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Hear That Sound?

I know there's a lot going on- what with the fascism on the rise and all. So I very much appreciate you opening this email. Just a few things to keep you informed about what I've been up to... you might be into some of it!

The first is FAR Bazaar this weekend at Cerritos College. I'll be in the old dance practice room with KCHUNG all day Saturday, the 28th, with a special live taping of Problematic Radio from 1-3 and a special dj set and dramatic reading from 7-8. Come say hi! On Sunday, the 29th, I'll be over at Elephant's space at the FAR Bazaar doing some bad stand up comedy from 8-10PM. Please don't throw tomatoes, I hate stains.
KCHUNG has been invited by the Getty Museum, for a two week residency as part of their "Breaking News" exhibition. On February 5th, as part of a special edition of "Problematic Radio", my co-host, Jahi Sundance, and I will host a panel on VR radio journalism, featuring VR/360° directors (Adam Tillman-Young and Jonathan Sims), a 3D Composer (Sofia Hultquist), a VR sound engineer (Anne Jimkes), and a radio journalism scholar (Hannah Harris Green). VR Journalism seeks to give an experience that transports the viewer to the news. We're interested in what that could mean for radio journalism and will actually be recording the panel in VR. Please email me for the time if you're interested in attending (probably noon or 1PM). 
Coming up in April, I have the pleasure of being invited to the Telfair Museum in Savannah, to a residency on behalf of KCHUNG. I will be working with local children and local ghosts to create audio tours lead by the respective parties. 
I have two pieces of writing in the next issue of Undo Magazine. One is on being a better accomplice to people of color, and the other is about educating one's self against capitalist white cis hetero patriarchy. The above image is one I took at the women's march in Los Angeles. The image was taken at a break out march that centered the voices of trans and cis women and non-binary people of color. It was held outside the Metropolitan Detention Center where many undocumented immigrants are being held by ICE. I am proud to have taken part in the march. The sheer size is an important reckoning of concerned citizens. And while the march was inclusive, I hope that moving forward in our momentum, we can center the voices of the most vulnerable and let them lead us. Last year, in an interview, I asked two artists involved in the "Unstoppable" Project (micha cárdenas and Edxie Betts) about what cis people can do to prevent trans women of color from being murdered (considering trans women of color experience the highest murder rate in the nation). "Put us in charge," they answered. We must rethink fighting FOR each other and we must strive for justice WITH each other. We must put down the weapons of privilege so that the vulnerable can be heard. Our liberation is all tied to one another. When the most vulnerable of us is liberated, we are all liberated. Intersectionality calls on us to practice a deep understanding of the those connections and this best practiced when those vulnerable voices are centered. Because feminism without intersectionality is cis hetero, ableist white supremacy.  
Lastly, as if I didn't JUST say intersectionality will lead the way, I just wanna give a galaxy sized loving shout out and bear hug to the Forest Service, NASA, the EPA, the FDA, the USDA, the HHS, and I'm sure more to come, for their efforts in the resistance. The commons folx... we are the commons and the commons is us. To the resistance! To intersectionality! And to the commons!
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