landscape as we integrate the disorder and "disruption" in our outer lives into poems of meaning. 

We explored this alchemy in community last month in our "Art of Alchemy: Poetry & Sustainability in a 21st World" gathering, and it was seemingly so nourishing to all, myself included, for us to practice and be reminded of this way of making meaning in a group of like minded seekers, creators, and compassionately curious humans. That gathering was so full of magic, it left me inspired and inquiring about offering a longer workshop series this fall or spring. This offering will have a similar theme, one where we gather and write into the material of our lives as explorations of sacred, mundane and profane, as doorways into deeper connection with ourselves, our writing, each other, and something larger. One where we talk poetry craft tools, and self-care practices.


In a fast paced 21st century world that challenges our ability to reconcile sacred alongside secular, how can embodiment practices & poetry alchemize the sacred, mundane & profane experiences of our heads and hearts into meaningful art? How can our life experiences and our creative writing connect us more deeply to ourselves, each other, and something larger? In the way that the body is a vessel for experience, poetry and creative writing are vehicles for expression, connection & emotion. We can use the awareness and expanded perspective we gain in combining mindfulness, embodiment practices, and self-compassion with our poetry to uncover our beauty, experience the innate sacredness of our humanity, and integrate the material of our lives more fully into a deepened sense of wholeness.

By the end of this series, you will have generated a few drafts of new poems, and revised others. You will have honed new poetry craft tools and self-care skills to sustain your own creative writing practice. You will have cultivated a relationship with your own authentic voice, and will have new tools to care for mind, body & spirit in a beautiful and overwhelming 21st century world.

If you're interested, I'd love for you to lend your voice to the conversation. Which format and when would these workshops work best for you? 

Here are the options:

1) Wednesdays 5-8pm OR Fridays 5-8pm 
2) One 3-Hour Workshop in October, November, and December
3) A six-week series running November thru early December 2019 OR January thru February 2020 

Which would best suit your poetry & sustainability needs? Can you imagine what the relationship between you and your poetry would feel like after spending consistent time together and supporting this with time spent in like-minded community? Can you feel into the possibility of where that momentum could carry you? 

Please hit "REPLY" and let me know which format would best work for you. Cast your vote! 

In Gratitude, Poetry & Creative Sustainability,


P.S: Included again below is the link to a few poems I recently had published in Berklee's FUSION Magazine. These poems embody my on-going exploration of the sacred in a beautiful & broken-open 21st century world. They're poems that write into the ways sacred, mundane & profane are doorways back into deeper connection with ourselves, our writing, each other, and something larger. In all the ways this world breaks us open, poetry offers us the opportunity to create ourselves more whole. These poems hope to speak to the ways we are connected by our shared humanity, alongside our unique differences of identity and individual self-expression. 


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