Our first 2019 newsletter, updates on our work, new resources, events and more!

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We're delighted to bring you the Access to Land Network’s first 2019 newsletter. We have been busy launching new European partnerships, convening and strategising at the Network’s annual meeting, producing new resources... Read on to learn more.

Updates on our work 

Access to Land Network meeting
In September 2018, the Access to Land network gathered in the Sainte-Croix Village (Drôme), near some of the very first Terre de Liens farms, to foster mutual work and knowledge, share successes and challenges, and agree on 2018-2020 plan of action. Read more about our plans and collaborations.
New Access to Land projects
We have launched two new Erasmus partnerships involving our members and partners! The three-year Learning Platform programme focuses on building the capacity, knowledge, and practical tools of access to land initiatives. The 2018-2020 Land Strategies project, with European and national-level organisations, aims to learn about struggles, experiences, innovations, and strategies to foster access to land for agroecology and food sovereignty in Europe.
First survey of Access to Land initiatives
A survey of needs of European Access to Land initiatives was launched in November 2018 as part of the Learning Platform partnership. We had a fantastic response with 32 organisations participating from well-established to more newly formed land-based organisations. The results, currently being analysed, will inform the production of new learning resources including a peer-to-peer mentorship programme and training events.

New resources  

Who will grow our food in the future? How can we foster generational renewal in agriculture? Our new manual Europe’s New Farmers compiles analysis of new entrants in six European countries and explores innovative ways to facilitate their access to land, and to help new farmers get their business started.
New additions to our website
Shaping Europe from the Grassroots, an opinion piece by Véronique Rioufol
The trouble with soy: the threats to small-scale producers across Europe, a report by Eco Ruralis and the European Coordination Via Campesina
New European resources on agroecology
Ten Years for Agroecology in Europe, a report by IDDRI
Towards a common food policy for the EU, a report by IPES FOOD


Our members and partners are active in the field. Here's a sneak peek into what they have been up to in the last few months:
  • Netzwerk Flächensicherung, the new German national platform for issues related to access to land for organic, regional, family farmers, organised a series of four regional workshops and annual Federal conference in 2018. 
  • ALPA, a new Romanian initiative for Access to Land, organised a launch event in The Netherlands at the end of January.
  • Kulturland is involved in the development of a crowd-investing platform designed for community-funded and commons projects, especially social, environmental and agriculture-related projects.
  • The Real Farming Trust organized the 10th annual Oxford Real Farming Conference, with a roundtable on Access to Land.

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This newsletter is produced as part of the Access to Land Network

About Us

We are an informal network of European organisations working on issues around access to land for sustainable agro-ecological farming. You can read more about us here.

Upcoming events

ROMANIA, 12-13 March, a seminar on Access to Land will gather people and organisations from diverse backgrounds for an exchange focused on land and agroecology in Eastern Europe.
The Land Strategies Partnership is announcing a Land Seminar in France on 10-13 September, 2019. More details soon. 

New report

Europe's New Farmers

Find out who else is working on access to land in our Directory.

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