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November 1, 2016
Jane Rooney is Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader. The Investor Office recently sat down with Jane to discuss her background, the role of Canada’s Financial Literacy Leader, Financial Literacy Month and other priorities.

National Strategy for Financial Literacy - Count me in, Canada
Jane Rooney, in her capacity as Canada's Financial Literacy Leader, met with stakeholders and held consultations across the country to develop a national strategy that meets the needs of all Canadians.

The strategy sets out goals and priorities to help Canadians better manage their finances and make appropriate decisions as their needs and circumstances change. It calls on organizations to join efforts to help Canadians take action and make financial literacy a life-long journey.​

November is Financial Literacy Month. This year's theme is "Managing money and debt wisely: It pays to know!"

This year, each week of Financial Literacy Month has its own subtheme. While the Financial Literacy Leader’s focus is broader than just investing, in this issue of Investor News we highlight some of our resources and tools that relate to the weekly subthemes:

Week 1: Back to basics - Start with a plan and goals. Here is a guide to getting started, 6 questions to ask when setting goals and 8 questions to ask yourself when creating a plan.

Week 2: Live within your means - This includes investing. Know your investing personality, 7 questions to ask before you invest, and our pay off debt or invest calculator.

Week 3: Know rights and responsibilities - Your responsibilities as an investor, how registration protects investors and if you suspect you have been the victim of fraud, the Contact Centre can help.

Week 4: Have a savings plan for emergencies and unexpected expenses - plan for emergencies.

Week 5: Review your finances - when to review your plan and 3 reasons to keep track.

For more information about upcoming events throughout the month of November visit the Canadian Financial Literacy Events Database.
This database is a great source of information on budgeting, saving, investing, fraud prevention and more. Here you will find links to OSC and Investor Office resources, fact cards and research reports.



Canadian Securities Regulators Seek Comment on Alternative Funds Framework Comments due: December 22, 2016

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) – the umbrella organization of Canada’s provincial and territorial securities regulators that includes the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has published for comment proposed amendments primarily aimed at developing a more comprehensive regulatory framework for publicly offered alternative funds (currently called commodity pools). In addition, they would streamline the regulation of non-redeemable investment funds under NI 81-102. Learn more.




Apex One Trading Group

The OSC added Apex One Trading Group operating as www.apexonetg[DOT]com, to its Investor Warning List on October 7. Investors are warned that Apex One Trading Group is not registered in Ontario to trade securities or to advise anyone regarding investing in, buying or selling securities. Learn more.


CFD Capital Markets SARL

The OSC added CFD Capital Markets SARL operating as www.cfdcapmrk[DOT]com, to its Investor Warning List on October 7. Investors are warned that CFD Capital Markets, SARL, is not registered in Ontario to trade securities or to advise anyone regarding investing in, buying or selling securities. Learn more.


Key Dates


Investor Office Teletownhall

November 23, 2016

The OSC Investor Office’s teletownhalls are a way for the Investor Office to connect with thousands of Ontarians at a time. Teletownhalls work much like a call-in radio show where OSC staff provide information, answer questions and conduct live polls over the course of one hour.

Our upcoming teletownhall is being held as part of Financial Literacy Month, with special guests from the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) and the Mutual Fund Dealers Association of Canada (MFDA). Register now.


OSC in the Community: Protect Your Money

  • Toronto (Etobicoke) - November 3, 2016
  • Brampton - November 4, 2016
  • Brampton - November 8, 2016

OSC staff are taking the Commission's regulatory mandate from Bay Street to Main Street with seminars on preventing fraud and making informed investment decisions. Learn more.


Roundtable on Proposed Regulatory Action to Improve the Investor-Advisor Relationship, Including a Proposed Best Interest Standard

  • Toronto (Downtown) - December 6, 2016

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) will be hosting roundtables to further explore issues raised in CSA Consultation Paper 33-404 Proposals to Enhance the Obligations of Advisers, Dealers and Representatives Toward Their Clients, which proposes regulatory action to improve the investor-advisor relationship. Learn more.

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