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June 28, 2018

The Ontario Securities Commission's (OSC) Investor Office published a new research study today that examines Ontarians and cryptoassets. 

Five per cent of Ontarians currently own cryptoassets and an additional 4 per cent of Ontarians owned cryptoassets in the past but no longer do. Many Ontarians lack understanding of cryptoassets, and the study also revealed that an increasing number of people are being approached about participating in initial coin or token offerings, exposing them to potential risks given the lack of familiarity with these types of investments. Read the report


While Ontarians are approaching the cryptoasset sector with caution — half of cryptoasset owners spent under $1,000 on the cryptoassets they own — 9 per cent of cryptoasset owners surveyed reported spending $10,000 or more. Read the report


We asked Ontarians how familiar they were with “cryptocurrencies” (a term commonly used to refer to cryptoassets), and found that while most Ontarians (82 per cent) had heard of them before, very few (5 per cent) would feel comfortable explaining the details to others. Read the report

Cryptocurrency Basics

Cryptoassets Hub

You might be eager to get in on the cryptoasset trend, but you should first take the time to understand how they work and their potential risks.

Visit our Cryptoassets hub for information on cryptoassets and what you should know before buying them.


Investor Protection Initiatives

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), which includes the OSC, recently published two notices concerning investor protection initiatives.

We sat down with Debra Foubert, Director of the OSC's Compliance & Registrant Regulation Branch, and Chantal Mainville, Senior Legal Counsel in the OSC's Investment Funds & Structured Products Branch, to talk about these two recent publications and what they mean for investors. Read the full interview


Retirement Ready Quiz

Are you retirement ready? Take our new Retirement Ready Quiz to find out how prepared you are and get tips to put yourself on the right track.

Visit for more popular tools and calculators to help you with your finances.​


Interactive Investing Chart

Use our Interactive Investing Chart to see how stocks and other investments have performed historically or over specific time periods. 

While stocks have historically performed well over the long term, there’s no guarantee you’ll make money on a stock at any given point in time. The stock market is subject to short-term fluctuations, as well as bear markets.


How Stocks Work

Stocks are one of the most common types of investments. You can own them directly or through other investment products like mutual funds. When you buy stock — or equity — in a company, you own a share of the company. Learn how stocks work and understand their investment risks.



One of the lasting gifts grandparents can leave their grandchildren is an inheritance. If used wisely, this bequest can have a significant impact on their future. Big dreams — such as a post-secondary education — can suddenly seem closer. Learn about these key considerations for planning to get the most from an inheritance.

OSC in the Northern Communities

OSC in Northern Communities

OSC staff have hosted dozens of OSC in the Community events so far this year, including many in northern Ontario communities like Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Geraldton, Ignace and Elliott Lake. We're taking the Commission's regulatory mandate from Bay Street to Main Street with seminars on preventing fraud and making informed investment decisions.

Find a free event near you or contact us to host an event in your community.




Proposed Changes to Post-trade Transparency Requirements for Government and Corporate Debt Securities

Comments due: August 29, 2018

The CSA published for comment CSA Staff Notice 21-323 Proposal for Mandatory Post-Trade Transparency of Trades in Government Debt Securities, Expanded Transparency of Trades in Corporate Debt Securities and Proposed Amendments to National Instrument 21-101 Marketplace Operation and Related Companion Policy.

Learn more


Proposed Changes to Derivatives Registration Rule

Comments due: September 17, 2018

The CSA published for comment Proposed National Instrument 93-102 Derivatives: Registration and Proposed Companion Policy 93-102 Derivatives: Registration. The Proposed Instrument establishes a new regime for the registration of dealers and advisers transacting in the over-the-counter derivatives markets in Canada.

Learn more


Proposed Client-Focused Reforms

Comments due: October 19, 2018

The CSA published for comment proposed amendments to National Instrument 31-103 Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing Registrant Obligations and Companion Policy 31-103CP Registration Requirements, Exemptions and Ongoing Registrant Obligations (Client-Focused Reforms).

Learn more




Always know the 10 most recent OSC investor warnings and alerts by bookmarking this Fact Card or embedding it on your website or blog.


Bristol Consulting FX

Bristol Consulting FX, also doing business as bristolconsultingfx[DOT]com is not registered in Ontario to engage in the business of trading in securities. Learn more


Caution urged for Canadians investing with crypto-asset trading platforms

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) is urging Canadians to be cautious when considering buying crypto assets through trading platforms. Learn more


BTCReal, BitSerial, Hypercube Ventures LP, CabinCoin OÜ, and BaapPay Inc.

The OSC is warning investors about BTCReal, BitSerial, Hypercube Ventures LP, CabinCoin OÜ, and BaapPay Inc. These firms appear to be involved in schemes that target Ontario investors and encourage them to trade or invest in cryptocurrencies. Learn more



Metainvesting also operating as Meta Investing and doing business as metainvesting[DOT]com is not registered in Ontario to engage in the business of trading in securities. Learn more


B.M.O. Ltd.

B.M.O. Ltd. is not registered in Ontario, Canada to engage in the business of trading in securities. Learn more


BitConnect, BitConnect Coin and the BCC Exchange

BitConnect manages the websites bitconnect[DOT]co and bitconnectcoin[DOT]co, where it claims to operate an online exchange platform known as the BCC Exchange. BitConnect, the BCC Exchange and representatives of BitConnect are not registered in Ontario to solicit investments or provide advice on investing in, buying or selling securities. Learn more


IOSCO Investor Alerts

Stay informed about the latest international investor warnings and alerts by visiting the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) Investor Alerts Portal.




OSC in the Community

OSC staff are taking the Commission's regulatory mandate from Bay Street to Main Street with seminars on preventing fraud and making informed investment decisions.

  • Mississauga - July 17, 2018
  • Newmarket - July 19, 2018
  • Brampton - July 23, 2018
  • Toronto (Scarborough) - July 27, 2018
  • Toronto (North York) - August 13, 2018
  • Toronto (Scarborough) - August 15, 2018
  • Toronto (Downtown) - August 18, 2018
  • Brampton - September 5, 2018

Learn More

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