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Issue 7.1.22

Wishing You A Happy And Safe
Independence Day Weekend!

From our friends at New Danville who have asked for us to share this story


A Decade in, James Has a
Big Vision for New Danville

James has been a New Danville Wrangler for about a decade. It has been a very busy ten years for him onsite and away. He has a lot of interests and friends, both heavily influenced by attendance in the day program.

He states he is excited about learning, which explains his myriad of interests and sense of joy. This life of joy is a Wrangler’s tale.

“I don’t remember my first day exactly,” James said, “but I know it was a good one.” For all the things that he described as enjoying to do, the years must be a blur. He enjoys swimming – “I enjoy it; it can be fun.” He enjoys diving off the low board, too. He also likes collecting comic books – “They are all my favorites,” he said with a smile. James can be found playing basketball, though he says, “I’m not a good shot all the time, but most of the time.”  He has a good time in the recently returned culinary class – “My favorite is chicken sandwiches.”  James also enjoys art class that includes all types of art, such as ceramics, painting and many other projects.  “Sometimes we need help,” he says, “but it is fun learning.”  Learning and fun are central to James’ outlook on just about everything.

Perhaps the most important thing to James is the friends he has. He said he enjoys all the activities at New Danville, but mostly, “I have a lot of friends here.” Read More

A Note From Julie
I know it has been a difficult last few months for HCS/TxHmL providers, with all the new changes that have taken place and there are more to come. Please send us feedback on how it is going with the new switch from CARE to TMHP system. I have received many calls with questions, concerns, and complaints. If you have specific questions about billing/ claims problems in TMHP please feel free to email them to me so we can also find solutions. Please check for TMHP updates on our website. We need your feedback so we can try to help follow up on HCS/TxHmL provider issues and needs. Thanks.
You can also email us comments at
Twogether Newsletter Sponsors
Pegue-Dennis, CPA P.C. 
Office 1: 469-708-4272 

June Client Update Newsletter

The last thing you may want to do during the summer is start thinking about your 2022 tax return! The best way to lower your tax bill for next year, however, is to start looking for tax cutting strategies as soon as possible. In this month’s newsletter, read about some tax planning tips to help you lower your 2022 taxes. Also read about tax implications if you have a side hustle, money management tips for couples, and how to make your child’s summer break a tax break! Please feel free to forward the information to someone who may be interested in a topic and call with any questions you may have.

Start Your Tax Planning NOW!

Keeping your taxes as low as possible requires paying attention to your financial situation throughout the year. Here are some tips for getting a head start on tax planning for your 2022 return:

  • Start Your Tax Planning NOW imageCheck your paycheck withholdings. Now is a good time to check your tax withholdings to make sure you haven’t been paying too much or too little. The IRS has an online tool that will help you calculate how much your current withholdings match what your final tax bill will be. Visit
    Action step: To change how much is withheld from your paycheck in taxes, fill out a new Form W-4 and give it to your employer.
  • Defer earnings. You could potentially cut your tax liability by deferring your 2022 income to a future year via contributions to a retirement account. For 2022, the 401(k) contribution limit is $20,500 ($27,000 if 50 or older); $6,000 for both a traditional and Roth IRA ($7,000 if 50 and older); or $14,000 for a SIMPLE IRA ($17,000 if 50 and older).
    Action step: Consider an automatic transfer from either your paycheck or checking account to your retirement account so you won’t have to think about manually making a transfer each month.
  • Plan withdrawals from retirement accounts to be tax efficient. Your retirement accounts could span multiple account types, such as traditional retirement accounts, Roth accounts, and taxable accounts like brokerage or savings accounts. Because of this you should plan for your withdrawals to be as tax efficient as possible.
    Action step: One way to structure withdrawals is to pull from taxable accounts first, and leave Roth account withdrawals for last. Another approach would be to structure proportional withdrawals from all retirement accounts that would lead to a more predictable tax bill each year.
  • Net capital gains with capital losses. If you have appreciated investments you’re thinking about selling, take a look through the rest of your portfolio to see if you have other assets that you could sell for a loss and use to offset your gains. Using the tax strategy of tax-loss harvesting, you may be able to take advantage of stocks that have underperformed.
    Action step: Make an appointment with your broker to look over your portfolio to see if there are any securities you may want to sell by the end of 2022.

Tax planning can potentially result in a lower bill from the IRS if you start taking action now. Please call if you have questions about your tax situation for 2022. Read More

We are looking for new sponsors/
advertisers for the newsletters!

Please contact Meghan for more information!
Ryan is our new contact for Texas

Guardian Pharmacy of Dallas-Fort Worth


For people with I/DD, taking medications as prescribed is essential to managing chronic conditions, minimizing adverse effects, and improving their overall health. Many often have a tough time with medication adherence whether it is one prescription or more, which is most often the case. In fact, 80% of individuals with I/DD are prescribed five or more medications; more than 60% have 10 or more1. Juggling numerous medications can be problematic for these individuals, many of whom have trouble performing even the basic activities of daily living and face cognitive, physical, and communication challenges. While the residents rely on direct support professionals, nurses, medication technicians and other employees for medication help, staff who serve them often face challenges ensuring compliance on a daily basis. This complication, coupled with the fact that residents have varying levels of functionality and medication needs, adds to the complexity, stress and demands of the job. These are just a few factors that have created a staff retention problem. Additional key challenges include:
• Staff Training: Constant turnover can hinder an organization’s ability to properly train staff. While every ICF and supported living provider understands that well-educated staff members make fewer mistakes, most cannot afford to offer training to new employees on an ongoing basis. If the organization is not engaged with an LTC pharmacy that provides this training, they often have to outsource it, which can be expensive.
• Poor Pharmacy Support & Communication: I/DD organizations have unique needs that should involve constant interaction and industry expertise from a pharmacy partner. This level of commitment requires 24/7 pharmacy support and communication. Without it, members of the I/DD staff can be left in situations where they feel overwhelmed and uncertain of the right decision. Sadly, too many organizations experience insufficient assistance from their pharmacy, with some not knowing the appropriate pharmacy contact for every situation, including the best person to answer daily questions and provide after-hours and emergency services.

• Lack of Access to Newer Technologies: Technology can play a tremendous role in the accuracy and efficiency of medication management, but with so many program options in the market, organizations may have a hard time researching and understanding which systems are best to meet their immediate and future needs. Additionally, many are still using paper MARs, increasing the workload of the organization’s staff and the risk of human transcription error.

If you work with a pharmacy that specializes in medication compliance, you can minimize medication errors and billing complaints, leading to greater individual and staff happiness. Selecting the LTC pharmacy partner that shares the same level of enthusiasm and empathy you have for the residents you serve is equally as important. Build a relationship with a pharmacy that views meeting the needs of individuals with I/DD the same way you do – as a privilege and source of pride.
With Guardian Pharmacy Texas, you get the best of both worlds – Experience and Compassion. 
 If you have any questions, please see contact information below.
Contact Kevin Kirkpatrick 
Office: 817-633-6688 | Cell: 972-742-3003
Guardian Pharmacy Texas

**If you sign up for services with Guardian and mention "Twogether Consulting" to Kevin Kirkpatrick, you could receive up to 6 months of "paper"
MARS (Medication Administration Review Sheets) for FREE!

Twogether Trainings

Free Webinar Series – TMHP Billing:
“Find Out How HCS/TxHmL Providers Can Decrease Denials/Rejections & Increase Efficiencies” Presented by Millin

Date: July 14, 2022  
Time:  12:00pm-1:00pm
Cost: FREE

Millin Associates
The Company You Trust • The System You Need • The Services You Want


Hosted by Twogether Consulting

Twogether Consulting is super excited to have Millin Associates as our guest presenters for the month of July 2022. They will be sharing information about MillinPro Billing Systems. We hope that this will be a great resource for HCS/TxHmL providers in the transition to TMHP for billing claims. This session is part of our “Free Resources for IDD Providers” Webinar Series for the month of August 2022!


Free Webinar Series Hosted By: Twogether Consulting

Pre-Registration is required, click on the “Registration” button below to attend this free webinar!!




MillinPro Billing System

“With the transition from the CARE to TMHP system for Texas I/DD programs, many agencies are experiencing a substantial increase in time spent submitting claims and working denials/rejections. Thankfully, there is a better and more efficient way to manage the billing process.

Millin has over 40 years of I/DD and Behavioral Health billing experience and expertise. We can help increase efficiencies and reduce or even eliminate denials/rejections. Our cutting-edge MillinPro rules-based revenue cycle management system can integrate with the EMR/EVV and accounting system of your choice. Creating a best-of-breed system environment reduces risk and increases revenue.

In addition, MillinPro is already a TMHP-approved system. There are over 350 agencies that are currently taking advantage of MillinPro. Last year over $3 billion worth of claims were successfully processed through MillinPro. A number of agencies use EMR/EVV systems that have billing modules, yet they choose to integrate the MillinPro billing system, recognizing the value of our billing expertise and advanced technology is unparalleled and provides a higher ROI.

In addition, many agencies also choose to outsource their entire billing process to Millin since keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory requirements and complicated payer rules has become a lot more challenging.”.

FYI-MillinPro currently partners with some of the current Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems that are being utilized by many of our HCS/TxHmL providers in the state of Texas           (i.e.Therap and TaskMaster Pro)

FYI-Millin Pro will also be available to meet them in person as a vendor during the PPAT (Private Providers of Texas) Conference this September of 2022.  Please come and meet them in person for more assistance!



or Visit our website: and click on the Free Webinar calendar

New Provider (HCS/TxHML) Training: “I Got My Contract, Now What Do I Do?”
Part I

Date: August 4th, 2022  
(Part II is on August 11th, 2022)
Time:  2:00pm-4:00pm
Cost: $75
How to Write a Contract and Examples by ApproveMe
For:  Owners, Program Managers, Case Managers/Care Coordinators, Nursing Staff, Quality Assurance Staff
Presenter:  Julie Blacklock/IDD Waiver Consultant 
You will receive a confirmation email and handout as well as a link to register with “Gotowebinar” to attend the session, once we receive payment.  Please click on your registration link right away to receive reminders for the session!
-Resources at HHSC (Health & Human Services Commission)
– What Is HCS?  What is TxHmL?
Marketing for Consumers
-Basic Start-Up Process Packet-How To Set Up Consumer Charts (Paper or Electronic).
– Interacting with the Local IDD Authority (LIDDA)
-Consumer Admissions:  LIDDA Vs. The Provider (Enrollments & Transfers)
LIDDA Vs. Provider: Temporary Discharge (Suspension), Permanent Discharge (Termination)

(Webinar) “Study & Prep Session For
HCS Provider Applicant Test”

Date: August 9th, 2022  
Time:  6:00pm-8:30pm
Cost: $175
Free Study Cliparts, Download Free Study Cliparts png images, Free ClipArts  on Clipart Library
For:  Program Owners & Program Managers but others from your program are welcome (i.e. Case Managers, Care Coordinators and Nurses). This is, however, primarily for the person listed as the “Program Manager” for the HCS Provider Applicant, who will actually be taking the test.   This session is primarily for HCS Provider Applicants, but we will be discussing a little of TXHML as well, for those of you who are taking this test.  We will try to provide a session specifically for TxHmL in the near future. 

If you are unable to attend the live webinar practice session or if you miss part of the live webinar, this session will be recorded.  We will send a copy of the recorded webinar to all registrants within 24 hrs of the training. 

We also have a pre-recorded session from our last live webinar, for anyone who can’t wait for this live session in Feb. 2021.  Please contact us at if you need to purchase a link to a pre-recorded session for study use.

“Go To Webinar” link will be sent to you with handouts after we have received payment!
Please be sure to complete registration by contacting Meghan Jones at:
-Description of HCS & TxHmL Waivers and Basic Terminology Needed
-Tips for Preparing For The HCS Provider Certification Test.  
-Important Sections of the HCS Handbook & HCS/TxHmL Interpretive Guidance Booklet ,
-Frequently Asked Questions found on the HHSC HCS/TxHmL home pages.  
-Frequently Cited TAC Codes  (HCS & TxHmL)
-How to Access  Important Information on the HHSC Website: Joint Training Opportunities, HCS/TxHmL Waiver Training, Resources, Contact Information, etc.. 
-Information on Person-Centered Training Opportunities and The Importance of This Training
-What Happens After I Pass My Test?
-HCS Practice Test during the session, so that you may become comfortable with the type of questions that may be asked during the PAT testing session

New Provider (HCS/TxHML) Training: “I Got My Contract, Now What Do I Do?”
Part 2

Date: August 11th, 2022  
 (Part I from August 4th, 2022 is now available as a recording)
Time:  2:00pm-4:00pm
Cost: $75
How to Write a Contract and Examples by ApproveMe
For:  Owners, Program Managers, Case Managers/Care Coordinators, Nursing Staff, Quality Assurance Staff
Presenter:  Julie Blacklock/IDD Waiver Consultant 
You will receive a confirmation email and handout as well as a link to register with “Gotowebinar” to attend the session, once we receive payment.  Please click on your registration link right away to receive reminders for the session!
-Setting Up SSI
-Monitoring Medicaid Eligibility & Problems That May Arise,
-Intro To Billing Requirments
-Putting Service Delivery Logs/Notes in place,
-Contracting Services On The IPC, and
-Discussion of How To Start Billing/Reimbursement Process.  
Some Discussion of TMHP System
Upcoming Conferences 

Save the Date:
Quality in Long-Term Care Conference

HHS, along with The University of Texas Steve Hicks School of Social Work, will host the 
2022 Quality in Long-Term Care Conference in-person.
Renaissance Austin Hotel
Aug. 11–12
The conference is free to attend. Online registration opens Wednesday, June 15.
This year’s theme, “Resilient, Responsive and Ready,” was selected due to Texan’s:
  • Resiliency.
  • Ability to recover quickly from the challenges of the pandemic.
  • Responsiveness to the ever-changing ways of working in the new normal in their professions and being ready for whatever comes next.
Continuing education credit for multiple disciplines will be provided for this event.
Email UT Steve Hicks School of Social Work for more information about this event.
Mark Your Calendar!
 Don't miss the opportunity to learn from experts in the field, regulators and colleagues & refresh our commitment as to why we do what we do.
 Attached please find Marketing Opportunities to include sponsorship and exhibiting. All conference-related information can also be accessed on PPAT's website at
Registration – A registration form is attached and can be completed and submitted by email to Forms can also be submitted by mail to the PPAT Office at 8711 Burnet Road, Ste. E-53, Austin, TX 78757 or faxed to 512-458-3078. Online Registration will be available soon!
Hotel Reservations - Click on the link to reserve your room:   2022PPATConfHotelReservations  
Conference Session topics will be forthcoming.
2022 Conference Registration Form  
2022 Conference Forms All
We Look Forward to Seeing You in September!


New Dates, New Location.

The only historic beachfront hotel on the Gulf Coast of Texas, The Grand Galvez, is undergoing renovation just in time to host AAIDD Texas Chapter's 46th Annual Convention!
They're bringing back the luxury and sophistication, with a nod to the original design of 1911 and a refreshed elegance throughout. Renovations include everything from guest rooms to common areas to the beautiful grounds, and provide a casual opulence sure to please. Mark your calendars for November 15 - 18, 2022 and we'll see you at the GRAND GALVEZ!

Job Postings

Mark I Residential HCS

Mark Henson-CEO/Owner

Ph:  512-789-4079

Location:  Austin, Texas

Starting Pay:  $50,000

Position: Case Manager (Need immediately, approximately 20 client caseload/primarily
medically fragile individuals in Group Homes)

Job Qualifications:

Previous experience in case management working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, preferred, but will consider other experience with IDD services.  i.e.. HCS, TxHmL or ICF program or other DD programs. Degree in Social Services or Psychology required if you do not have experience. Must be comfortable working with individuals with high medical needs. Contact us for more information.

1 Care Premier Services LLC
Registered Nurse (RN) Home and
Community-Based Services (HCS) Program
Houston, TX 77060

RN position available!

For more information, click on this Indeed link

A Home and Community-based Services (HCS) Provider

Seeking an RN on a contract basis for an HCS Program. The RN MUST HAVE HCS EXPERIENCE. The RN will complete nursing assessments annually and as needed, medication training, delegations to unlicensed staff, special needs training, medical specific training, review medical documents, and provide triage/post hospital assessments when needed to individuals residing in the group home setting.

Primary responsibilities include:

· Nursing Assessments (annually and as needed)

· RN Delegations

· Staff Trainings

· Annual Meetings

· Face-to-face assessment/post hospital visits

· New med/1st dose

· On-call

· Immediate follow-up following physician’s appointments with nursing assessment revision if necessary

· Medication monitoring Medication reconciliation/monthly cycle meds

Must have HCS experience.

$40 per billable hour

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Salary: $40.00 per hour

Kate Wills
President/Executive Director
A Home and Community-based Services (HCS) Provider
Office:  281-482-3163
Cell:  713-670-4673
Fax 1:  281-482-3162 
Fax 2: 713-481-6206
Do you know an awesome college-aged person that would be a great fit to work at
camp and with our campers? SEND THEM OUR WAY!
Perks of camp include, but aren't limited to...
Competitive Salary
Internship Credits
Room/Board for 10-weeks
Unlimited S'mores
Epic Adventures
Lasting Memories
Job Skills
Camper Smiles
Fun and Laughter
Lifelong Friendships 

Contact Meghan if you would like
to feature a job posting in our next newsletter!
Twogether Updates

Texas Local IDD Authorities (LIDDA) Click on link below: more

HCS Group Home Vacancy Search To find out which companies have group home vacancies, you may go to the following link:  Please be sure if you are an HCS provider that you are reporting any vacancies in your group home to the more

June 23rd, 2022 2022 Conference for Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Innovating, Developing & Defining the Future of Service Delivery August 12, 2022 Norris Conference Centers – Dallas Northpointe Centre (Located in: Brightwood College in Dallas:  12005 Ford Rd #200, Dallas, TX 75234) The exhibitor information is available now. See link below.  Registrant information to be posted later this month. Please click on this link for Exhibitor Informationread more

From our friends at PACSTX! 2022 Annual PACSTX Conference November 1st & 2nd Embassy Suites Conference Center San Marcos, Tx More information coming in the near future! HOTEL REGISTRATION

June 23rd, 2022 This is a notice to potential applicants that Request For Applications (RFA) No. HHS0011334 has been posted. This notice is from Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) Procurement and Contracting Services (PCS). The RFA and related attachments can be located on the HHS Grants Website:   Refer to the RFA for the required submission method(s), Deadline for Submitting Questions or Requests for Clarification, and Deadline more

June 23rd, 2022 Please see the recent alert below from HHSC.  This has been brought to my attention just recently, however, I find it in conflict with the billing guidelines/requirements prior to even COVID-19, which allows for nurses to complete assessments per video chat  So, most likely they will revise billing requirements.  But know, it was in place prior to the Pandemic. Revised Guidance for COVID-19 Flexibility for Registered Nursing Services Provided by Telehealth for  HCS & more

June 23rd, 2022 Rising To The Challenge! PPAT Fall Conference DoubleTree Hotel Austin 6505 IH 35 North  Austin, 78752 The Association’s 25th Annual Conference is just around the corner. And, of course, a conference is not a conference without the help of many wonderful people like you and your colleagues. To ensure success we need your help. There are several ways to demonstrate your support and at the same time promote your company/agency. They are:  Sponsoring our reception, breakfast, more

June 17th, 2022 This message will only address the ICF/IID grants. As of May 31st, 2022, there was little else shared by HHSC, other than what was posted on its website on May 19, 2022. There was however information shared during the HHSC IDD Coordination Workgroup meeting shortly after that. 1.  Eligibility Criteria for the SB 8 Grants:   According to HHSC, application for the grants will be through an open procurement process which prohibits HHSC from disclosing any details. more

June 17th, 2022 Employment First Training Series Amerigroup and the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE) are hosting a free, eight-week training series on competitive integrated employment and Employment First. The training is intended for Supported Employment providers throughout the state of Texas. It is not required for providers that maintain the TWC-VR Supported Employment credential. The kickoff for the training series is June 29, 2022. For more information about more

June 16th, 2022 Yesterday afternoon the HHSC IDD Coordination Workgroup met.  Though many topics were covered, below is the information discussed on HCBS Enhanced FMAP.  Here is a general summary of updates discussed, as follows: State-controlled ARPA, Transition of DHs to ISS, and TMHP migration issues.  Below is their discussion on ARPA funds. Note:  Continue to look for further FAQ's on some of these issues and training to come from HHSC in the near future. HCBS Enhanced FMAP: read more

June 12th, 2022 Potential Long-Term Care Remittance and Status Report Delays Due to the Home and Community-Based Services American Rescue Plan Act Provider Retention Payments (Add-On) for personal attendant and nursing services, rates are being updated. Refer to Information Letter No. 2022-30 for additional information. From TMHP "Because of the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) provider retention payments (add-on) for personal attendant and more

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Pegue-Dennis, CPA P.C.
Office 1: 469-708-4272
IRS Announces NEW 2022 Mileage Rates
New rates begin in July
Tip Image
Tip Category: What's New

In a recent announcement, the IRS raised the standard mileage rates for travel beginning in July, 2022. Use the previously announced mileage rates for qualified travel in the first half of the year. Use the revised rates for travel in the second half of 2022.

NEW Mileage rates for JULY through DECEMBER 2022

2022 Mileage Rates for July through December

2022 Mileage Rates JANUARY through JUNE

2021 Mileage Rates for January through June

Here are the 2021 mileage rates for your reference.

2021 Mileage Rates

2021 Mileage Rates

Remember to properly document your mileage to receive full credit for your miles driven.

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