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September 29, 2016


Today the Ontario Securities Commission and the Investor Office launched, an important new website that provides resources for investors in nineteen different languages. 

October is Investor Education Month. Our focus for the month is on new Canadians and investors who speak languages other than English and French. provides information on topics such as Canadian investment products and terminology, warning signs of fraud, how to check advisor and firm registrations, the role of the OSC, our investor education website, and how to contact the OSC with inquiries or complaints. It’s important information for people to know, and it’s not often provided in multiple languages.

We’ll be promoting through Investor News, social media, community groups, and advertising across the province. The key to the success of this initiative lays in getting the information to as many people as possible who could use it.

But, we can’t do it alone.

That’s why we’re asking for your help.

Please take a moment to share, or this issue of Investor News, with any person or organization who you think would benefit from the information, or who in turn might share it with others who could use it.

Click here for the English link. Click the buttons below for all the other languages.

Thank you. We appreciate your help in spreading the word.

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