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2017 was exhausting. On the horizon however, I see communities energized by both a violent necessity and an optimistic determination to make material changes in the quality of life for all. I am hopeful that creative communities will find healing in the interstice between reclamation and navigation and I look forward to working with many of you, in the coming year, on demanding equity from our industries and empathy from our communities and compassion of and for ourselves.

Now on to the part I struggle with- requesting your time and attention for my own practice. As of late, my interests in abolishing the status quo have become rather... relevant, it seems. Thus I have a number of events to share with you. I've added gifs to make it more fun! 

JANUARY 25th, 8PM-10PM

1206 Maple Ave #515
Los Angeles, CA 90015

$5-10 suggested donation

"Witch Hunt", 2018
In a symbolic gesture that explores a cathartic action, "Witch Hunt" plays tauntingly with my own identity as a witch, while confronting the backlash against the #metoo and #timesup movements. Wear your dancing shoes.

"Witch Hunt" will be presented as part of "Twin Engines", a curatorial project of Nathan Bockelman. Performing on the same night will be a project by Brian Getnick.

Bockelman's statement on the series:
Twin Engines brings together artists working in Los Angeles who uniquely mix approaches from the fields of Performance Art and Theater. From reading/performing text, scripts, the use of fake props, real props, simulated sounds, real sounds, real pain, real emotions, fake laughs, hypnosis, dancing, large scale drawing, or audience interaction- these approaches are productively conflated into hybrid practices that disturb our conception what performance art and theater is. 

Theater has existed in many variations for thousands of years. It's impetus is to tell stories primarily through the bodies of performers and with props, backdrops, costumes, and other devices to varying degrees of intricacy, delving farther and farther into it's simulated reality. Artists of the 20th century sought to play with those traditions. The strange and absurd poetry readings, blank affectations, and odd story structures exemplified by the pseudo theater of Hugo Ball, Emmy Hennings  and the DADAist involved with Cabaret Voltaire, the ceremonial sculptural set ups of the Gutai artists who sought to create a theatrical event out of one simple action or the audience involved tasks in Allan Kaprow's Happenings helped to transform elements of traditional theater into a new sensibility and aesthetic: what we now consider 'Performance Art.' While both performance art and theater had to work with the material of time, performance art could 'tell a story' that was completely silent, corporeal, symbolic, incoherent and often more abstract than traditional theater while not all together abandoning selected sensibilities of the theater. Dance and music were also important in the evolution of performance art, however, it is the traditional approaches in theater that invite both dance and music to engage with visual art strategies. This is a hallmark of the artists assembled here to participate in Twin Engines

Also of interest to me while assembling this roster was the use of these performer's own biography as a means for content and manipulation. While performance art maintains itself as an arena of authenticity and the real because it is stripped of theatrical 'fake-ness,' the artists in this series use theater's means to point to the self's construction, the reshaping and reaffirming of the self's identity, societally imposed representations of identities and the significance of cultural affiliations.
This is a photo of my target practice, luckily for our patrons Thursday evening, I'm a highly trained and excellent shot! ;)
MARCH 3rd-31, OPENING MARCH 3rd, 3:30-5PM
2024 Orange Tree Lane, Redlands, California 92374

Join me for a delightful afternoon at a museum I grew up going to as a child! Part natural history museum, part art and anthropology museum, the San Bernardino Museum is an educational museum with something for everyone! I'll be revisiting work about the interstitial spaces in our built and natural lives. Hope to see you there!
11110 Alondra Blvd, Norwalk, CA
"Inspired by the intersection of didactic stained glass windows and the foundations of design education, Christy Roberts Berkowitz’s installation, Elemental Principles, uses the elements and principles of design to ask questions about the nature of community. Art and design classes at Cerritos College, will engage with the blank, but colorfully lit back walls, to create images that attempt to answer a series of provocative questions such as: “What is the shape of the future? Who draws the line? How do you balance the sky? How does community move?” The windows of the display gallery will be covered with translucent color panels. Each window panel will ask a question that integrates the elements and principles of design with critical thinking questions about the nature of community. The questions function as a prompt to create images that attempt to answer these questions and as the week progresses, students can place their own work on the blank wall space behind each colorful panel. The work functions collaboratively because not only are the students challenged with responding to the prompt, but they are also challenged with responding to the color of the window and the lighting."
And here's a bit of press on the exhibition as a whole:

1. The KCHUNG Social at the Lexington. I should be DJing, but we're working out some timing. YOU SHOULD GO ANYWAY tho because it'll be fun. Friday, Feb 2nd, 9PM-2AM

2. Also in February, I'll be DJing a benefit for a film project about domestic violence, with proceeds also benefiting the Good Shepherd Shelter. It's going to be a woman-identified and non-binary centered healing and celebratory event. Info for the project can be found at:

3. I'll be participating in an exhibition at Work⎪Release Gallery in Norfolk, Virginia for an exhibition entitled Slouching Toward Sunshine. This exhibition is supported by the Rutter Family Art Foundation, and utilizes Yeats' The Second Coming as inspiration. I'm absolutely thrilled about the exhibition. Please stay tuned for specific details as the date approaches!
There are more exciting things to come throughout the year and I'll make sure to update you about them as they approach!

I'm eternally grateful for your support. I know that the art world is infinite and that there are new and exciting and old ;) and exciting projects happening all the time. I will never take for granted that you opened this email among all the shooting stars in the sky.

With Love, Gratitude, Empathy, and Solidarity,
Copyright © 2018 Christy Roberts Berkowitz, All rights reserved.