ScourgeBringer Open Development - Issue #39

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What have we been up to this week?

Uh oh! It's your 39th ScourgeBringer open development issue!

Previously on ScourgeBringer: while Florian was finishing his contract work for Ankama, I have been improving our tools to work toward a vertical slice and making our boss system playable. 

Last week, we have been up to pretty much the same thing, but not quite! :D

Florian is now done with his work for Ankama and is back full time on ScourgeBringer! You can expect more visual updates from now on. We plan to both work full time on ScourgeBringer throughout 2019, we really want to push forward the project now.

Now that Florian is back, it was time for some serious discussions. We spent quite some time moving forward with our publishing opportunities, and discussing a lot about the future team setup (inc. composer, sound designer, and hopefully community manager). It sure is an interesting moment, but also a source of lots of head scratching in trying to plan what's best for the project and all the people involved. I can't wait to share with you where all of this is going, but I'm pretty sure that we'll be able to put together a kick ass team.

Back to the actual progress! I yet again worked on improving our editor (I swear that we're going to work back on the actual game now), doing yet another round of optimizations and quality-of-life revisions. In addition to be able to define an "introduction" and a "death" animation to bosses, we can also define an attack table which will determine the attack frequencies of a boss based on its remaining life. This should allow us to build complex bosses and toy around with multiple phases in a single fight. An attack table is simply defined by some text (e.g. "if HP < 25% then attack2 has 33% chance to occur"), and we can live edit this table to test a boss directly in the editor and adjust as we go (remember that those ugly animations are placeholder):

Beside bosses, we are now working again on gameplay and enemies, at long last! Our current focus is on bringing more enemies in, and then work on the weapon/drone system (which is the biggest missing part of the game so far, we desperately need that to be in the game so that we can properly iterate on the design and feedback loops). My current job is to get this laser bady working in game with all the fancy laser things:

We also worked on NeuroVoider! Yes, we're still working on stuff for the game, but don't expect new content, we are only preparing a bunch of surprises that we will happen throughout 2019. ;) Things involving boxes and stuff.

That's all for today, see you next week!


How is our budget doing?

Every week, we update our production budget based on our initial budget and our ongoing revenues.

ScourgeBringer budget is counted in "months of subsistence" instead of money. We believe that it is a more understandable way to explain how budgets are constructed and consumed.

Our remaining budget is: 6.31 months (27.43 weeks)*

  • So far, we consumed -8.97 months (-38 weeks) from working of this project;
  • And we consumed -1.22 months (-5.30 weeks) from investing (e.g. buying hardware, paying for services...);
  • We also earned back +4.50 months (+19.57 weeks) from our ongoing revenues (e.g. NeuroVoider & Boo! Greedy Kid sales, contract work...).

Our initial budget for ScourgeBringer was 12 months when we started.

For a more detailed breakdown of our budget construction, you can refer to the first issue of this newsletter.
*1 week = 0.23 month (based on a 365-day year and a 7-day week)

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There was no stream last week! Weekly streams are going to be replaced by another video format. Stay tuned!

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