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April 2016 Newsletter
Softwood Lumber Board Impact Report
Download the 2015 SLB infographic that summarizes the five year ROI and highlights SLB's Centers of Excellence 2015 Achievements.


SOM: Innovation in Action
SLB partnered with SOM (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP) which enabled real deliverables that allowed them to push the construction forward of
the Timber Tower. Watch this short video which speaks about research and how it requires partners from an array of disciplines, each bringing different skills, technologies, cultures, and ways of thinking to create change. For more information on the Timber Tower Research Projects, click here.

Program Updates

AWC: IBC code change clarifies fire protection of multiple studs or solid-sawn posts
The International Building Code (IBC), adopted in most U.S. jurisdictions, is sometimes misinterpreted to require separate fire protection of built-up wood studs and posts within fire-resistance-rated light-frame walls. Ironically, individual wood studs in these traditional walls are not similarly required to be individually protected. To address this inconsistency, an AWC proposal was approved in the recent code-change cycle to make it clear that “groups” of wood studs or solid posts within fire-rated light-frame walls, located entirely between the top and bottom plates of a light-frame wall assembly, can be protected by existing fire-resistive wall membranes (such as gypsum board) and do not require additional fire protection. As a result, the improved language will be included in the 2018 IBC and help to reduce the cost of wood construction resulting from misinterpretation of requirements.

WoodWorks: Ongoing Technical Support Helps Firm Increase the Size of Its Wood Projects
Lexington Dilworth Apartments in Charlotte, NC is the largest wood building designed so far by Narmour Wright Architecture at 367,000 sf. This comes as no surprise to WoodWorks Regional Director Bruce Lindsey, who provided technical support on the project. Since 2012, two of the firm’s architects and the project’s structural engineer have attended 10 WoodWorks educational events. Their interest has been primarily mid- rise and tall wood, and the size of their wood building designs has grown over the same period. Given the scale of this project, Narmour Wright asked Bruce for technical input at the preliminary design stage — which is how he ended up spotting an issue that may have forced them to redesign at least the lower levels in light-gauge steel. Because of the degree of interaction with the architect and engineer, Bruce teamed up with Narmour Wright’s structural engineer and found a workable solution in wood.


reThink Wood: Reaches Wood Champions at Mass Timber Conference 
reThink Wood attended the Mass Timber Conference in Portland, Oregon March 22-24. The event convened more than 400 industry professionals to discuss the advancement of mass timber building in the U.S, pointing to available research and current examples of its use in low-to-mid-rise and tall buildings. The exhibition booth, hosted by WoodWorks and reThink Wood, offered a valuable opportunity to reach architects, engineers, developers and manufacturers eager to discuss and learn more about mass timber. In addition, reThink Wood hosted a live Twitter Q&A reaching out for insights from leading organizations working with mass timber. Utilizing the hashtag #MassTimberQA, participants contributed to an engaging conversation around mass timber building products and systems, sharing details about the most current and relevant research and who is involved from the wood construction sector

Wood, Naturally: Sponsoring a Home Remodel in Atlanta, GA
With five softwood lumber projects, this home remodel will generate original content for the website and its social channels, including teaser and behind the scenes videos as well as step-by-step articles and how-to videos. On March 21, the production crew shot images and video footage of the interior projects – an Eastern White Pine boxed beam ceiling and Southern Pine crown molding.The exterior projects will feature a Southern Pine treated lumber tree-encompassing deck and fence, and a Western Red Cedar pergola.  These videos are slated for production in May. Special thanks to the SFPA, SLMA, NELMA and WRCLA for lending their expertise in reviewing the video scripts. Kim Drew, a member of NELMA’s marketing team, was on-site for the interior project video shoot as well. 

AWC: Construction Fire Safety Practices (BCD230) Webinar
Check out this webinar which will provide background information to designers and code officials regarding how to reduce the frequency and severity of fires during construction. This presentation identifies many best management practices and places emphasis on personal accountability of all stakeholders in the process. The intent of this presentation is to provide generic guidelines as to how to use model codes and standards to reduce fire loss. It is recognized that there are significant differences in the roles of various organizations in preventing fire. This presentation will not address the use of model codes and standards once a building has received a certificate of occupancy
. For more AWC webinars, click here.

Leading the Way

Leadership and Diversity within Idaho Forest Group
Perched 130-feet in the air, Brittany Walker, age 19, manages the log deck using a high-tech, 200-ton portal crane at the Idaho Forest Group’s Chilco Mill. Trained in log scaling, Ms Walker is part of a new wave of leadership and diversity within Idaho Forest Group, as it works to attract highly skilled talent and take advantage of rapidly changing technology in route to bringing Chilco mill production up to 280 million board feet of lumber per year. Read more here.

Canfor Honored for Contributions to UBC Engineering Co-op Program
Recognizing the value that co-op students bring to an organization, Canfor has been involved with the University of British Columbia's (UBC) Engineering Co-op program since 1995, providing 333 students with position in various disciplines within its organization. For this longstanding relationship with the UBC Engineering faculty, Canfor was honoured to receive the Employer of the Year Award. Read more here.

Company Story Highlights
Do you have a great story about how your company is "Leading the Way" for the next generation? Email us at, we would be pleased to highlight various industry members on a regular basis.

Industry News

Timber Skyscraper Plans Considered by London Mayor
Engineering & Technology Magazine

London's first timber skyscraper could become a reality in the near future as conceptual plans for an 80-storey, 300m-high wooden building is underway. Proposals currently being developed would create over 1,000 new residential units in the building’s 93,000 square metres. The project is being worked on by researchers from Cambridge University’s Department of Architecture, who are collaborating with PLP Architecture and engineers Smith and Wallwork on the future development of tall timber buildings in central London. Read more here.

First All-CLT Hotel in Country Celebrates Grand Opening
The new Candlewood Suites on Redstone Arsenal is the first hotel in the United States to be completely constructed using CLT. A partnership between the United States Army, Lendlease and IHG Army Hotels, this 62,688 square foot structure includes 92 guest rooms, and utilized 1,200 CLT wall panels and 200,000 CLT fasteners. It took the 11-man Lendlease crew 10 working weeks to erect the building, which is a 40 percent reduction in crew size and man hours, and 37 percent faster than conventional framing materials and methods. Read more here.

US Green Building Council (USGBC) Announces LEED Recognition for Certified Wood
The US Green Building council (USGBC) announced a new Alternative Compliance Pathway credit for recognition of responsible, legal sourcing of wood. Wood certified under programs identified through ASTM D7612-10 (including SFI, ATFS, CSA, and PEFC) will be compliant for credit in both LEED v4 and the older LEED 2009. The Softwood Lumber Board congratulates USGBC on this move and its recognition of a more inclusive set of certification systems. This is an important step forward in increasing the use of softwood lumber products in sustainable and economically viable non-residential construction. Read more here

The Wooden High-Rise and Timber Towers Changing Construction Mapped
Check out this interactive map from Curbed which highlights and features tall timber towers around the world. Click here for map.

TreeHugger: The Rise of Tall Wood
TreeHugger shares a series of 20 slides which showcases the Rise of Tall Wood – starting from the Church of Transfiguration in Kizhi Pogost built in 1708, the FMO Tapiola building in Finland in 2005,  Waugh Thistleton architects CLT building in London, Nail Laminated Timber resurgence, and more. Read more.

Fast Company Co. Design: The 9 Coolest Wood Buildings of the Year
Check out these nine best timber buildings of 2016 named by the Wood Products Council that embody adventurous design and engineering
The projects range in type, scale, and location. 
As a whole, the roster of award winners shows just how creative architects can get with the material both from an aesthetic and structural standpoint. Moral of the story? Wood is good.

Virginia Tech's Monthly Housing Report
This monthly housing commentary report is a free service of Virginia Tech and is intended to help one gauge future business activity. 

January Reports
February Reports Past Housing Reports Archive

Insights from the Competition

NRMCA Launches Build with Strength: Coordinated Industry Campaign to Educate the Design / Build Community about the Benefits of Concrete Construction
The National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) has unveiled Build with Strength, a multi-million dollar coordinated industry campaign to better educate the design / build and code communities about the benefits of concrete construction in the low to mid-rise sector, and in general. The campaign relies on an unprecedented communications strategy that will include a Build with Strength branded web site, video content, a multi-city media tour, rapid response capabilities, advertising, social media properties, and stakeholder engagement opportunities.  Additionally, the campaign is designed to drive industry and project decision makers to resources such as webinars and live seminars for technical support and design assistance while also building an advocacy network that will support concrete's position in building codes, standards and rating systems at the state and local level.  
May - Webinar
Disaster Resistant Wood Frame Construction Using 2015 WFCM
May 16 - 18: Roanoke, VA
Structural Design Topics In Wood Construction

May 26-27: Arlington, TX
24th Annual Building Professional Institute

reThink Wood

May 22-24: Portland, OR
Mass Timber Conference



May 11: Mass Timber Building Systems - Understanding the Options

Jun 8: EPDs and HPDs Opportunities within LEED v4 and Green Globes

Wood Solutions Fairs
Apr 26: Portland, OR
2016 Northwest Wood Solutions Fair  

May 17: Oakland, CA
2016 Bay Area Wood Solutions Fair

Lunch Seminars

Mid-Rise Design: Opportunity and Implementation
April 20 (Lunch): Denver, CO
April 20 (Dinner): Denver, CO
May 24: Manchester, NH

Innovations in Wood Design: Trends for a Sustainable Future
April 21: St. Paul, MN

Big Buzz on Tall Wood
May 3: New York, NY
May 10: Waltham, MA

Opportunities for Wood Use in Low-Rise Commercial Buildings
May 10: Charlotte, NC
May 24: Jacksonville, FL
May 25: Orlando, FL
May 26: Tampa, FL
Jun 14: Columbus, OH
Jun 15: Cleveland, OH
Jun 16: Pittsburgh, PA

The Case for CLT: Opportunities and Challenges
May 26: Oklahoma City, OK


Mid-Rise Shear Walls and Diaphragms
Jun 28: Sacramento, CA
Jun 29: Berkeley, CA
Jun 30: Long Beach, CA
The Softwood Lumber Board (SLB) is an industry funded initiative established to promote the benefits and uses of softwood lumber products in outdoor, residential and non-residential construction. Programs and initiatives supported by the SLB will focus on increasing the demand for appearance and softwood lumber products in the United States.

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