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We've been busy at the Art Barn. In March, your favorite cultural organization launched America's newest ukulele orchestra, added dozens of Spring creative classes, and opened a new community arts satellite in the Village of Oak Creek. Our team presented the Arts Center's 36th Annual Juried Members' Exhibition, installed two wonderful James Muir sculptures in Uptown Sedona, and geared up for our annual Arizona Gives Day campaign. You might even say, we are on a roll!

April brings more exciting opportunities: a new
Creekside Paint Out for local artists at L'Auberge, community paper-making workshops with the founder of the Peace Paper Project, an afternoon excursion to the folk art environment of Eliphante, and the premiere of a locally-made theatre work of Shakespearean proportions. May our creative streak continue... 

Why? Because busy times mean a more creative community. Expect a spring and summer filled with even more opportunities to learn, grow, and connect through the arts. To begin, please join your friends tonight at the Arts Center for


April First Friday
Gallery Reception & Open House

Friday, April 1 from 5:00 to 8:00pm
Sedona Arts Center
SR89A at Art Barn Road, Uptown Sedona

Wine, appetizers, roving muse, gallery reception,
painting demonstration by Gretchen Lopez, special exhibition
by Libby Caldwell, and other forms of creativity will be served

First Friday events are free and fun cultural offerings and feature gallery receptions all over town. Park at the Arts Center and catch the free trolley just outside our door—then explore the galleries of Tlaquepaque, Hillside, and Hozho. And head to West Sedona to visit the Soderberg Sculpture Gallery, Start your own creative streak at Sedona Arts Cetner!

In Our Fine Art Gallery 
Explore New Local Art and Meet the Artists at the April 
Splash of Color Exhibition and tonight's Opening Reception

As Spring weather returns to Sedona, the Arts Center is ready to celebrate the season with the upcoming First Friday gallery reception for Splash of Color. On view from April 1 to May 3, the Splash of Color exhibition showcases dynamic new works by Gretchen Lopez (Oil), Michael Chesley Johnson (Pastel and Oil), and Dawn Sutherland (Oil), as well as the fine crafted dwellings of P. Ronald Schneider, and jewelry by Judy Classen. 

“Throughout the month of April, each of the exhibiting artists will offer free demonstrations here at the Arts Center,” said assistant gallery coordinator, Cyndi Thau. “We welcome the public and those who love art, to meet and learn about some wonderful local artists and join us for a Splash of Color."

Gretchen Lopez’s works express a feeling of freedom, vibrancy and spontaneity through her singular use of color and design. Her portraits have become well known for a lush texture, and for the unique way she depicts the gentle beauty of Native American and Hispanic women. One of our most popular teaching artists, Lopez offers crash courses and all levels of painting instruction here at the Arts Center. The artist will also offer a free painting demonstration from 6 to 7pm at tonight's First Friday gallery reception. 

As a painter of Southwest landscapes, Dawn Sutherland creates pieces with intense hues, distant horizons, canyon mazes and crazy quilts of wildflowers blanketing the earth. Sutherland is a past participant of the Sedona Plein Air Festival, the 2014 and 2015 Grand Canyon Celebration of Art, and a founding member of Arizona Plein Air Painters.

“There is so much talent represented in the Arts Center’s gallery, and our monthly exhibitions offer the perfect way to see what is new, fresh, and interesting in the Sedona arts scene,” said Thau. 
continues below...

Another one of the country's top plein air painters, Michael Chesley Johnson, paints primarily outdoors, choosing locations from the American Southwest, Downeast Maine and the Canadian Maritimes.  He has participated repeatedly to the Sedona Plein Air Festival, Grand Canyon National Park and Zion National Park invitational.  In 2012, he was an invited artist in Plein Air Magazine's First Annual Plein Air Convention and Expo in Las Vegas.

Judy Classen is a well known Sedona artist, and maker of fine jewelry, who has been featured at the gallery many times. Her beautiful pieces are made with fresh water pearls, copper and other materials and have become popular with local collectors and visitors alike.  

P. Ronald Schneider creates works that are based on the many ruins found in the Southwest. Schneider has a passion for the ingenuity of early Native Americans who were able to construct dwellings from native materials that are still standing after almost 800 years. In his art, he recreates these structures in miniature, using natural found woods to represent the cliffs and manmade stone for the Sinaguan dwellings.

Also opening tomorrow in the Arts Center's Special Exhibition Gallery, painter Libby Caldwell is showing new works (through from April 5). Painter Pauline Georgakis will present an exhibition from April 7 to 11, and the Spring 2016 Arizona Pastel Artists Annual Exhibition moves in from April 13 to 26.

"The Arts Center promotes over 110 local artists on a daily basis," said Thau. "And we welcome all art lovers to stop in, learn about our creative community, and celebrate Sedona's cultural identity with us."

Sedona Ukulele Posse is Growing! 
Find Your Groove with Our New Musical Force!

Sedona Arts Center and Tommy Anderson, founder and driving force behind the Jerome Ukulele Orchestra, helped launch a new musical force on March 9. That evening, 28 creative people joined together in the Art Barn to establish Sedona Ukulele Posse. They filled our theater with well-tuned ukuleles and more than a few smiles. 

If you missed out on the initial round-up, here's your chance to become a founding member of the Sedona Ukulele Posse! Join us at the Art Barn on Wednesday, April 13 at 6pm for the second monthly mustering of the Posse. We'll start learning and playing songs—guided by Tommy and his easy-going group lesson style. And we'll share wonderful music—from classic Beatles to groovy Led Zeppelin, and easy Neil Diamond to rollicking David Bowie. Click here to join the fun and get in the groove!

Magic of the Ordinary 
Paintings by Libby Caldwell in Our Special Exhibition Gallery


Sedona painter Libby Caldwell spent all of yesterday installing a body of work in our Special Exhibition Gallery. Entitled Magic of the Ordinary, it's on view through April 5 (daily from 10am to 4pm). Her paintings, each a quiet exploration of human existence and a moment of experience, are not to be missed.  The public is invited to meet Caldwell at the opening reception during tonight's First Friday program. 

In one picture (see detail above), a chef reaches in as the waiter waits patiently, bathed in light yet surrounded by thick shadows. In another, a market vendor offers unwanted merchandise, and then more, and we can almost hear the bustle of a faraway town. A man sits calmly amid the frenzy, Coca Cola in hand, and usurps the scene with his nonchalance. 

Many of the paintings in Magic of the Ordinary, are derived from Caldwell's notes and observations about ordinary people doing ordinary things. But in those scenes, there is always something that the artist finds magical. Her pictures, while serving as a visual record of mundane experience, also give us glimpses of the magic in those moments. 

Those interested in learning from Caldwell, should enroll in her May 20 to 22  Magic of the Ordinary Workshop, for advanced beginner and intermediate level painters. The artist will begin with a study of observation, and how an artist can gather and document subject matter and sensory stimulation on location. In the studio, participants will learn techniques to translate the input, notes, and memory into something extraordinary.  To learn more about Caldwell's three-day workshop, or to register, click here.

Sedona Gets Shakespearean
Red Earth Theatre Returns to the Art Barn on April 8, 9 and 10

Sedona Arts Center continues its partnership with Red Earth Theatre in support of new stage works and local play-making. Opening at the Art Barn on April 8 is Traveling through Shakespeare, an original production from Red Earth that explores our modern-day relationship with the legendary Bard. Mark your calendars for April 8, 9 and 10, and get lost in this celebration of language, character, and imagination. 
What happens when two contemporary American high school students have to write a paper about the Bard and find themselves washed up on the shores of some strange land populated by the likes of Macbeth, Beatrice, Othello, Katherine and Hamlet? Eight actors answer that question, playing multiple roles in a theatrical journey powered by two local teen-age actors. The original production combines Shakespearean scenes, soliloquies and characters, presented in a stripped down stage augmented with projected images and video textures. The cast includes Linda Damita, Ashlee Threlkeld, Terra Shelman, Gale Grove, John Crawford, Dave Belkiewitz, Joseph DeLorenzo, Mitch McDermott, Cody Miller and Jamie Sheehan—with direction by Kate Hawkes and Terra Shelman and costuming by Katie Fowler. 

Traveling through Shakespeare will be presented by Red Earth Theatre at Sedona Arts Center on April 8 and 9 at 7:30pm and Sunday, April 10 at 2pm. The show will also play at The Collective in the Village of Oak Creek on April 16 and 17 at 7:30pm. Tickets are $15 in advance ($18 at the door). To reserve yours, stop by Sedona Arts Center, call 399-0997 or click here now!   

The Peace Paper Project in Residence in April
Explore Community and Hand-made Paper

When we began 2016, Sedona Arts Center promised a wealth of new and diverse creative opportunities. With that in mind the Peace Paper Project will offer unique April workshops—entirely free for Arts Center members. 

Fine art paper-maker Drew Matott, founder of the Combat Paper Project for returned war veterans, is spending three weeks in our community as Sedona Arts Center's April Artist-in-Residence. Mattot will introduce his Peace Paper Projectwhich brings the art of papermaking to the general public.

With a bicycle-powered Hollander beater, and a temproary paper-making studio at The Collective in the Village of Oak Creek, he'll share the joy of hand-making paper with Sedona.—offering free afternoon workshops on April 7 and 8.

Participants will share their personal stories by cutting up their clothing, gathering native and invasive plants, and using a human-powered beater to transform it all into sheets of handmade paper. Students will also learn traditional western hand papermaking techniques, using old rags and natural fibers, and they will use contemporary applications like pulp painting and pulp printing.

If you would like to participate in Sedona Arts Center's free Peace Paper Workshops with Drew Mattot, click here to express interestand we will follow up with details. 

This project was made possible by generous local sponsors Jennette and David Bill, Thomas McPherson, and the Kling Family Foundation—as well as all the Arts Center's wonderful annual members. 

Join Us for An Afternoon at Eliphante
A Creative Excursion for Arts Center Members


Here at Sedona Arts Center, we've always encouraged the exploration of creative landscapes and the search for new artistic ideas. It's been part of our history for almost 60 years, and we're working to fill 2016 with more adventurous ideas and opportunities.

Next up is an afternoon private tour of the singular folk art environment known as Eliphante. Join us  at noon on Friday, May 6, for an afternoon that begins with a documentary film at the Arts Center, then continues to Cornville for a tour of an extraordinary folk art environment, and includes a lifetime membership in Eliphante's nonprofit support organization. The afternoon ends back at the Art Barn and a May First Friday reception.  

Eliphante, 3.26 acre arts preserve on the banks of Oak Creek in Cornville, is a sculptural village that was hand-built over 28 years under the vision of artist Michael Kahn, with the help of his wife Leda Livant-Kahn. With friends, they built an environment of iconic buildings—the most significant being the half subterranean structures Eliphante, the art gallery Pipedreams, and living space Hippodome. The result has been written about in The New York TimesArizona Highways, The Arizona Republic and The Noise (Saving Eliphante, by Ellen Jo Roberts). 

Volunteer caretakers, under the Eliphante nonprofit, are now preserving and restoring the site. They welcome Arts Center members for an afternoon that is sure to be creative and memorable. Special thanks to Eliphante board member Jessica Reece and the Arts Center's Jenny Reed for coordinating this excursion. Click here if you would like to reserve a place and join us on May 6 for at An Afternoon at Eliphante. 

Classes, Workshops, Retreats! 
Explore ceramics, painting, creative retreats, and more!

What does it mean to help a community be more creative, to bring artistic development to people's lives? At Sedona Arts Center the answer is professional workshops, festivals, ceramics instruction, classes in painting, sculpture, and other mediums. This spring and summer, we offer hundreds of opportunities to develop your creative powers and advance your artistic goals.   

There's still time to get involved in Alternative Ceramics Firings with Dennis Ott, Nature Sketching and Journaling with Elaine Hultgren, or 2 great workshops with American master Kurt Wenner, Perspective and Illusion and Drawing Form in Space. Plan your creative time with Kathryn Stats and a plein air studio painting workshop (see image above), Jan Sitts and her popular Texture, Color, Feeling workshop, take a Drawing Crash Course with Vince Fazio, or develop your dramatic powers with Kate Hawkes and Writing for the Stage.

What does it mean to develop your artistic side? Get involved with Sedona Arts Cetner and find out. To learn more about April and May offerings, click here or view our complete season catalog here. Call us at 282-3809, and our staff will be happy to explain upcoming courses and register for your own plan of creative development!

Our Chamber of Commerce Partners 
The Origins of a Community Arts Center

Sometime in 1960, Nassan Gobran was shopping for supplies at Saddle Rock Arts & Crafts, a small Sedona store owned by Cecil Lockhart-Smith. The sculptor and Art Department head at Verde Valley School had spent the past two years trying to build a vision for a new community arts center. He foresaw a place that could support new art, serve as a gathering place and become Sedona's central creative hub.

While in the store, he came across Ray Comerford, then president of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce. It just so happened that the Comerford and the Chamber were looking for an interesting project—something that might build community and enhance quality of life.  

Gobran pulled out his big idea: let's build a new community arts center to activate all forms of creativity and bring people together around the arts in Sedona. That same night, at Comerford's invitation, the ambitious artist pitched his plan at the Chamber’s board meeting. The response was overwhelming.

Almost $1000 was pledged by the end of the night, and Gobran's struggling idea took flight as the town leaders rallied around the idea. Sedona Arts Center has been serving the community, and working with the Chamber of Commerce, ever since. We continue to fly on the wings of Gobran and Comerford's vision for a robust creative community—and we thank you for supporting our 60 year presence as your creative hub.

Life Drawing in Uptown 
Monday Sessions with Model from 10am to 1pm at the Arts Center

Did you know that the Arts Center offers a weekly opportunity to draw from life? Our Monday Life Drawing Group, coordinated by Pash Glabavy, happens in our North Classroom from 10am to 1pm. It's $10-15 per session and open to all skill levels.  Participants bring their own supplies, and easels are provided. Format includes two 5 minute gestures, followed by 20 minute poses that are determined with group input. Click here to learn more about Pash and the weekly life drawing sessions at Sedona Arts Center, and click here to reserve your place or request more information. 

The 12x12 Project 
Arts Center's Creative Fundraising Event is Planned for June 10

Sedona Arts Center will present the 2nd Annual 12x12 Exhibition and Fundraiser on June 10 from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. Mark your calendar now and don't miss the fun evening of art and competitive collecting! Our 12x12 Project showcases over 100 artists who contribute original works within the confines of a twelve-by-twelve inch canvas or platform. Each piece of artwork is priced at $250, and purchases support your favorite arts center!

This year, the event will feature an artist’s reception and 12x12 Salon. Participating artists will each bring a larger work to exhibit in the Art Barn and be on hand to meet buyers and attendees. The Artist’s Reception and Salon are generously sponsored by Wildflower Bread Company, Board Member Pam Frazier, and the Arts Center's generous Patron Circle members.

Click here to let us know if you'd like to sponsor the 12x12 Project, and look for additional event information in upcoming editions of this e-newsletter. 

Over at the Poetry Slam
Delve into the spoken word and the wonders of the poem performed 
Poetry Slams can be raw, wild, inventive, passionate, joyous or sorrowful. There is nothing quite like a live voice, a story made into poem, and a body delivering it directly to an eager crowd. On April 9 at 7:30, audiences and poets will gather at the Mary Fisher Theater for the next Sedona Poetry Slam. Talented and passionate voices, like award-winning Flagstaff poet Ryan Brown above, will take the stage and perform their craft. 

Competing poets get three minutes per round to deliver each poem, and no props, costumes nor musical accompaniment are permitted. The poets are judged Olympics-style by five random audience members. In Sedona, poets compete for a $75 grand prize and $25 second-place prize. Audience admission is $12. 

The April 9 Sedona Poetry Slam at the Mary Fisher Theatre will be hosted by Christopher Fox Graham, a literary impresario with a long history representing and championing the art form. To learn more, or sign on as a poet, contact the Sedona Slam Master by clicking here!

Over at Sedona International Film Festival
Great Films are the Order of the Day!
In Northern Arizona, people know that Sedona International Film Festival is the place to discover the world's most interesting cinematic experiences. You can confirm that by attending any of the below April films at the Mary Fisher Theatre and letting the magic of the silver screen soak into your soul.   

Embrace of the Serpent, April 4 to 6
Embrace of the Serpent, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, is blistering and poetic. The black and white film deals with the ravages of colonialism across the South American landscape—and is hard to forget. The dream-like story centers on Karamakate, an Amazonian shaman and the last survivor of his people, and the two scientists who build a 40-year friendship with him. Embrace of the Serpent will screen at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre April 4 at 4 pm and April 5 and 6 at 7 pm.
The Brainwashing of My Dad, April 7
Don't miss the Northern Arizona premiere of the award-winning new documentary, The Brainwashing of My Dad, perfectly timed for  election year. Narrated by Matthew Modine and featuring animation by Academy Award-nominee Bill Plympton, The Brainwashing of My Dad lifts the curtain on what the media is doing to the fabric of our country.

Filmmaker Jen Senko investigates how her WWII veteran and Kennedy Democrat father was transformed into a Fox News fanatic, suddenly and inexplicably railing against minorities, homosexuals, poor people, and liberals. She pulls back the curtain to expose the tools and tricks of the wizards behind the right-wing mass media revolution. You'll be shocked and disgusted too. Screenings are at 4pm and 7pm on April 7. 

Goya: Visions of Flesh and Blood, April 18
The second feature in the new “Art & Architecture in Cinema” series is Goya: Visions of Flesh and Blood. The high definition series delves into the lives of renowned artists, their most important art works, and the fabulous museums that contain and conserve their objects. Francisco Goya, Spain’s most celebrated artist, is the subject for April. Goya took portraiture to new heights, and his genius is reappraised in a landmark exhibition at The National Gallery, London. The film uses this exhibition to look in depth at Goya’s eventful life. Be at the Mary D. Fisher Theatre on Monday, April 18 at 4 and 7 pm for an art history tour through the world of Goya. 

Over in the VOC
Community Arts Satellite Makes a More Creative Village

Sedona Arts Center continues its mission to bring the arts community together. Our latest exciting development is the opening of a satellite co-op gallery and community arts space in the Village of Oak Creek. Known as the VOC Arts Annex, this temporary gallery is located at The Collective, (formerly Tequa Village) and is being operated by two dozen local artists and volunteers.

The three month pilot project, coordinated by the Arts Center's Sharon Manzke and Vince Fazio, would not have happened without 20+ generous artists pitching in from the beginning. And it wouldn’t be possible without visionary landlord Thomas McPherson, who championed our organization's desire to support creative people and community.

Now open and welcoming visitors daily, the VOC Arts Annex gallery features work for sale by local painters, sculptors, and mixed-media artists. It shares the building with other creative businesses, like Adorn Collection,Zona Gallery and Sun Tea, a large-scale 3D printer, and a soon-to-open Village Visitors' Center. The Collective also features a bi-weekly farmers' market, the new Village Grind Cafe, a major new event venue opening soon, and local favorites Cucina RusticaSchoolhouse RestaurantMiley's Cafe, and Full Moon Saloon

The VOC Arts Annex is another sign of expanding community outreach at Sedona Arts Center. We invite you to stop by, get to know the new environment and artists, and share your thoughts. And if you'd like to support or volunteer at this VOC effort, just click here to let us know. Following a three-month trial, and with adequate community support, the satellite project could extend into summer and add workshops and other creative programming.  

Sedona Arts Center Patrons Set Challenge
Help Us Match the $10,000 Already Pledged for Arizona Gives Day


Sedona Arts Center is gearing up for Arizona Gives Day, and is calling for generous local arts supporters to mark their calendars for April 5. The single day of grassroots giving invites all Arizonans to make a charitable contribution to their favorite nonprofit organizations and causes. Donors wanting to contribute to the future of Sedona Arts Center can even designate an Arizona Gives Day gift in advance, through our special pledge website

In late March, the Arts Center staff and board invited several dozen arts patrons to a kick-off event for the 2016 Arizona Gives Day campaign. Over $10,000 was pledged in a matter of minutes, and the collective generosity realized that evening has become the challenge to all other donors.

Click Here to Make Your Advance Pledge

Funding from Arizona Gives Day is important to the future of Sedona Arts Center. Donations help sustain operations and programming, including new initiatives and community partnerships. The organization is growing local arts education and outreach activities, adding community music projects and an artists-in-residence program this summer, and actively working to bring the arts to more aspects of the community. 

Arizona Gives Day is a state-wide initiative of the Alliance of Arizona Nonprofits and Arizona Grantmakers Forum that began in 2013. To date, the effort has raised $4.5 million for Arizona nonprofits of all kinds, and helps build awareness for charitable missions across the state. On April 5, the public will be asked to “invest in Arizona” by giving to organizations that build community, enhance the lives of our citizens, and support the arts, education, and well-being. On behalf of our board, staff, and artists: we thank you for your help!

Wings of Darma
Join Us at the Art Barn for a Special May 13 Screening

Wings of the Dharma, shot on location at a Tibetan Refugee camp in India, tells the story of regular people thrown into an extraordinary circumstances. The film, directed by Stephen DeVol, follows the volunteers of HERO on a medical mission to one of the poorest and most remote refugee villages in India. What they find is quite different from what they expected.

Sedona Arts Center invites you to a special film screening of Wings of the Dharma at 6pm on Friday May 13. Join us in the Art Barn Theatre to meet Dr Julie Williams, founder of HERO, will introduce the film and answer questions afterwards. If you would like to join us to honor Dr Julie, her work with HERO, and this extraordinary film click here to RSVP for the May 13 event. 

Creekside Community Paint-Out at L'Auberge
Our Plein Air Programming Expands and Local Artists are Invited!

The Arts Center continues to evolve its plein air programming, and the latest will be a massive Creekside Community Paint Out at L'Auberge. Thanks to the L'Auberge management and arts advisor Linda Goldenstein, up to 50 artists will be painting from 9am to noon across the grounds—with awards and public sale of art following. The event is free and open to everyone, and artists in any medium can click here to register to participate (or visit the Arts Center offices in Uptown). Our generous partner, Pink Jeep Tours will provide a free shuttle between the event parking site at the Arts Center, and L'Auberge de Sedona. As the Arts Center grows its plein air programming, look for upcoming partnerships with Tlaquepaque, Seven Canyons, and our April presence at the national Plein Air Convention in Tucson. 

Help Us Build the Sedona Summer Colony
A New Residency Program for America's Artists and Cultural Managers

Sedona Arts Center and Verde Valley School are planning a bold and ambitious new program together. The cornerstone is the establishment of a new American residency program for artists and cultural managers, the Sedona Summer Colony. We've begun inviting remarkable creative people from all over the world—and the excitement builds.

While here between 19 June and 10 August, resident artists will be provided housing, meals, excursions, and support for their creative projects. Some of America's most interesting creative producers will interact with Sedona's local artists and organizations, and connect with our countless trails, riparian zones, Sinaguan ruins, and otherworldly vortexes. By exploring the guest-host relationship on the 300-acre campus of Verde Valley School, we hope to plant the seeds of future cultural development and new nation-wide partnerships. 

It's all part of our plan to position Sedona as a place for diverse, interesting, and significant 21st century cultural production. And we need your help, ideas, and participation to make our inaugural summer experiment a success. Please consider becoming a sponsor, donating your time, serving as a guide for visiting artists, or leading an excursions to a trail, museum, or local site.  If you would like to help as the Sedona Summer Colony is born at Verde Valley School, click here to let us know.

Thank You Arts Center Members
All the wonderful supporters who joined or renewed in March

Sedona Arts Center is grateful to our hundreds of supporters and creative partners. Our nonprofit organization is powered by generosity of spirit, the essence of small town community, and an abundance of artistic contribution. Helping us continue this legacy are dozens of major donors and sponsors. Below are the wonderful members who joined or renewed during the month of March. To become one yourself, and support all that we do at Sedona Arts Center, click here and tell us!
Jonnas Acree
Elizabeth Baxter
Jack Baxter
Peter Belluschi
Sue Belluschi
Nancy Bihler
David H. Bowers
Marian Bowers
Spring Bright
Marian Brookman
Albert P. Brown
Kristin Brown
David Butler
Ruth Butler
Julie Chrismer
Lillian Claxton
Beverly Copen
Gale Craig
Sue Davis
Cindy Draxler
Ron Draxler
Susan Engdahl
Lorraine Fexas
Phil Goldblatt
Pam Guns
Robert Hartmann
Patricia Heard
Steven Heilbrunn
Jennifer Henderson
Mary Heyborne
Marjorie Hitzl
Sue Horine
Harold Idell
Irma Idell
Fred Irwin
Joanna Irwin
Louisa Jaskulski
Andy Klase
Barbara Klase
Gail Kottra
John Kottra
James Latham
Marlene Latham
Mariann Leahy
Barbara Litrell
Jim Lochhead
Christine Lohr
Jeanie Marshall
Robert Maxant
Byron McKeown
Deanne McKeown
Thomas McPherson
Sandra Meissner
Stephen Moody
Susan Moody
David Myers
Julee Norton-Cohen
John Nowlin
Diana Oliphant
Mary Pallais
Betty Peterson
Jim Peterson
Diane Phelps
Connie Piasecki
Laura Pokorny
Jim Puckett
Karen Puckett
Fred Reinhardt
Judy Reinhardt
Sally Rypkema
Isabelle Sanderman
Ron Schneider
Joan Scott
Adriana Selvaggio
Kathleen Shoger
Maurice Shoger
Julie Talbot
John Tonemah
Mary Ann Turney
Anne Vaccaro
Ilona Wale
Griffin Westerman
Tina Westerman
Michael Wieck
Kathryn Willis
Gail Woody
Christina Wooten

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