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March 2016 Newsletter
SLB Article in Softwood Forest Products Buyer: March-April 2016
“The SLB Continues to Move the Needle toward Increased Demand for Softwood Lumber. “ Mike Case, President & CEO of The Westervelt Company and newly elected Softwood Lumber Board Chair discusses the SLB’s effectiveness in increasing softwood lumber’s market share utilizing high-quality tools, technical capacity, and momentum needed to continue to extend marketing reach, deepen impact, and reclaim market share. Read more here.
SLB Supports Harvard GSD Thermal Research Project

The SLB is working with professors and students at the Harvard Graduate School of Design who are building a set of small-scaled solid timber constructions in Littleton, MA to explore both the measurable and immeasurable thermal characteristics of wood. In addition to data collection – heat transfer, storage and dissipation through wood buildings – the goal is to leverage the insights and relationships that emerge from bringing together designers, scholars, landowners, foresters, millers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, and scientists. View the video blog posts here.

Program Updates

ICC Group B Standards Development
2016 kicks off International Code Council (ICC) processing of Group B  changes for its 2018 model building standards. Standards included in Group B review will be ICC’s International Residential Code, International Energy Conservation Code, International Wildland-Urban Interface Code, and certain portions of the International Building Code.  Earlier this year AWC submitted proposed changes for the Group B cycle, covering industry-impacting topics. The number of proposed changes under Group B will exceed 2,000 when announced next week. As part of its review of all proposals, AWC will be working with industry technical staff to develop strategies that defend and advance industry interests in the ICC standards development process.
AWC Successful on FRTW Code Change
Preliminary voting results on ICC Group A standards changes indicates final disapproval of change G170-15, which would have limited the use of fire-retardant treated wood (FRTW) in exterior walls of Type III and Type IV construction. As a result, use of FRTW use in the upcoming 2018 model building standard will be unchanged from the 2015 edition. Final confirmation of the vote will be provided by the ICC Validation Committee and ICC Board of Directors. AWC implemented a far-reaching, multi-pronged educational outreach to foster understanding of the issue. Notably, industry partners WoodWorks, SLB, and APA also worked with AWC and contributed to the outreach.

reThink Wood: read the March reThink Wood Newsletter
View the March reThink Wood Newsletter: the 9 coolest wood buildings of the year, innovative cross laminated timber building, wood performance CEUs, and more.

Wood, Naturally: Participating at JLC Live
Wood, Naturally will be front and center at the JLC LIVE, Residential Construction Show March 18-19th in Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence. Attendees will be greeted with a 25x25-foot display showcasing a unified exhibit of softwood trade association experts from Southern Forest Products Association, Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association, Southern Lumber Manufacturer’s Association, and Western Red Cedar Lumber Association and will offer information about North American softwood lumber species – Southern Pine, Eastern White Pine and Western Red Cedar. The SLB extends its thanks to Eric Gee of the SFPA for his hard work in coordinating the joint lumber industry presence.

Wood, Naturally: Videos Explain Benefits of Softwood Lumber
January’s Wood, Naturally campaign released two animated videos that explain the benefits of softwood lumber in a simple and visual way for both homeowners and contractors, alike. The videos were shared on Wood, Naturally social channels, and to date have had nearly 9,000 views and a social reach of 117,000. 
Wood Wise: Building Planet- and People-Friendly Homes
Wood: The Go-To Choice for Your Outdoor Oasis

Wood: The Go-To Choice for Your Outdoor Oasis

WoodWorks Announces Wood Design Award Winners
WoodWorks has announced the winners of its 2016 Wood Design Awards, which celebrate excellence in wood design, engineering and construction, as well as innovative projects that showcase attributes of wood such as strength, beauty, versatility, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. The award program presents a unique opportunity for WoodWorks draw architects’ attention to distinctive wood buildings and celebrate the accomplishments of professionals and projects that idealize its mission.
An independent jury selected nine national and seven regional winners from a record 220 nominations, in categories that included Multi-Story Wood Design, Wood School Design and Commercial Wood Design. The awards will be presented at Wood Solutions Fairs throughout the year, and the winning projects can be viewed on the WoodWorks website.

From a practical perspective, winning and nominated projects are an important resource both for WoodWorks and the reThink Wood initiative. Nominations are a primary source of new building photography, and projects are featured throughout the year in communication vehicles such as case studies, media articles, continuing education units (CEUs), social media and advertising.

Industry News

Tall Buildings In the News
Two articles featuring tall wood buildings and the “wave of the future in the U.S.” highlighting the preferences of architects to build with wood.   
  1. Wooden Buildings as Strong as Steel
    Buildings as high as 12 stories made from wood—or, more specifically, multilayered wood panels such as cross-laminated timber engineered from Douglas fir harvested from the state’s forests—are cropping up across the city with hopes of spurring new projects here and across the country. Read more.

  2. Construction Proceeds on Innovative Cross-Laminated Timber Building
    Construction is underway on a new project using CLT: Albina Yard is a new office building going up in northeast Portland. The four-story, 16,000-square foot building has a glue-laminated wood frame instead of traditional metal framing. Read more.

Dovetail Partners Report: Modern Tall Wood Buildings – Opportunities for Innovation
Tall wood buildings offer an opportunity to connect rural resources with urban communities in a manner that has the potential to support forest restoration, drive green building, and address carbon emission reduction objectives. However, the use of engineered wood products and new building technologies requires thoughtful consideration of questions about durability, performance, and long-term impact. The continued evaluation, testing, and reporting on tall-wood building research is a key component to ensure the safe and responsible realization of this innovation and its full suite of potential benefits. Read more.

Video: 2016 CC Live - The American Concrete Pumping Association’s Christi Collins Discusses New Strategy to Regain Market Share
The American Concrete Pumping Association’s Christi Collins discusses the concrete industry’s battle with wood for the all-important mid-rise building market and shares strategies on how to regain market share – starting with a $20 million fund to counter wood’s gains.  The presenter notes that concrete’s market share has declined from 30% to 20% while wood’s share has increased from 23% to 40%. Watch video.

Why Canada’s cement industry is crumbling
Climate change rules and new competition are creating big problems for Canada’s cement industry… Perhaps the biggest threat to the future of cement is coming from one of its oldest competitors: wood.
Read more.


April 14 - Webinar
2015 WFCM Significant Changes and Introduction to High Wind Guides 

May - Webinar
Disaster Resistant Wood Frame Construction Using 2015 WFCM
May 16 - 18: Roanoke, VA
Structural Design Topics In Wood Construction


reThink Wood

May 22-24: Portland, OR
Mass Timber Conference


Mar 23: Minneapolis, MN
2016 Midwest Wood Solutions Fair

Apr 26: Portland, OR
2016 Northwest Wood Solutions Fair  


Mid-Rise Shear Walls and Diaphragms
Mar 16 Portland, ME

Lunch Seminars

Mid-Rise Design & the Long and Short of Wood Roof Systems
Mar 15 Columbus, OH
Mar 16 Woodmere, OH
Mar 17 Pittsburgh, PA

Practical and Inspirational: Exposing the Potential of Heavy Timber Construction
Mar 22 Cromwell, CT
Mar 23 Providence, RI
Mar 24 Waltham, MA

Interactive Schematic Building Planning: Cause & Effect of Preliminary Design Decisions
April 5 Washington, DC
April 6 Baltimore, MD
April 7 Philadelphia

Introduction to Wood & CLT
April 12 Columbus, OH
April 13, Cleveland, OH
April 14, Pittsburgh, PA

Mid-Rise Design: Opportunity and Implementation
April 20 Denver, CO
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