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World Mental Health Day 2022 | 10 October 2022 | European Parliament, Brussels - Hybrid event

Join us on World Mental Health Day 2022. The event will take place on 10 October at the European Parliament in Brussels. MEP Tilly Metz and MEP Estrella Durá Ferrandis will be co-hosting the event, which will be an opportunity to discuss migrants, refugees and mental health. Recent geopolitical events have generated growing concerns about the mental health of those impacted by the war and this humanitarian crisis has prompted multi-dimensional examples of solidarity.  The hybrid event will seek to explore and review the European focus to foster better mental health for migrants and refugees in the short and long term, as well as existing gaps that must be addressed.

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MHE applauds MEP Maria Walsh for her call to make 2023 the European Year of Mental Health
MHE fully supports MEP Maria Walsh's (Co-Chair, MHE’s Coalition for Mental Health and Wellbeing) call to urgently tackle mental health by cross-sectional and integrated policies, as part of a comprehensive EU Mental Health Strategy and a European Year dedicated to Mental Health in 2023. Against the backdrop of deteriorating mental health across Europe, such strong support brings hope that all stakeholders will now start working together to ensure good mental health for all.

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MHE endorses joint statement by the EU Health Policy Platform thematic network 

Coordinated actions to address determinants of mental health are urgently needed, which is why MHE has endorsed this joint statement. There is emerging evidence of the association between environmental degradation and pollution with experiences of mental ill-health, including depression, anxiety and sadness. A growing body of evidence shows that nature is vital for good mental and physical health at all ages. 

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MHE's scorecard on the French EU Presidency (January-June 2022)

The French Presidency focused its priorities on five main areas: ecological transition, digital issues, social issues, defence and economic issues. Its priorities and programme were developed in cooperation with all EU institutions as well as the previous Slovenian Presidency and the upcoming Swedish Presidency. MHE has rated the French Presidency's performance and commitment to mental health over the last six months. 
EU HPP Webinar: COVID-19 & mental health - Taking forward the lessons learned 

In the framework of the Covid-19 Mental Health Support Stakeholders Network on the DG SANTE Health Policy Platform (HPP), MHE is organising this Webinar on 21 September with the support of the European Commission. The webinar aims to share knowledge on concrete actions to address the lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, in relation to mental health. Submit your input on whether and how specific lessons have been taken forward, the hurdles, and what is needed to make progress.

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Mental Health Advocacy Platform's Statement on the EU "Healthier Together" NCD Initiative

Mental Health Advocacy Platform’s Statement on the EU ‘Healthier Together’ Non-Communicable Diseases Initiative' is a commendable step in the right direction but a more ambitious approach to mental health is needed. The guidance document sets out ambitious priorities and examples of inspiring practices, alongside an overview of available financial tools to translate them into concrete actions.

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Rural Mental Health Project closed

The Rural Mental Health Project has come to an end but its impact will last. The legacy of this project has no expiration date since all the materials developed in the 36 months of the project's duration are publicly available on the Project website (in French, Polish and English). Get updated about the project and send your feedback.

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 Updates from institutions and partners

European Commission launched toolkit to implement the EU NCDs 'Healthier Together' Initiative

The ‘Healthier Together’ toolkit identifies policies and practices to tackle non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and maps the EU’s legal and financial tools that can support its implementation. For its implementation, €156 million was earmarked under the EU4Health 2022 work programme.  

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Council of the European Union adopted conclusion on EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child

In the conclusions, the Council calls on member states to improve the protection of children in emergency situations, including by setting up emergency reception procedures working towards ensuring protective accommodation, adapted to the needs of the child, guaranteeing his or her physical and mental health safety, as well as access to basic services and guaranteeing early identification of vulnerabilities.

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New rights to improve work-life balance in the EU entered into application on 4 August

Europe’s Member States will have to apply EU-wide rules to improve work-life balance for parents and carers - a key milestone towards building a Union of Equality.  These rules set out minimum standards for paternity, parental and carers' leave and establish additional rights, such as the right to request flexible working arrangements. Parents and carers will now have more guaranteed leave with fair compensation. 

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Report on first WHO Europe meeting of the pan-European Mental Health Coalition (4-5 May 2022)

This WHO meeting was held to develop the strategic basis and content of each working package. Goals for the working packages included galvanizing reform of mental health systems in response to rising COVID-19 awareness, recognising everyone's mental health is vulnerable. Lessons learnt is expected to refine the process of engagement and maximizing the impact of the Coalition's work on mental health systems across Europe. 

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Mental Health Foundation: Climate change and mental health - Report from a COP-26 public participation event

The Mental Health Foundation (MHF) has a longstanding interest in reducing mental health inequalities and addressing the social determinants of mental health problems. This paper reports on the findings of the community participation event and provides evidence on the mental health impacts of climate change drawn from the existing scientific literature. It includes a summary of the remaining knowledge gaps, an outline of the community participation event and its findings.

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IIMHL Regional Hub Network Meetings 'Valuing inclusion, resilience & growth': 26-27 October

On 26-27 October, the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL) is organizing three Regional Hub meetings in Dublin (Ireland), Washington DC (USA) and Christchurch (New Zealand). Leaders in the mental health, substance use and disability fields are warmly invited to join, make connections and share knowledge and best practices. Attendance is free (travel and accommodation at personal cost).
More information at or email

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European Commission called to include proposal for a European Civil Society Strategy

Civil society organisations (citizens’ associations, NGOs and public benefits foundations, human rights defenders) are instrumental to make effective the values enshrined in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union. Their actions strives to leave no one behind and is crucial in the area of social care, education, health, anti-discrimination and much more.

Read letter to President von der Leyen
Semaine de la santé mentale le 10 octobre en Wallonie: Ouverture des inscriptions à la journée d'étude 

La journée d'étude sera entièrement consacrée à la santé mentale des jeunes. Au programme: interventions en plénière, tables-rondes, présentation de projets développés sur le terrain. Avec Yves Collard, Marion Robin, Sophie Maes, Unicef, SDJ Namur-Luxembourg, ...
Les inscriptions sont ouvertes ! 

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 Calls, events & opportunities  

31 August (Deadline)
European Commission call for proposals: 2022 Thematic Networks

1 September (Deadline)
Alzheimer Europe's 'Anti-Stigma Award' call for submissions

5 September (Deadline)
World Federation for Mental Health Volunteers Drive 

8 September
4MH Community Suicide Awareness Web Conference


26-29 September
European Health Forum Gastein - A moonshot for a true European Union (Hybrid Event) 

27 September
NetworkNature Annual Event: Upscaling Nature-based solutions in policy and practice

28 September
Consultation on Ukraine emergency issues: ‘Providing mental health support and care to people affected by the War: general topics and specific cases’

28 September
WHO ‘Mental Health at Work' Global Guidelines

4-5 October 
4th Digital Health Society Summit (virtual)

7 October (Deadline)
New EU4Health call for tenders to support expert groups in the field of health

10 October
MHE’s World Mental Health Day Event, European Parliament, Brussels (Hybrid)

26-27 October
IIMHL Regional Hub Network Meetings or Virtual Viewing - 'Leadership Exchange - Valuing Inclusion, Resilience, and Growth’

9-12 November 
15th European Public Health Conference (Berlin, Germany)

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Spending time near water gives a powerful mental health boost 
New research shows that spending time in “blue spaces” (by the coast, lakes, rivers, even fountains in the park) is restorative and great for our mental health. This summer, try to spend some time near a lake, a river or a fountain in the park. 
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