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June 3, 2016
New Seniors Expert Advisory Committee created

Seniors are an extremely important and growing segment of investors whose needs and issues demand attention. Building on the Ontario Securities Commission’s (OSC’s) ongoing efforts to better understand and address the unique needs of older investors, a new Seniors Expert Advisory Committee (SEAC) is being established.

Chaired by the Director of the Investor Office, the SEAC will consist of up to 15 members – including representation from the legal community, academia, industry, medical professionals and seniors’ advocates – to advise staff on securities-related policy and operational developments that impact older investors and provide input on the OSC’s related education and outreach activities. 

Individuals interested in becoming members of SEAC can visit the OSC website to learn more about the committee and about how to apply.




Seniors' Month 2016

The OSC is proud to recognize and celebrate June as Ontario Seniors’ Month. As part of its ongoing work to prioritize the needs of Ontario’s seniors, the OSC’s Investor Office will be hosting a number of activities to connect with seniors across the province on the unique issues and challenges they face around money and retirement.



How Much Do You Need to Save for Retirement?

You want to be able to make the most out of your retirement years, so your retirement plan should balance your needs, wants and the reality of your finances. How much you need to save depends on your age, your lifestyle and the government benefits that are available to you. Learn more about how to determine your retirement needs.



National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly

National Initiative for the Care of the Elderly (NICE) is a network dedicated to improving the care of older adults, representing a broad spectrum of disciplines and professions. The Investor Office recently participated in the Annual NICE Knowledge Exchange, which provided opportunities to learn about the policy and practice needs of a new age of older adults.



Fact Card: What to Do If You Suspect Financial Abuse

Fact Card: What to Do If You Suspect Financial Elder Abuse

Embed this Fact Card from the Investor Office on your website, article or blog to help your audience learn the actions to take and the help available for someone who suspects financial elder abuse. Our Fact Cards are embeddable, shareable and mobile-friendly. Visit the OSC website to see the current library of Fact Cards.



Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse

The Canadian Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (CNPEA) is dedicated to providing information to raise awareness of abuse and neglect later in life. The Investor Office and CNPEA partnered on our Fact Cards, and Investor Office Director Tyler Fleming was recently featured on their blog.





Proposals to Enhance the Obligations of Advisors, Dealers and Representatives Toward Their Clients

Comments due: August 26, 2016

The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) – the umbrella organization of Canada’s provincial and territorial securities regulators that includes the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) – believe that the current regulatory framework requires improvements and that the status quo must change. The CSA has proposed a number of changes to improve the investor-advisor relationship. The OSC, along with most other CSA members, is also seeking comments on a proposed "best interest standard." Learn more.




Parker Smith & Turner

The OSC is warning Ontario investors that Parker Smith & Turner, a Swiss company, is contacting former investors in Blue Gold International Inc. (“BGI”) with offers to purchase their shares with a fixed commission payable by the shareholder to Parker Smith & Turner.

As per an order from the OSC, BGI securities cannot be traded. Parker Smith & Turner is also is not registered in Ontario to trade securities or to advise anyone regarding investing in, buying or selling securities. Learn more.


Key Dates


Investor Office Teletownhall

June 9, 2016

Teletownhalls are a new way for the Investor Office to connect with thousands of Ontarians at a time. Teletownhalls work much like a call-in radio show, where OSC staff provide information, answer questions and conduct live polls over the course of one hour.

Our upcoming teletownhall will focus on recognizing and preventing different types of investment fraud. Call in to learn more about spotting some common scams and ask OSC experts your fraud-related questions. Register now.


OSC in the Community: Protect Your Money

  • Toronto (Etobicoke) – June 14, 2016

  • Sudbury – June 16, 2016

  • Toronto (Downtown) – June 16, 2016

  • Toronto (Midtown) – June 23, 2016

As part of Seniors' Month 2016, OSC staff are taking the Commission's regulatory mandate from Bay Street to Main Street with seminars on preventing fraud and making informed investment decisions. Learn more.

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