Hello TAWT people!

   “ For our world the circle turns again

    throughout the year we’ve seen the seasons change

   it’s meant a lot to me to start anew

   the winter’s cold but I’m so warm with you

   out there there’s not a sound to be heard

   and the seasons seem to sleep upon their words

   as the waters freeze up with the summer’s end

   it’s funny how young lovers start as friends

   oh it’s funny how young lovers start as friends “

                                                ——Bernie Taupin 

   We’ll see you on New Year’s Eve in Park City Utah, and everywhere in 2016.
Love and light, 

ann wilson q & a

Ann Wilson ask me anything
1.  What is the best advice you were ever given?

Kinda technical; my high school choir teacher Alan Lund -- when he told me how to breath, it is the same as pouring water in a pitcher; It hits the bottom first and then fills. That is how your respiratory system processes air when you’re breathing properly for singing.

2. What should everyone try once in their in life?

Letting go and falling in love with someone. Trusting somebody.

3. Have you had trust issues in the past?

Oh definitely yes. I would say in Jr. high I realized I had trust issues because I lived in a military family and I moved every 18 months. You’re always the new kid. Everyone else knows each other well and you’re the new kid standing up introducing yourself and you don’t know which ones will like you and which ones will not.

4. How did you start trusting again?

I have learned to trust myself first. And most recently I have learned how to trust in love.

5. What should every woman try once?

Every woman should try once not wearing makeup for a week and see if her significant other notices.
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