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We've been busy since our last newsletter and are excited to share our latest events, reports and activities with you. We hope you find this issue useful and interesting - as always, do get in touch with any comments and let friends and colleagues know they can sign up for news via the website.

Updates on our work 

Land Strategies: legal tools and levers
A major grassroots gathering of 90 participants from 17 European countries converged near Paris for 3 days of seminars to share experiences and train a broad range of land activists about different forms of struggles and land mobilisations. Read more about our collaborations here..
The results are in! Survey of Access to Land initiatives
The results of the survey of organisational needs of 32 grassroots organisations from across 13 countries working to secure land for agroecological farming are now in! Read more here and find out about the learning resources and tools being developed as a result.
New project! RURALIZATION: the opening up of rural areas to renew rural generations, jobs and farms
Read more about our involvement in this exciting new 4 year Horizon 2020 project.
FarmTrain departing soon! 
A new Erasmus + funded experience sharing partnership, FarmTrain has been launched. FarmTrain will provide training not only for new farmers but also for established farmers willing to become mentors for a new and diverse generation of food producers. Innovative, interactive educational materials will be developed like the FarmTrain Platform. Read more here.. 


Our members and partners are active in the field. Take a look at what they have been up to over the last few months.
PARCEL: a new online modelling tool for promoting resilient, local food systems
Terre de Liens, the French Federation of Organic Farming (FNAB) and the activist think-tank BASIC have launched a new tool to promote resilient, local food systems. PARCEL helps build and illustrate different scenarios for food production. Users can change variables - such as the distance between production and consumption or the type of farming (partial or total organic) – to see how much farmland is needed to produce the food under those criteria and how a change in one or several of these criteria directly impacts local farming, communities and climate change. Read more
Farm tenancy reform in Wallonia, Belgium
Earlier this summer, Wallonia, Belgium saw a regionwide reform of its farm tenancy legislation. But why is a reform needed? And what are the main changes? Terre-en-vue explain more..
Romanian farmers act beyond CAP
Eco Ruralis, the Romanian peasants association, together with The European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) and partners, organized a series of policy events in June in Bucharest including a public conference (bringing together experts from FAO, EU, the Romanian Ministry of Agriculture, and peasants from La Via Campesina International and their allies), a farmers market and a public manifestation for CAP reform outside the Romanian Parliament. Read more
New guidelines for renting church land in Germany
The Evangelic Church in Germany owns about 330,000 hectares of farmland, making it one of the country’s biggest landowners. After a ten-year fight by the peasant union in central Germany, compulsory guidelines on the lease of church land were approved and are now a mandatory part of the procedure for awarding new tenancies at parish level. Read more
Court case for the sale of public land by the municipality of Ghent
Over recent years, the municipality of Ghent has sold off large areas of farmland to release money for other budgets. Now two farmers and a citizen of the city are taking the municipality to Court for not respecting the rules of public sale and for indirectly subsidising a company through a land sale. Read more 
Putting the ‘fun’ in fundraising: a crowdfunding pilot from ALPA
Crowdfunding doesn’t have to be large scale. Read about Andrei Girz, one of ALPA’s volunteers, in his epic bike ride from Helsinki to Romania connecting with farms and farmers and raising funds to support ALPA along the way…
Scottish Farm Land Trust launch their first crowdfunder!
Accessing land to start farming in Scotland is particularly hard due to the high concentration of land ownership, the high price of land, and low availability of agricultural tenancies. Money raised from this crowdfunder be used to employ a Development Worker to support the Trust’s work developing a network of new entrants and establishing a tenant selection and land matching process. Read more 

All views expressed in this newsletter are solely those of the authors and in no way reflect the funders' opinions. The funders are not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained here.  

About Us

We are an informal network of European organisations working on issues around access to land for sustainable agro-ecological farming. You can read more about us here.

Upcoming events

Greece, 27 Nov 2019 Democracy not for sale: the struggle for food sovereignty in the age of austerity in Greece. A public evening event to present the report by AEP and Transnational Institute.

ROMANIA, 29-30 Nov 2019 Policy roundtable on ‘Collective action for access to farmland’. Part of a BOND project bringing together farmers, academics, policy makers and civil society representatives in an exchange of views regarding the importance of collective action of farmers and other stakeholders in facilitating access to land in our region and enabling social capital around it.

UK, 8-9 January 2020 Oxford Real Farming Conference 
The 11th annual Oxford Real Farming Conference programme is being drawn up now and will feature several sessions on land and access to land.

New UK report

RSA Our Future in the Land
A new hard hitting report setting out the key steps for an urgent transition over the next 10 years to sustainable, ethical and healthy food and farming, and a revitalisation of rural communities in the UK

TYFA report

Ten Years for Agroecology (TYFA)

IPCC report

Climate Change and Land

Find out who else is working on access to land in our Directory.


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