ScourgeBringer Open Development - Issue #63

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What have we been up to this week?

Hello there! Welcome to the 63rd issue of the ScourgeBringer open development newsletter.

Previously on ScourgeBringer: we showcased the game at the Stunfest and it has been a total blast! The game won an award and the players' feedback have been super relevant and useful.

Last week, we worked head-on on the feedback from the Stunfest! Here's the full list of the most relevant points that were highlighted:

  • The getting hit feedback was not enough obvious;
  • Boss doors when placed on the sides may have the wrong collider position;
  • Some south doors may have unwanted colliders;
  • Enemies who hit on touch don't have a good feeling and should have anticipation frames before hitting;
  • Bullets are too numerous, too fast, and too random (lack of identifiable pattern);
  • The game rarely spawn in a room that isn't the spawn room;
  • Rare crash upon generating a level;
  • How the drone works is not clear enough;
  • People get confused with ammo and HP.

Beside the two last points that are still in the pipeline, we worked toward addressing all the other ones! Most of them were bugs, but the hit feedback and enemies anticipation were the big focus of our week.

The issue with the hit feedback, despite having a fullscreen effect, was that the player's gaze is focused on the character. This is a screen space with few feedback if you're really into the action. So we had to make the focal point more prone to seeing that feedback. We added a dedicated splash effect on the character, as well as adding (optional) vibration, a new sound effect on the music, hit stop frames, and a strengthened full screen blink (not a contrasted flash, something more unconscious and less prone to strob effects).

It's already way better, and hopefully it will be cool this time, though it's probably going to be one of the first focus of the upcoming alpha.

We then addressed the frustration of the enemies who were hitting upon touch. We simply banned them from the game altogether. This is not about making a game less difficult (we have plenty more ways to keep up with a challenge) but rather avoiding all sources of unfair frustration. The issue was that this mechanism is not at all suited to a fast paced close range combat system with very floating movements (no wonder that games like Devil May Cry don't do that as well). So we changed all these enemies to have proper anticipation frames and attack animations.

Game clarity +100%.

Joonas also worked on the audio cues of all those changes!

With the Stunfest's feedback mostly behind us, we are now moving toward our alpha milestone.

There two main focus left (beside still figure out the exact schedule with the cool Dear Villagers folks): the shop system, and having a proper options menu. And that's what we are going to work on from now!

See next week!


How is our budget doing?

Every week, we update our production budget based on our initial budget and our ongoing revenues.

ScourgeBringer budget is counted in "months of subsistence" instead of money. We believe that it is a more understandable way to explain how budgets are constructed and consumed.

Our remaining budget is: 7.06 months (30.70 weeks)*

  • So far, we consumed -14.72 months (-64 weeks) from working of this project;
  • And we consumed -1.22 months (-5.30 weeks) from investing (e.g. buying hardware, paying for services...);
  • We also earned back +11.00 months (+47.83 weeks) from our ongoing revenues (e.g. NeuroVoider & Boo! Greedy Kid sales, contract work...).

Our initial budget for ScourgeBringer was 12 months when we started.

For a more detailed breakdown of our budget construction, you can refer to the first issue of this newsletter.
*1 week = 0.23 month (based on a 365-day year and a 7-day week)

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