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December 27, 2017

Top 10 New Year's Resolutions for Investors

The New Year is a great time to recommit yourself to good money habits. In this edition of Investor News, we've put together a list of suggested resolutions as 2018 begins.

1. Plan Ahead. It’s never too early to plan for your future. Consider your goals and learn how to track your progress. Learn more
2. Assess the Impact of Fees. Fees can significantly impact your investment returns. Ask questions and understand what your options are when it comes to the fees and charges you pay. Learn more
3. Understand Your Behavioural Biases. Emotional and psychological influences can lead us to make suboptimal investing decisions, even if we’re unaware of it. Recognizing our biases can help minimize their influence so we make better choices. Learn more
4. Do Research and Ask Questions. Understand your investments and how they help you achieve your financial goals. Get answers by doing your own research or ask your advisor for more information. Learn more
5. Protect Against Fraud. Fraud can happen to anyone, and it has a devastating impact on victims. Investment fraud can be easier to recognize – and avoid – when you know what it looks like. Learn more
6. Check Registration. Always check the registration of any person or business trying to sell you an investment or give you investment advice. Registration helps protect you from unqualified or fraudulent investment professionals. Visit 
7. Diversify. When it comes to investing, having a mix of different investments can help reduce risk and make it less likely that all investments in your portfolio will go down in value by similar amounts at any given time. Learn more
8. Review Your Statements. It can be easy to just ignore or file away the paperwork you receive, but reviewing your account statements regularly helps keep you on track and identify any issues that may arise. Make sure to ask questions if you are unclear about a transaction or investment. You should have also received two new reports earlier this year that provide new details on your investment account performance and the cost of advice. Learn more
9. Save When You Can. We know it can be tough, but saving early and often, and reinvesting any dividends or interest earned, is key to helping you reach your financial goals. Learn more
10. Talk To Us. We're here to help. Ask us your investing questions, contact us with any inquiries and complaints, and let us know what your priorities are and what we should be focusing on in our work. It can really make a difference – hopefully not just for you, but for all investors.

The challenge with all New Year's resolutions is sticking with them. We know it can be difficult. At any time of the year, visit or for many tools and resources to help you make sound financial decisions.

We wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018!

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