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Issue 10.17.22

During National Disability Employment Awareness Month, we celebrate the essential contributions to our workplaces, economy, and Nation made by disabled Americans and recommit to promoting equal opportunity for all people.
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A Note From Julie
There is so many new things happening: CIMS system, TMHP issues with Claims, Draft Rules: HCS/TxHmL TAC and Draft Rules: New ISS services rules, updates to the billing requirements, and much more.  
Please don't forget to contact us back if any of you who wanted CM and nurse training and other services forgot to come by or schedule a follow-up consultation. Also don't forget to register for the upcoming PACSTX conference as well as the AAIDD Texas chapter conference.  (Both are in November of this year.)
Twogether Sponsored Free Resource Webinar

 Free Resource Webinar:
“Solving the headache of TMHP Billing and the Workforce Crisis” TaskMaster Pro

Date: October 20, 2022
Time: 12:00-1:00PM
Cost: FREE

This session will be presented by TaskMaster Pro

“Solving the headache of TMHP Billing and the Workforce Crisis”

Discussion of Some of TaskMaster Pro’s Newest Features


Twogether Consulting is super excited to have TaskMaster Pro as one of our guest presenters for the month of October 2022. They will be discussing some of their exciting new features, including: TMHP Billing, EVV, Staff Scheduler and much more.
Topics for this session: TMHP (Texas MedicaId Health Portal) Billing – and how TMP has solved the headache.  In addition, the workforce crisis – how implementing the right software can lessen staff burden, improve management oversight, etc.
We hope that this will be a wonderful resource for HCS/TxHmL providers. This session is part of our “Free Resources for IDD Providers” Webinar Series for the month of October! If anyone would like to present in future webinars for the series, please contact us at: or

Please fill out the Survey Questions when you register !

Pre-Registration is required, click on the
“Registration” button below to attend this free webinar!!



Larry Hill – Founder-

Gary West – CEO-
Stephanie Holland – Director of Implementation and Training
(Moderator) – Tim Strombel – Marketing Manager

We couldn’t find an innovative IDD Practice Management software that focused on delivering better care, so we built one!

Our IDD software is designed by Service Providers and built for Service Providers. Every day we face the same challenges you do in providing care to the people in our IDD community. So that delivering the best care possible can be the focus, we designed TMP to be easy to use, intelligent, and robust.

Care professionals are led quickly through documentation processes with platform-assisted data completion. No repetitive entry of information, it’s fast and accurate. Compliance data is gathered and tracked simultaneously. This means compliance reporting can be completed at the push of a button. Thus, caregivers spend more time giving care and less time on paperwork.

Here are some of the issues our IDD software addresses:

– Providing streamlined processes and integrated data across the system.

– Providing a “Yellow Brick Road” for caregivers to ensure services are delivered and documented.

-Providing reporting that helps ensure services are provided AND DOCUMENTED in an accurate and timely manner.

– Incorporating telehealth and providing real-time data at the point of service.

– Delivering predefined workflows with auto-filled data that provides a real-time view into client’s issues and eases the DSP’s administrative work. This allows more time for care.

– Providing the care team with real–time and collaborative incident management data facilitating person-centered care. This leads to unique insights into the client’s triggers and behaviors resulting in fewer incidents and acute care events.

– Incorporating training on-demand, enabling person-centered care on the spot.

– Collecting and analyzing the mental, physical, and habitual data of the individual, providing a clearer path to prevention and proper management of client needs.

-Clearly documenting all events in our real-time incident management toolset.

– Assimilating information that tells each client’s individual story. This enables seamless knowledge transfer to all stakeholders, resulting in person-centered care, client satisfaction, and reduced acute care events.

Check out a short video about TMP

Have more questions? Please schedule a free demo below.

And don’t forget to mention if you found out about us through Twogether Consulting! 


FYI-TaskMaster Pro will also be available to meet them in person as a vendor during the PACSTX (Private Providers of Texas) Conference this November 1st & 2nd, 2022.  Please come and meet them in person for more assistance!

Twogether Updates

October 13th, 2022 Licensing Application Process For ISS:   *  HHSC says they hope to send stakeholders information about the process at the end of November with the ability to apply for a license starting on or around December 1st.  * HHSC will conduct a TULIP Navigation training webinar in the near future to assist providers in how to use TULIP. * HHSC has said that at this time, they cannot share a copy of the application with us as it is still being 'built'.  HHSC has stated that it more

Visits are being made at this time to group homes and select Host Homes.  These are not part of HHSC's residential review process, and the provider will not be receiving any violations/citing providers during these assessments, according to HHSC.  HHSC reiterated that compliance is not expected at this time, particularly since the rules have yet to be adopted.  According to HHSC, these assessments are just an information-gathering project at this time.  On-site assessments of the group more

HCS/TxHmL proposed rules should align with the federal HCBS settings rule. These are currently in the formal comment phase.  These comments are due to HHSC on October 17, 2022.  To view the rules and instructions for submitting comments, go to the following link: more

October 13th, 2022 Please Don't Forget To Sign Up For CIMS Training Only 200 of the 800 providers/users have completed the training and have signed in/register Providers must start using CIMS by November 1st, 2022. If you are a member of one of the 3 IDD associations, HHSC will provide each of these associations with the names of those entities so each association can reach out to their respective IDD waiver members who are not on the list/have yet to complete these steps. August 11th, more

October 13th, 2022 Update on Some Migration Issues  Enhancements planned for release in November will now not be released until December; the 2nd set of enhancements will be released in June, 2023.  A notice about the enhancements will be posted in the next few weeks. HHSC will post recordings of their monthly TMHP Migration webinars, but not sure where they could be accessed. Sometimes the original registration links end up leading to the recordings, but we will keep you posted when there more

October 13th, 2022 Starting November 9th, 2022 monthly Migration Webinar, the next webinar will be extended 30 minutes to allow more time to answer questions, and the number of items reviewed will be limited so more time can be spent reviewing each topic/item. This is based on feedback previously received. Monthly Meetings/Webinars On Migration To TMHP LTC Portal for HCS/TxHmL/FMSA's  Medicaid and CHIP Services (MCS) will begin hosting monthly meetings for Providers and Financial more

Save the Date — 2022 ICF Conference Dec. 1 This daylong virtual conference is for providers and survey staff of intermediate care facilities for people with intellectual disabilities or related conditions. Provider sessions will include topics such as Surrogate Decision-Making, Person-Centered Care and Trauma-Informed Behavioral Interventions. The current most frequently cited ICF deficiencies will be presented by HHSC ICF Policy Staff. The opening Keynote message will be delivered by more

October 10th, 2022 Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership (TMHP) will perform monthly calculations on services for the Individual Plan of Care that overlaps the May 1, 2022 implementation of the new process for submitting Home and Community-based Services and Texas Home Living forms and claims. On a quarterly basis, TMHP will calculate all services that have been paid through (CARE) Client Assignment and Registration System and TMHP and will recoup services that exceed the authorized more

October 10th, 2022 As part of the on-going transformation efforts, HHSC will no longer use the following mailbox, effective Oct. 31, 2022: For a complete list of current contact information, program providers should refer to PL 2021-26 or e-mail Survey Operations at For policy questions related to HCS and TxHmL, providers should e-mail more

Timely Submission of IPC Renewals HHSC reminds HCS and TxHmL providers and local intellectual and developmental disability authorities (LIDDAs) to submit individual plan of care (IPC) renewals for individuals enrolled in the HCS and TxHmL waiver programs as early as program rules allow. For HCS, renewal IPCs must be submitted at least 30, but no more than 60, calendar days before the current IPC end date. TxHmL program providers and LIDDAs are encouraged to use the same timeframe for more

October 3rd, 2022 HHSC has updated the Approved Diagnostic Codes for Persons with Related Conditions effective Oct. 1, 2022 to Sept. 30, 2023. The list of diagnostic codes has not changed for this year and can be viewed at HHSC Approved Diagnostic Codes for Persons with Related Conditions .read more


October 6th, 2022   In case you forgot, please register for this session. It is very important! HHSC will be hosting HCS & TxHmL Updates Provider Webinar on Oct. 13 For:  HCS/TxHmL program providers, LIDDA's, and other interested parties This webinar will provide information on the following: Substantial changes being made to the HCS and TxHmL Program rules. IL 2022-49, assessments of HCS three-person residences, four-person residences and host home/companion care settings more

October 6th, 2022 From our friends at IntellectAbility. Apologies, I have been meaning to post this for some of those of you who asked about this tool (Mostly nurses, lol).  Previously this tool was under a different company name.  There was a change sometime back in the name of the company. For those of you who want to learn more about IntellectAbility's health risk mitigation tools and training by visiting  Feel free to call us at 727-437-3201 or email more

October 6th, 2022 In partnership with ANCOR, IntellectAbility is hosting the following 2 webinars. This webinar I believe is for all HCS Providers, not just in Texas October 6, 2022 at 2PM | "Leveraging Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to Address Health Disparities for People with IDD" Click here to register   This webinar would be helpful for all IDD Providers and Individuals with IDD and their families October 27, 2022 at 2PM | " more

August 4th, 2022 All New LTC Providers must Enroll in Texas Medicaid.  (So, this means even HCS provider applicants, at least once they are nearing the stage of having their application approved and/or at the latest, prior to receiving their contract/s.  Remember, you can't start providing services and accepting clients to your HCS program until you get your letter with the approved contract/s. LTC-only Providers Enrolling Through Provider Enrollment and Management System (PEMS) "A more

October 5th, 2022 Updated 2022 IDEA Manual The updated 2022-2023 IDEA Manual is now available in both English and Spanish on the Disability Rights Texas website. Created in partnership with The Arc of Texas, this manual is designed to help you understand the requirements of the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and Texas law so you can act as an equal partner in planning your child’s education.   Learn more on our Resources for more

October 4th, 2022 COVID-19: HHSC Publishes In-Home Day Habilitation Information for Program Providers (Replaces IL 2022-48) IL 2022-51 is posted on the HHS webpage for Home and Community-based Services, Texas Home Living, local intellectual and developmental disability authority, and financial management services agency program providers. HHSC is temporarily waiving certain requirements in Section 3710, 4381.3, 4381.7(6) and 4381.7(7) of the HCS Billing Guidelines and TxHmL Guidelines. This more

October 2nd, 2022 Texas HHSC has posted awarded levels for Long-term Services and Supports (LTSS) providers participating in the Attendant Compensation and Direct Care Staff enhancement programs for state fiscal year (FY) 2023 for the following programs: Attendant Compensation Rate Enhancement Program for: Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS) – Direct Service Agency (DSA); Day Activity and Health Services (DAHS); Deaf-Blind with Multiple Disabilities Waiver (DBMD); Home more

October 1st, 2022 Joint Training Page Available for HCS and TxHmL Program Providers The HCS and TxHmL programs now have a Joint Training Opportunities page where providers can register for upcoming classes. Class size will be limited to maximize participation, but classes will be offered regularly. Providers should check the page often for updates. There will be recordings of special presentations available for viewing on-demand later. Missed a COVID-19 training? Many COVID-19 more

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When the IRS needs to ask a question about a taxpayer's tax return, notify them about a change to their account, or request a payment, it often mails a letter or notice to the taxpayer. Taxpayers should know that the IRS sends millions of these letters and notices to taxpayers for a variety of reasons. Many of these letters and notices can be dealt with simply, without having to call or visit an IRS office. Here's what taxpayers should know about IRS notices and letters:

The IRS sends notices and letters for the following reasons:
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Your notice or letter will explain the reason for the contact and give you instructions on how to handle the issue. If your notice or letter requires a response by a specific date, there are two main reasons you'll want to comply:

-To minimize additional interest and penalty charges.
-To preserve your appeal rights if you don't agree.

Read the Notice Carefully

Most IRS letters and notices are about federal tax returns or tax accounts. Each notice or letter deals with a specific issue and includes specific instructions on what to do and it is important that you read it carefully. A notice may reference changes to a taxpayer's account, taxes owed, a payment request or a specific issue on a tax return. Taking timely action could minimize additional interest and penalty charges as noted above.

If a letter is about a changed or corrected tax return, the taxpayer should review the information and compare it with the original return. If the taxpayer agrees, they should make notes about the corrections on their personal copy of the tax return and keep it for their records.

When to Take Action

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Taxpayers should keep notices or letters they receive from the IRS. These include adjustment notices when an action is taken on the taxpayer's account. Taxpayers should keep records for three years from the date they filed the tax return.

Watch Out for Scams

IRS notices and letters are sent by mail. The IRS does not correspond by email, phone, or social media about taxpayer accounts or tax returns. You can find the notice (CP) or letter (LTR) number on either the top or the bottom right-hand corner of your correspondence. If you search the IRS website for your notice or letter and it doesn't return a result - or you believe the notice or letter looks suspicious report it on the Report Phishing page on Taxpayers who are unsure whether they owe money to the IRS can view their tax account information on

Help is Just a Phone Call Away

Receiving mail from the IRS is usually not a cause for panic, but it should not be ignored either. If you have any questions or concerns about an IRS letter or notice that you've received, don't hesitate to contact the office.

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Twogether Sponsored Free Resource Webinar

 Free Resource Webinar:
“Nursing & Health Related Features Within Therap”
(For HCS/TxHmL/ICF Providers)

Date: October 27, 2022
Time: 12:00-1:00PM
Cost: FREE

This session will be presented by Therap

“Nursing & Health Related Features Within Therap”

Follow Up To August 2022 Webinar

If you register and do not attend, no worries, you will receive a link to the pre-recorded session!  Just register and we will send you a copy. In addition, it will be posted on our “GotoStage” site.

Twogether Consulting is super excited to have Therap once more as one of our guest presenters for the month of October 2022. They will be discussing some of their other features as a follow-up to their session in August of this year. This would include a discussion of Nursing and other Health Related features of Therap.  We hope that this will be a great resource for HCS/TxHmL providersThis session is part of our “Free Resources for IDD Providers” Webinar Series for the month of October!  Many of these features are very beneficial to providers, including ICF, such as Electronic MARS, Appointment Scheduling, Comprehensive Nursing Assessment, Nursing SDL’s, Health Status Tracking and more.

Pre-Registration is required, click on the “Registration” button below to attend this free webinar!!



Susan Allen –National Billing Consultant

Ryan Siedhoff –Business Development Consultant

“Are you still using paper for your documentation?  Or another system, that is just not meeting your needs?

Therap’s electronic documentation and health record system that is available to you.  It is a great time to start using an electronic documentation system.  Now more than ever, having remote access to records and important information about the people you support is vital.

Therap offers these and more great options for your documentation and tracking needs…

  • Documentation of State forms to meet state requirements-including the Nursing SDLs -# Form 2122 and 4123 as well as Form 8594, the Comprehensive Nursing Assessment and more.
  • Individual Plan to generate and house documents for Annual Reviews
  • Goal and Outcome Tracking along with great reporting capabilities to track progress and more.
  • Electronic MAR and Health Trackingcapabilities along with very detailed Health Care Reports and Care Plans.
  • Case Notes– transform your forms into electronic data; stored securely and accessible anytime..
  • Capability to access on any Device. We have web and mobile options for access in user-friendly ways to enable efficient use by your staff for documenting.

-In addition, Therap offers additional modules such as Personal Finance, Document Storage, Staff Schedule, and much more.

Now is a great time to have accessibility to electronic records and documentation systems.  It allows for remote access to review documents and has the ability to tremendously increase your agency’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Therap’s team has many years of experience in the field and truly believes in the benefits an electronic database can offer organizations, especially during these times when social distancing and remote services and access to documentation is essential.”

You can see my availability and schedule a meeting on my calendar by CLICKING HERE

FYI-Therap will also be available to meet them in person as a vendor during the PACSTX (Private Providers of Texas) Conference this November 1st & 2nd, 2022.  Please come and meet them in person for more assistance!

The Person-Centered Documentation System

Schedule slotTherap | Person-Centered. Data-Driven.

Use our comprehensive suite of online tools to support individuals, families, and your team’s efforts to help people reach their good life.

Find Out More

Therap Services Website Therap Services Facebook page Therap Services Twitter Therap Services LinkedIn Therap Services Youtube Channel

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Upcoming Conferences 


It's Convention Time!

Registration is NOW OPEN

Everything You Need To Know

Registration is now open for the 46th Annual Convention of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AAIDD) Texas Chapter!  This year, we're meeting at Grand Galvez in beautiful Galveston, Texas on November 15-18, 2022.  Be sure to make your plans early.  With high demand for hotel rooms, we expect a sellout.  Click on the link below for the full story. We look forward to sharing the week with you!
More Info
Extended Deadline!
We all know dedicated persons who are serving persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Help honor them TODAY by submitting their name for one of our Award Categories! Deadline for submissions is Friday, October 14, 2022.
Therap | Person-Centered. Data-Driven.
Fall Registration is Open!
2023 Therap National Conference
February 7 - 8 - 9, 2023

Join us for our Virtual Conference Online!
The 2023 Therap National Conference will be held online at Therap Conference Center on February 7 - 8 - 9, 2023. Secure your spot right away for the event with our Fall 2022 with a registration fee of only $49.00.
Come join our three-day-long invigorating online sessions to engage in User Presentations, State Specific Discussion, and How-to-Sessions of Therap modules and more. Stay tuned and keep your eyes on our website!
Register Now
Preliminary Schedule Coming Soon!
Visit our 2023 Therap National Conference Webpage
Question? Contact us via email:
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Upcoming Twogether Webinars

 Developing Nursing Service Plans For Persons with IDD” (HCS/TxHmL/ICF Programs)

Date: November 21, 2022
Time: 10:00-12:00 PM
Cost: $65.00

For:  RN’s in the HCS, TxHmL and ICF Program
Presenter:  Julie Blacklock/IDD Waiver Consultant & Stephanie Figueroa/ RN Consultant

You will receive a confirmation email and handout as well as a link to register with “Gotowebinar” to attend the session, once we receive payment.  Please click on your registration link right away to receive reminders for the session!


– Common  Medical Issues in the IDD population to Consider

 –Down Syndrome-associated medical conditions to consider

–Assessment, Nursing Concerns or Diagnoses, Objectives, Strategies/Interventions, Follow-Up Evaluation

-Sample Care Plans For Different Medical Diagnoses or Concerns- to utilize when building your NSP (Nursing Service Plan)

–Sample Nursing Service Plans within the CNA (Comprehensive Nursing Assessment)

–Justifications for NSP & Nursing IP

-Nursing IP Samples

We would be glad to invoice you if you prefer.  Please indicate how you will paying when you register with Meghan Jones.
Option #1:
Requested invoice: We will send you an invoice from Paypal and then you can make a payment directly through the invoice-  using a credit card, debit card, a Paypal account, or payment by check.
Option #2:
Online Payment:  You may pay directly through your PayPal invoice or you may also choose to use our “Paypal Social Media” payment button for this specific event. Click on the button below: 
“Paypal Social Media”
Option #3:
You may pay on the Twogether Consulting website.  Here is the direct link to the “payment” page  
If you have any problems, please ask Meghan Jones to walk you through it, when you call to register.  Please contact us directly about group rates. Remember for this option, you will need to enter in total $ amount for # of attendees.  Ex:  2 people want to attend x $125 =$250 total.



To complete registration and for any additional information or 
to arrange payment by check you must contact: 

(361) 649-5104   

Mailing address for checks:  
Twogether Consulting  P.O. Box 90426 Austin, TX 78709

Helpful Resources
Illustration of hand holding up a coin with text that says Funding Available

TCDD Announces Grant Funding Available
The Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities (TCDD) has issued Requests for Applications (RFA) for two new grant opportunities. These grants will create tools and resources for Texans with developmental disabilities (DD) to support aging family members and cope with experiences of grief and loss. The deadline to apply for both RFAs is 11:59 p.m. CT on Nov. 15, 2022. 

You can learn more about these RFAs on the TCDD Funding Available page and find details on how to apply for them

Adults with DD Supporting Aging Family Members

Today, people with DD are living longer than previous generations. People with DD are also more frequently outliving parents and family members who have been primary caregivers. Parents and family members may need their own care and support to address physical, cognitive, and other age-related needs.
TCDD has funding available for one organization to develop educational resources to support people with DD to fully participate in the care of parents or family caregivers who are aging.

The purpose of this RFA is to:

  • support people with DD to better understand and participate in caring for aging family members and caregivers;
  • promote person-directed communication with family; and
  • strengthen networks for people with DD to better connect with each other and meet the needs of their aging family members and caregivers.

TCDD has approved funding for up to $125,000 for up to five years. 

Learn More and Apply

Coping With Grief and Loss

All people are confronted with grief and loss at some point in their lives. People may experience grief and loss due to personal circumstances such as the loss of a family member or friend, or the loss of a home or job. People may also experience grief and loss due to circumstances affecting many people at the same time, including natural disasters such as a tornado, a hurricane, or public health emergencies.
In recent years, people with DD have been forced to cope with enormous amounts of grief and loss as the community has faced one of the highest mortality rates of the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been compounded by general isolation during lockdowns and by the occurrences that can be associated with risk factors related to some disabilities. 

TCDD has funding available for one organization to develop and distribute educational resources that provide information on coping with grief and loss for people with DD. The purpose of this RFA is to provide people with DD with the tools and support needed to navigate these experiences. 

TCDD has approved funding for up to $125,000 for up to five years.

Learn More and Apply

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted through SM Apply. To learn more about TCDD’s RFAs, including the application process and what is required of grantees, visit the How to Apply webpage

TCDD logo that features an outline of Texas with two-toned blue checkmark in the center, extending beyond the state outline, and a red dot just above the dip in the checkmark. To the right is text that says “Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities,” and “Inclusive. Innovative. Impactful.”
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AAIDD Webinar:

Cannabis: Where Are We Now? A Closer Look at Science & Regulation 

Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 3 PM-4 PM

Sponsored by: Jazz Pharmaceuticals

Cannabis has been the focus of considerable debate, advocacy, and policy; generating both interest and misinformation. This presentation will provide an overview of cannabis and cannabinoid terminology, how to assess evidence-based cannabinoid science, current federal & state regulations, and web-based resources available for continued learning.

Register Now!
IntellectAbility Webinar:

Health Risk-Informed Telemedicine: A Model for Improving Health Equity for People with IDD

Thursday, Oct. 27th, 2022 | 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET

Dr. Craig Escudé, IntellectAbility President, Kim Stock, RN, Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities, Director of Quality Enhancement and Maulik M. Trivedi, MD, FACEP, StationMD, Chief Strategy Officer will present strategies for preventing unnecessary emergency department visits, promoting identification and diagnosis of often-missed health conditions, and addressing health disparities for people with IDD. 

Register Here

Texas Workforce Commission Digital Updates

Provider Update - Provider Feedback form VR1200 and Provider Instructions

Texas Workforce Commission sent this bulletin at 09/12/2022 05:36 PM CDT

The Texas Workforce Commission Vocational Rehabilitation Division (TWC-VR) has developed a new process for reviewing and resolving VR Provider feedback.

Form VR1200 and the Provider Feedback Form Instructions are now available on the Vocational Rehabilitation Service Forms web page. The form will be processed in accordance with the Provider Feedback Form Instructions.

The VR1200 and Provider Feedback Form Instructions can be found on the Vocational Rehabilitation Service Forms page.

For more information, please refer to the Vocational Rehabilitation Providers’ Resources web page.

Questions may be submitted to

Airline Passengers with Disabilities BILL OF RIGHTS
Twogether Resources Page
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