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hey, i love you.

it's been a while. how are you? i hope you're staying safe and if you're not staying safe, i hope you're in these streets at the fight for Black life staying dangerous- so dangerous that systemic violence crumbles in your gaze. if you're in these streets, however, ALWAYS defer to Black leadership.

if you subscribe to my mailing list, you're probably already progressively aligned, but just in case... if you are not interested in securing Black joy and Black futures... what are you waiting for? white supremacy is a poison that poisons the bodies it sweats out of and poisons the bodies it rains down on. and if you are interested in securing Black futures and Black joy, then i need you to be honest with yourself. ALL capitalism is racial capitalism. if you are invested in protecting capitalism, you are invested in protecting white supremacy. ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER.

i would like to tell you that fascism in this country originates with the 45th president, but that's not true. if you are a Black or indigenous person of color or an immigrant of color, you have always had a boot on your neck- you have never been permitted to speak freely here or move freely here or to live freely here. what seems recent is this mask-off fascism+the militarization and expansion of local force+the swiftness of surveillance+the amount of money invested in preserving systemic violence at the cost of constitutional rights. i am an anti-fascist. you should be too.

so yeah... i can't consciously tell you about what's going on with me without stating where i'm at with all this... where i've been this whole time with all this. i'm teaching 4 classes ( two design, drawing, and digital practices) through an anti-racist, queer anarcho-feminist lens and i've been joining university committees and doing behind the scenes movement work, all to be a witness to movement building and an anti-rascist, anti-fascist presence. it's hard work. it's harder work to live with boots on necks. 

and hey, i love you. if we can't keep each other safe, we must keep each other loved. i love you.

wear your mask. try to buy a locally made one by a local artist who needs your support. here are my favs:
(Black/woman owned in LA):
(woc owned in LA):
(woman owned in LA):
Not Originally from Here, Unless Otherwise Stated

"Catalyst presents, Not Originally from Here, Unless Otherwise Stated, an online survey exhibition presenting artists and art inspired by science. The title references the science connections made to the art by Catalyst founder and artist Dawn Ertl, and not necessarily by the artist unless stated otherwise. It also references the artist's location, who may or may not be from LA originally, but lives and works here now. Wikipedia was used to do all of the scientific research for the show. The formatting mimics the site's distinctions on science categories. Wikipedia says there are four main branches of science, Formal, Natural, Social and Applied. Artists were chosen to fit into two of these four science groups, Natural and Social, and put in a relational context to the artist around them. Most of the work selected is not the artist's latest work; instead, they are works I felt connected the most with 2020."

This exhibition will feature work from the following artists and their allocated science relations:

1. Shiva Aliabadi, Social Science, Geography, Anthropogeography
2. Debra Scacco, Social Science, Geography, Environmental Geography
3. Britt Ransom, Natural and Social Science, Earth System Science
4. Kelly Nipper, Social Science, Linguistics-Structures
5. Meeson Yang, Natural and Social Science, System Science
6. Kysa Johnson, Natural Science, Physics, Quantum Mechanics
7. Channing Hansen, Natural Science, Biology, Genetics, DNA Sequencing, and Genomics
8. Diana Thater, Natural and Social Science, Optics and Color Psychology, ColorVision
9. Todd R. Forsgren, Social Science, Environmental Social Science, Political Ecology
10. christy roberts berkowitz, Social Science, Political Science
11. Narsiso Martinez, Natural science, Agroecology

Select artists will also be featured in written or in video format interviews where Catalyst will ask the artist(s) about their work and how the connections they see to the artist they've been grouped with.

Interviewed artists:

Shiva Aliabadi & Debra Scacco discuss the connections between the work, lives, and how geology, anthropology, and environmental themes coexist in their work. christy roberts berkowitz and Narsiso Martinez discuss how political science and agroecology play pivotal roles in their practice. They will talk about what kinds of connections exist within their work as well. Kelly Nipper will tell us about the linguistics-structures that inform her work.
Conversation Description:

A conversation on mutual aid, antifascism, anarchism, iconoclasm, the Jewish left, and incendiary art praxis.

As a country, we are grappling with how inequalities like the murders of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd were committed with such complete disdain and disregard for Black life, and with such confidence in complete impunity. But for many, these events were not surprising in the least, but a continuation of a system that values American lives very differently.

Particularly in gallery and museums spaces, and even more so in academic areas, we are obligated to address, and work to dismantle, systems of privilege that allow inequality to proliferate. In this regard, art is uniquely positioned to address structural disparities, and make that work accessible. Join us as we speak to artists about our current political climate– how it affects the arts and how the arts shape it.

Another conversation that already happened, was for Freewaves with Abriel Gardner. I spoke about the somatic context for healing whiteness. Here is the link to that:

fight fascism at every opportunity
defend the post office
defend Black lives and Black futures and Black joy
defend indigenous sovereignty
save the climate
fight for our trans & non-binary & gender non-conforming siblings
fight ableism
fight homophobia
fight white supremacy
fight Christian supremacy
defend Jewish lives and Muslim lives and Hindu lives and Buddhist lives and Sikh lives and all non-Christian lives
fight for our immigrant siblings
fight for our siblings of color
health care is a human right
clean air & clean water & healthy food are human rights
abolish patriarchy
abolish prisons
abolish I.C.E.
abolish borders
abolish capitalism
abolish the police


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