Dean and I are traveling the country in our rolling home. After decades of leasing tour buses, we have purchased our own (named Alice) and are putting some serious miles on her. 

     We both love road tripping… seeing the powerful beauty of the country first hand. Between TAWT and Heart shows we are freewheelin', staying in KOAs and parks. Always under the sky. At present we are anchored on some good friends’ land outside of Nashville, Tennessee; rich, clear country air, birds singing in the morning, fireflies at night. There's laughter, conversation, good feelings and the feeling that every moment is full and meaningful. We will be leaving this peaceful port in a day or so to rejoin the Heart tour in Las Vegas; it will be quite a reality shift.

   Lately, I have been thinking about that statement, “ Divide and conquer." 

   Last night we were invited to a beautiful dinner among our Tennessee friends; generations around a table loaded with home cooked food, blessed with candlelight and gentle, drawling voices. Being a west coaster myself, and one who leans toward the left, I secretly wondered about the political opinions of those around me. There were all kinds of people there: musicians, policemen, a realtor, the unemployed, men and women.  Miraculously, no one brought up the divisive topic of politics all night. We were able to sit and enjoy each other’s company in love and humor without drawing lines in the sand. I thought, "that’s the real stuff of America." The possibility that such an evening can happen around a table. No one got upset, no one pulled a gun, no one got wasted, no one needed to  prove him or herself by being "better than." Good stuff.
  People ask what lies ahead for both TAWT and Heart. Both Entities have new recorded material coming out in the next two months. 
  TAWT’S EP #2 ‘Focus’ is already in the hands of the record company and will be out at the end of June.

  Heart’s ‘Beautiful Broken,’ a collection of rerecords with some new songs, will be out mid July. A summer tour starring Cheap Trick, Joan Jett and Heart begins in June.
  At the conclusion of the Heart tour, TAWT will reconvene, starting with dates in Florida in September.

  In the longer term, I can see TAWT and Heart merging creatively, to bring all the good things both groups have to one performance. I can see Heart returning to its idealistic roots, and TAWT bringing its depth and musicality to the table...and those lyrics!

    Well, that’s all for now.
    The sun is up here in Tennessee.
    To you all, Love and Respect

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