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October 23, 2019

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA), which includes the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), recently published rule amendments to implement the Client-Focused Reforms across Canada.

Once these changes take effect, your dealer or adviser firm and its registered individuals will be required to put your interests first when recommending or choosing investments for you. If there is a material conflict of interest, they must address it in your best interest. They will also need to do more to clarify what you can expect from them in terms of products and services. For example, they will need to provide you with more information about any limits on the products they are able to offer, and the costs and risks associated with them. Read a summary

Client Focused Reforms

These reforms are based on the fundamental concept that clients’ interests come first in their dealings with firms and individuals that are registered to give investment advice and trade in securities (registrants).

Under the amendments, registrants will be required to

  • address material conflicts of interest in the best interest of the client,
  • put the client’s interest first when making a suitability determination, and
  • do more to clarify for clients what they should expect from them.

Read the news release and rule

Working with an Advisor

Working with an Advisor

Choosing a financial advisor is a big decision. An advisor can help you set financial goals, choose investments and track your progress. When meeting with an advisor, especially if it's for the first time, prepare for the meeting by writing down a list of questions you might have. You’ll also want to keep the lines of communication open. Learn more

Your First Job

Your First Job

You’ll likely have many uses for your first paycheque. You may decide to pay off debt, save or invest. You may also decide to do all three. Your first job is not only an opportunity to work towards your career aspirations, but also a time to think about how to reach your financial goals. Learn more

Understanding the tax deductions on your pay stub

Understanding Pay Stub Tax Deductions

Pay stub deductions means that the amount on your paycheque will be less than the total you earned. Your employer must withhold and remit these amounts directly to the Canada Revenue Agency. However, you do get credit for having paid these amounts, which are reported on your T4, when you file your annual tax return. Learn more

Types of Investment Risk

Types of Investment Risk

When you invest, you’re exposed to different types of risk. Generally, the higher the potential return of an investment, the higher the risk. There is no guarantee that you will actually get a higher return by accepting more risk. Learn about these 9 investment risks and how each can affect your investment returns.

Fees When Buying and Selling Stocks

Fees When Buying and Selling Stocks

When you buy and sell stock, you pay a fee to your advisor or investment firm. This fee is called a commission. The return you get from any stock investment will be reduced by what you pay in commissions and fees, and any tax you pay on the money you make. Learn more


Investing in a Company

Before you invest, make sure you understand the company's business and its products or services. Find out whether the company is making money or losing money, and why. Does the company have a good track record? Does it have the potential to grow? What can potentially affect its future? Learn more

Email Bomb Distractions

Fraudster Trick – Email Spam Attack

Is your inbox suddenly being flooded with what seems to be a never-ending number of junk emails? It’s certainly a frustrating experience, but it may also be a sign that you’re a victim of fraud and may have suffered financial harm.

An email spam attack is a distraction technique used by cyber fraudsters to bury legitimate transaction and security messages in your inbox with hundreds or even thousands of duplicate junk emails. Learn more is an educational resource created by the OSC's Investor Office to provide investors with an overview of cryptoasset products and services, the OSC’s role in regulating them, and tips for exercising due diligence before considering this type of investment. Learn more

Managing Debt

Don't Let Debt Haunt Your Financial Future

Consistently spending more than you earn is an easy way to accumulate debt. The good news is that making small changes can add up to big savings. Our Managing debt hub can help you make decisions on reducing debt, borrowing money and protecting your credit rating. Learn more

Women on Boards

Women on Boards

Securities regulatory authorities in Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Québec and Saskatchewan published their fifth staff review of disclosure of women on boards and in executive officer positions. The CSA report provides important data points and trends to investors in making informed investment decisions. Learn more

Investor Education in Canada 2019

Investor Education in Canada 2019

The CSA recently published Investor Education in Canada 2019. This annual activity report highlights CSA investor education and outreach initiatives in the past year, including the successful investor education campaigns on exchange-traded funds and cryptocurrency awareness. Learn more




Proposed amendments to business acquisition report requirements

Comments due: December 4, 2019

The Canadian Securities Administrators published for comment proposed amendments to the business acquisition report requirements for reporting issuers that are not venture issuers. Learn more


Proposed eight initiatives to reduce regulatory burden for investment funds

Comments due: December 11, 2019

The Canadian Securities Administrators published for comment proposed rule amendments aimed at implementing eight initiatives that seek to eliminate duplicative requirements, streamline regulatory processes, codify frequently-granted exemptions from certain rules for investment funds, and eliminate the need for certain regulatory approvals. These proposed changes are part of the CSA’s ongoing work to reduce regulatory burden for investment funds. Learn more


Proposed changes to auditor oversight rules

Comments due: January 2, 2020

The Canadian Securities Administrators published for comment proposed amendments to National Instrument 52-108 Auditor Oversight intended to provide the Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB) with improved ability to perform audit inspections. Learn more




Always know the 10 most recent OSC investor warnings and alerts by bookmarking this Fact Card or embedding it on your website or blog.


Axe Invest

Axe Invest, offering investment services on its website found at www[dot]axeinvest[dot]com, is not registered in Ontario to engage in the business of trading in securities. Learn more


Blue Sail Trading

The OSC is warning investors that Blue Sail Trading and its associated trading platform Derivative 360/360Pro (collectively “BST”) are not registered to deal or advise in securities in Ontario. Learn more


Maxi Platinum Ltd., Strategy One Ltd

Strategy One Ltd. and Maxi Platinum Ltd., doing business as www[dot]superbinary[dot]com (together “Superbinary”) appears to operate an online binary options trading platform. Advertising, offering, selling or otherwise trading binary options by any entity, is prohibited in Ontario as specified in CSA Multilateral Instrument 91-102, Prohibition of Binary Options which was implemented on September 28, 2017. Learn more


IOSCO Investor Alerts

Stay informed about the latest international investor warnings and alerts by visiting the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) Investor Alerts Portal.




OSC Dialogue 2019

November 21, 2019

The OSC recently announced the agenda and preliminary list of speakers for Dialogue 2019: Regulation for Confidence and Growth. This year’s event brings together financial industry leaders, senior regulators and investors to discuss collaborative strategies to drive efficiency and economic growth, while fostering market confidence.

The event will feature opening remarks by the Honourable Rod Phillips, Minister of Finance, Ontario, and a keynote discussion between OSC Chair and CEO Maureen Jensen and Stephen S. Poloz, Governor of the Bank of Canada. Governor Poloz will discuss his organization’s approach to addressing emerging risks and maintaining a safe and effective financial system.

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OSC in the Community

OSC staff are taking the Commission's regulatory mandate from Bay Street to Main Street with seminars on preventing fraud and making informed investment decisions.

  • October 23, 2019 - Toronto (North York)
  • October 23, 2019 - Toronto (Scarborough)
  • October 27, 2019 - Ottawa
  • November 4, 2019 - Mississauga
  • November 6, 2019 - Markham
  • November 6, 2019 - Oshawa
  • November 12, 2019 - Toronto (Scarborough)

Learn more

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