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MHE welcomes the suspension of the adoption of the draft additional protocol to the Oviedo Convention
After 4 years of strong advocacy for coercive-free care, MHE is delighted to announce that the Council of Europe has taken the decision to suspend the adoption of the Additional Protocol to the Oviedo Convention. This decision comes after years of advocating for it’s removal, given our strongly held belief that it contravenes the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD).  

While the recent decisions do not meet our full expectations, they are a step in the right direction and could provide the basis for greater efforts to align Council of Europe standards concerning persons with psychosocial disabilities to ensure no contradiction with the UN CRPD. 

Although this marks a major victory for the fight against coercion in care, this is by no means the end of the road. We will continue to monitor this closely to ensure respect of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD) and human rights in general. Alongside 10 other organisations, we call the Council of Europe to work closely with us to ensure full alignment with the UN CRPD.

Read the statement
  More from Mental Health Europe
MHE calls to support the mental wellbeing of young people

In this piece for Open Access Government, MHE calls on policymakers at European and national levels to make tangible actions, appropriate investments and systems to support our youth. It would be appropriate for the European Commission to develop a European Mental Health Strategy, as it has been recommended by the Council of the EU, the European Parliament and various civil society organisations.  

Read the article
MHE Co-Creation in Practice Training held on 2 June (Brussels)

MHE in cooperation with Mental Health Ireland provided this training for MHE members with the aim to increase knowledge, skills and confidence to put co-creation into practice. Participants were able to actively engage with the material, role-play, hear about examples in practice, learn the approach from different perspectives and receive supporting resources to supplement their understanding and value of co-creation.  

Read more about this training
 Updates from institutions and partners
WHO: Launch of the World Mental Health Report 'Transforming Mental Health for All'

On 17 June, the WHO launched a comprehensive report drawing on the latest evidence available, showcasing examples of good practice from around the world, and voicing people’s lived experience of mental health problems. All over the world, mental health needs are high but responses continue to be insufficient and inadequate. This much-awaited report is designed to inspire and inform better mental health for everyone everywhere. It highlights why and where change is most needed and how it can best be achieved. The WHO calls on all stakeholders to work together to deepen the value and commitment given to mental health. The report makes the case for a) the need for involvement of people with lived experience at all levels; b) the need for transformational change; and c) encourages policy makers to reinvigorate mental health systems.

Read the WHO's World Mental Health Report: Transforming Mental Health for All

WHO: Why mental health is a priority for action on climate change

A new WHO policy brief concludes that climate change poses serious risks to mental health and well-being. WHO is urging countries to include mental health support in their response to the climate crisis, citing examples where a few pioneering countries have done this effectively.  Any climate action must include mental health.

Read the policy brief 'Climate action must include mental health'

MEP Maria Walsh's report on Mental Health in the Digital World of Work  

On 14 June, MEP Maria Walsh's report on Mental Health in the Digital World of Work was voted through by the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs. The aim of the report is to address the new occupational health challenges and the benefits brought about by the move to the digital world of work, following the COVID-19 crisis. The report calls for more social dialogue and enhanced support to address mental health issues within the workplace. 

Read MEP Maria Walsh's tweet
The Dutch government announced a broad movement for mental health

On 10 June, the Dutch government announced the start of a broad movement for mental health. The ministries of health, education and social affairs have committed to making mental health 'everyone's issue'. This is a positive development towards mental health in all policies and hopefully an example to be followed by other countries throughout Europe.   

Dutch government's statement (in Dutch)
Social Finance UK IPS Report: Scaling employment support across Europe 

This report shares learning from developing scale up plans for the Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model across five European countries. The approach focuses on integrating employment and health support; providing rapid, personalised job search; tailoring employer engagement to individual aspirations; and offering extended in-work support.  
ECDC and WHO jointly publish a tool for timely reporting and addressing health needs in refugee settings 

Many existing national surveillance systems are not well-equipped to serve an Early Warning, Alert and Response (EWAR) function for refugee settings for many reasons. EWAR has been defined as the organized mechanism to rapidly detect and respond to signals that might indicate potential acute public health events.

Read the WHO & ECDC report
Social Platform: Shoulder to shoulder for Ukraine and calls for an EU Solidarity Strategy

With civil society often forced to the frontline of community responses in times of crisis, Social Platform is calling that more must be done for those providing essential services and humanitarian aid on the ground.
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 Calls, events & opportunities  

2023 Stakeholders' Targeted Consultation on EU4Health priorities, strategic orientations  
A targeted European Commission consultation seeking opinion from stakeholders about current and future EU health priorities and strategic orientations, and on key health needs to be addressed through EU4Health annual Work Programmes.  Submit your feedback

EU4health Stakeholders’ event

The #EU4Health Programme is the European Commission's financial commitment to a € 5.3 billion investment in health. For the yearly targeted consultation, the Commission is seeking the opinion of stakeholders on current & future EU health priorities & strategies | Friday 8 July  (10:00-17:00 CEST). Register to attend

World Federation ADHD
Webinar "Meet the Experts": one hour-long webinar with world-leading ADHD experts |  29 June

HSE Mental Health Engagement and Recovery
Call for proposals:  the successful candidates will conduct focus groups with stakeholders to identify what makes the care planning process meaningful to them and how can they be co-produced.
  Apply by 29 June at 5 PM CEST

European Health Union Network
Launch Event: European Parlament, Brussels - Belgium|  30 June (12:30-14:00 CEST)
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June is Pride Month! Check the Roadmap to LGBTQ+ Mental Health by The Mental Health Coalition, Universal and the All Together Now Foundation. 

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