New from the Lilith video series:


Nex up in my Lilith video series, environmental sceintist and lawyer, Vanessa Welsh, joins me to talk about WATER- just in time for Passover!
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KCHUNG just wrapped a 6 week residency at the Telfair Musuem's Jepson Center in Savannah, GA. These images were captured by the wonderful and generous Rachel Reese. I had a great time DJing and creating an audio tour for the museum's permanent collection- lead by a local all-femme high school class! I also took many photographs that will be used as material for a new body of work. It was my first trip to the South and the imagery is intense and complicated. As a responsible artist, I'm taking my time with it and listening to what the material has to teach me.

Glitzer plays a benefit for Planned Parenthood this Friday, April 21st, at Union in LA.

I'm thrilled to be representing KCHUNG, with comrades Eric Parren and Celia Hollander ($3.33). Here are the details- I PLAY AT 8:45PM in the Noise Room:

See you then!

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