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New Strategy launch tackles ‘urgent mental health priorities’ for Europe

On 14th October 2021, Mental Health Europe (MHE), together with partners and allies from across Europe, came together to launch the organisation's new Strategic Plan that outlines some of the most urgent mental health priorities. These include, among others, tackling discrimination and securing equal access to services.

Key figures from all over Europe were invited to the launch of MHE's new long-term Strategic Plan 2022-2025, ‘Bridging Policy Making and Human Experience’. Under MHE’s new vision of building “a Europe where everyone’s mental health and wellbeing flourish across their life course”, the launch featured speakers with lived experience and mental health expertise to bring their knowledge at the forefront of policy-making and MHE's work for the years ahead.

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More from Mental Health Europe
WHO guidance: Feasibility of community mental health

In this months edition of  Open Access Government, Jonas Bull, MHE's Policy and Research Officer sheds a light on the new WHO guidance that demonstrates the feasibility of community mental health services based on human rights. Using human rights as a compass, as formulated by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights in May, means that all efforts of “building back better” should focus on how mental health support can be translated into the community setting.
Taking stock: MHE’s activity report 2020

2020 has been a challenging year worldwide. MHE took on the challenge and brought it to a successful completion with many changes and achievements. We jumped aboard the new working-from-home realities and welcomed new projects and staff members. We continued to to bring mental health at the heart of European policies while involving experts by experience in co-creation. Now, we are pleased to take stock of what we achieved in 2020 and look forward to continue working with you in 2021.

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The time is now to create an intersectional long-term Mental Health Strategy

The Mental Health Advocacy Platform released a statement calling for a European Strategy for Mental Health that takes an intersectional approach and meets everyone's diverse needs. A comprehensive European Mental Health Strategy is essential to tackle inequalities in mental health care, support prevention and early intervention services. Moreover, it is needed to promote the wellbeing of millions of people in the EU, protect the rights of people with lived experience of mental health problems and raise awareness to end mental health stigma and discrimination

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Supporting Frontline Nurses’ Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health Europe, together with the European Federation of Nurses Association, released a joint statement calling for the EU institutions, all EU Member States, the health industry and other health stakeholders to take comprehensive action to support frontline nurses’ mental health and wellbeing. Among other recommendations, we are collectively calling for the EU institutions, all EU Member States, the health industry and other health stakeholders to put in place national and local programmes to support frontline nurses' mental health.

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 Updates from EU institutions & allies   

2021 EU Health Award

Within the general context of the EU Health Policy Platform, the European Commission launches the 2021 EU Health Award on the following two topics: cancer prevention and mental health. The latter is aimed at rewarding community-based initiatives alleviating the mental health impact of COVID-19. As well as celebrating their achievements and commitment, the EU Health Award raises awareness of the vital role cities, local authorities, civil society and educational institutions play in strengthening participative democracy and active citizenship in public health.

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The Commission has adopted its formal proposal to make 2022 the European Year of Youth. The scope of activities will cover issues that mostly affect young people, following the priorities highlighted in the Youth Goals, such as equality and inclusion, sustainability, mental health and well-being, and quality employment.

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The Mental Health Atlas is a compilation of data provided by countries around the world on mental health policies, legislation, financing, human resources, availability and utilization of services and data collection systems. It serves as a guide for countries for the development and planning of mental health services and more. 

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The European Platform for Investing in Children launches "Preventive approaches to anxiety and depression" - evidence-based interventions that can help address mental health issues in children. The objective of this research note is to summarise the findings presented by existing systematic reviews and meta-analyses of interventions aimed at preventing the development of anxiety and/or depression in children. 

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The European AIDS Treatment Group launched a briefing paper with recommendations emerging from research and stakeholder consultations to improve the provision of mental health services for people living with and affected by HIV in Europe and Central Asia. The recommendations are addressed to European and national health policy-makers and others, working with people living with, affected by or at risk of HIV.

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"What's on your mind?" - a simple question that can often be difficult to ask — and answer, especially for children and teenagers. As COVID-19 continues to put a strain on mental health, UNICEF launched a campaign to guide parents and carers on how to talk to children and adolescents about mental health. There are numerous family mental health resources and tips for all age groups.

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MHEP Coaltion

In this week's edition of 'The Parliament Magazine' MEPs Sara Cerdas and Tilly Metz, co-chairs from the Coalition for Mental Health and Wellbeing in the European Parliament outline why they are advocating for a comprehensive European Mental Health Strategy, improved access to mental health services and a multi-sector policy approach to mental health.

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Mental Health Europe
MHE is looking for a Policy and Knowledge Officer – Health, Digitalisation & Environment. The deadline for the applications has been extended until 04 November, 2021.
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European Economic and Social Committee
The right to make decisions: advancing the issue of Legal Capacity for persons with disability |  15 November 2021. 
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European Platform for Rehabilitation
At this event, good practices, success factors and policy recommendations will be discussed with both service providers and stakeholders, including the European Commission | Held in-person and online via Zoom | 09.30-13.00 | 01 December 2021.
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The European Sex Workers' Rights Alliance
Support access to mental health services for sex workers. 
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Europe and EPA Survey: Are mental health needs being met by services?
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 Voices from the ground   
MHE joins force with member Badiliko to promote mental health at work among the staff of the European Parliament

On Thursday 14 October, Mental Health Europe (MHE) participated in two rounds of training to the European Parliament staff delivered by its member Badiliko. The training addressed the general staff of the European Parliament and the managers respectively. 

As workers are getting adjusted to new settings and hybrid work arrangements, it is relevant for employers to prioritise mental health and well-being to protect their staff. We are therefore glad to have been contacted by the European Parliament and be given the opportunity to co-organise the training on the topic in collaboration with our member Badiliko. 

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Member in the spotlight: Growth@Care

Each month, we give visibility to one of our new members. October's spotlight falls on Growth@Care. This start-up company of passionate caregivers supports the mental well-being of individuals, teams, and organisations.

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"There’s a broad range of psychological colour within all of us that cannot be named, that doesn’t need to be diagnosed at all."

— Mental Health Europe  Oct 25,  2021
We have an excellent line-up of speakers for you today to discuss how we can ensure #intersectionality at the heart of a future European #MentalHealth Strategy!

— Mental Health Europe  Oct 13,  2021
Wellbeing tip of the month
Coping with post-lockdown anxiety 

Our #MentalHealth tip? Enjoy your loved one’s company! 👫

Some days might be tougher than others but remind yourself that you do not have to go through this on your own. Having a support system of family and friends is vital for coping with a challenging time in your life, like post-lockdown life. Having regular meetings or calls with your loved ones can be an immense source of support.  A conversation or simply hugging a loved one can have a positive impact on your mental health.

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