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Welcome to the June Edition of Bly's Bounty 2019.

This month we have a wonderfully eclectic and fresh collection of pieces to show you, none of them are yet on our website so please do contact us if you would like further details!

We hope there is something here to tempt but please note our sourcing service is in full swing as usual so do let us know if we can help find that special piece.


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Item Of The Month

A most charming and rare English Confidante attributed to the company of George Morant and Son, furniture suppliers to H.M.William IV and granted Royal Appointment to her Majesty Queen Victoria as Interior Decorators and Upholsterers from 1839.  Related pieces can be seen in a suite of furniture in Raby Castle, County Durham. 

Circa 1848

Overall Height 37" / 94cm  Length 64" / 163cm  Width 28" / 28cm

A good William IV period rosewood jardiniere or torchere with brass tray.
The cluster column stem with buttoned collar top and bottom on double scroll feet and a triform base.

We date this to a brief period as the form relates so closely to the catalogue of short-lived designs by Thomas King published in 1829.
Circa 1830-1835

Height: 41½" / 106cm   Width: 11" / 28cm

A charming early 18th century fine wool needlework panel on silk, a central two-handled vase given three dimensional appearance by light coloured silk to the top and graduated lobing to the lower part, containing a spray of flowers popular at the time realistically presented and flanked by a lion and a deer - less accurate but delightfully so - seated below two birds.

English c. 1720. 
The frame later.

Height: 10¾" / 32.5cm  Width: 12¾" / 32.5cm  

A most decorative alabaster vase or umbrella and stick stand. 

Height: 19¾" / 50cm    width: 7¼" / 18cm

A superb Japanese bronze vase with grass lizard in high relief.
With particularly fine patination.

Meiji period and signed.

Height 9½" / 24cm  

An extremely rare Chinese Canton 'Famille Rose’ porcelain clock, Qing dynasty, early Daoguang period (1821-1850), the English movement signed on the dial and movement “Barrauds & Lund, Cornhill London", circa 1840.

Height: 14½" / 37cm  Width: 11" / 28cm  Depth: 6" / 15cm
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Latest Article

Confidentially Yours…..

The role of the Confidant - or Confidante if feminine - has been important in any dramatic story since Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides were writing their plays in the 6th century BC. Although secondary the person is relied upon to harbour the secret thoughts and desires of the main character, and so honouring that trust will save the day while betrayal of it leads to tragedy.  Such characters showing both human traits became popular in French theatre during the mid-18th century, when a small sofa for two people was introduced whereon such secrets could be exchanged without fear of eavesdroppers. Now there's a strange expression. Originally eavesdrop referred to the water that dropped from the eaves of a house, then the ground on which the water fell. Soon it was used to describe a person that stood under the eaves in order to hear any conversation inside. But I digress. The new two-seat sofa was different inasmuch as the sitters were divided by an upholstered arm rest and more importantly they faced opposite directions. As it allowed a confidential conversation without the need to turn heads or appear to be whispering it too was given the name Confidante.  Naturally it was soon introduced into English society and George Hepplewhite illustrated one in his Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer’s Guide (1788).  In the 19th century the form was a natural one for the Victorian desire for propriety and intrigue on the one hand and love of plush upholstery on the other with lines and shape in the earlier French style. One glorious example of such furniture is a suite in Raby Castle, County Durham attributed to the company of George Morant and Son, furniture suppliers to H.M.William IV and granted Royal Appointment to her Majesty Queen Victoria as Interior Decorators and Upholsterers from 1839.  The Confidante illustrated is also attributed to Morant, relying heavily on what we call the 'French Hepplewhite' style with its gently scrolling show-wood legs and frame. I wonder what secrets passed across those armrests in the last century and a half, confidentially speaking of course.

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