ScourgeBringer Open Development - Issue #44

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What have we been up to this week?

Yooooo! Take a seat, here's the 44th ScourgeBringer open development newsletter issue!

Previously on ScourgeBringer: we started the new year with a recap of the current situation of the project and moved forward with all our opportunities.

Last week... we signed ScourgeBringer with a publisher! 🎉

This is a big news for the project, and it means several things:

  • We are going to be able to complete the project with sane working conditions;
  • We are going to be followed by a production team, which means better schedule and game quality;
  • We are going to have a sound designer and a music composer joining us soon;
  • We are going to have a relevant marketing support to promote the game;
  • And overall working with a lovely team!

For now, we are unable to reveal the identity of the publisher, this will be done in due time because they have their own agenda in revealing their coming roster.

This also affects our budget, but we are yet to determine how we will be able to be transparent on that front, so for now our weekly breakdown remains unchanged.

We are basically both full time on project from now on.

And speaking of our previous contract work...

King Crusher, on which Florian has worked (he did many of the sprites, mostly those of the last level) is now available for free* on iOS and Android!

* Contains in-app purchases.

Bury me, my Love, on which I worked (I did all the ports) is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam!

And we're good to go! This week, we are doing intense design and coding work on ScourgeBringer, fully pumped to complete this game.

That's it for today, see you next week!


How is our budget doing?

Every week, we update our production budget based on our initial budget and our ongoing revenues.

ScourgeBringer budget is counted in "months of subsistence" instead of money. We believe that it is a more understandable way to explain how budgets are constructed and consumed.

Our remaining budget is: 11.43 months (49.70 weeks)*

  • So far, we consumed -10.35 months (-45 weeks) from working of this project;
  • And we consumed -1.22 months (-5.30 weeks) from investing (e.g. buying hardware, paying for services...);
  • We also earned back +11.00 months (+47.83 weeks) from our ongoing revenues (e.g. NeuroVoider & Boo! Greedy Kid sales, contract work...).

Our initial budget for ScourgeBringer was 12 months when we started.

For a more detailed breakdown of our budget construction, you can refer to the first issue of this newsletter.
*1 week = 0.23 month (based on a 365-day year and a 7-day week)

The weekly Twitch stream

Every Wednesdays (afternoon Pacific time / evening European time), Thomas shows our progress with a development stream.

There was no stream last week! Weekly streams are going to be replaced by another video format. Stay tuned!

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