ScourgeBringer Open Development - Issue #62

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What have we been up to this week?

Hoy hoy! This is your late 62nd ScourgeBringer open development newsletter issue.

Previously on ScourgeBringer: we fully finished our boss system right on time to have a demo for the Stunfest.

Last week, well... last week has been quite a cool week!

We were off the whole week. First, we attended the ADDON conference, which is a french-speaking game development event. I've been invited to give a talk there, about the emotional roller coaster that game making is! It was super impressive to get so many feedback about it.

A replay should be posted online at some point, I'll let you know about it!

ADDON had a bunch of fantastic talks, it was very insightful and also an awesome opportunity to meet lots of very cool people.

And then came the Stunfest... which has been a freaking blast! Guess what? ScourgeBringer won the jury award!

That was as unexpected as awesome! We've been going to the Stunfest for the past 6 years because the players are sooo lovely there, and we felt like showing the game for the first there. We did so to check if our game proposal was heading toward the right direction. Getting such an award and praises from the players are the best possible validation of our ideas! Huge kudos to Joonas here who is as much part of this as Florian and I!

Let's get humble though, we have work to do! The Stunfest has also been a good opportunity to get feedback and verify what's to improve. Here are a set of things that we are going to address soon:

  • It's not clear enough when the player get hit (literally every players told us that), we need better feedback;
  • The demo's too difficult, mostly because you can't get back HP (though that's planned with a shop system) and because some enemies hit you on contact (those need more anticipation);
  • A few bugs here and there.

Our plan now is to address those issues and to add the shop system in the game before heading toward the alpha release.

This week is probably going to be quiet, we're off Monday (most obviously since this newsletter went out on Tuesday) and somehow off Tuesday, and the remaining of the week will be dedicated to debriefing the Sunfest, starting to fix the issues, and scheduling the alpha.

See next week for the alpha roadmap!


How is our budget doing?

Every week, we update our production budget based on our initial budget and our ongoing revenues.

ScourgeBringer budget is counted in "months of subsistence" instead of money. We believe that it is a more understandable way to explain how budgets are constructed and consumed.

Our remaining budget is: 7.29 months (31.70 weeks)*

  • So far, we consumed -14.49 months (-63 weeks) from working of this project;
  • And we consumed -1.22 months (-5.30 weeks) from investing (e.g. buying hardware, paying for services...);
  • We also earned back +11.00 months (+47.83 weeks) from our ongoing revenues (e.g. NeuroVoider & Boo! Greedy Kid sales, contract work...).

Our initial budget for ScourgeBringer was 12 months when we started.

For a more detailed breakdown of our budget construction, you can refer to the first issue of this newsletter.
*1 week = 0.23 month (based on a 365-day year and a 7-day week)

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