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Wow friend, soooo much is haaaapppeeennnnniiiinnnggg!! First of all, this Saturday, the 3rd, from 3:30pm-5pm, there is an opening for Life in the Cracks at the San Bernardino County Museum. Now I dunno what kind of family you come from, but I come from a family of first responders who kiiiind of think I'm nutty and are perpetually unimpressed by me. Having an exhibition at my hometown museum  is sweet and validating in a different way than all the other cool stuff is, ya know? Here's the press release:
Next week, on Friday, March 9th, I will be showing two new videos from the Lilith series at a space called Commune in Norfolk, VA. The exhibition runs from March 9th- April 15th. For these videos, I collaborated with director/producer Tammy Sanchez and my pal, Katelyn Dorroh. It's been such a magcal and exhausting experience to move Lilith from a very small production situation to a full team. The first video is "The Ikeuillotine, How to Turn Everyday Objects into a Guillotine" and the second is "Golden Salad, Eating the Rich and Staying Healthy". We had a ball making them and I can't wait for you to see them!
And still in Norfolk! On the 16th of March, I have the pleasure of performing at the Chrysler Museum Glass Studio as their artist in resident! My partner, poet, emcee, and performer, Def Sound and I have been collaborating on a piece that explores the overlap and limits of our identities. We're so thrilled about this and the museum has been so generous and wonderful to work with!
Shortly after I return from Virginia, I am honored to have an installation for "Window Dressing" at Cerritos College. This will be a collaborative project with the Cerritos students. The work for the series (artists in residence for one week each in the gallery vitrine) has had some devastatingly good work already, and I am pleased to contribute my part to that. The opening will be April 2nd.
Welp, that's the round up of exhibitions for now! Thank you for making it this far!

Some end notes:
PLEASE support my dear friend and collaborator Kim Ye on our collective efforts with Lady Scumbag, a project that I and some of your favorite lady scumbags are working on. Here is our crowdfunding campaign:

In February, at the invitation of Kristy Lovich, I co-hosted a potluck dinner with Olga Koumoundouros at Human Resources as part of "we TBD". I shared with folks my proposal to facilitate and help train a volunteer organization of Human Resource Administrators for the culture industry. I have been harassed and groped, minimized and verbally assaulted in the art world- and yet there is no one to report it to. There currently exists no governing body to hold our colleagues accountable for the working conditions they create. I am interested in a group of folks who can use restorative justice techniques to mitigate between culture workers. My colleagues have started to give me great feedback and I am interested in more. If you would like to see our industry uphold standards for our labor conditions please reach out. The #metoo moment is here, but the #notsurprised letter that many of us signed last year is meaningless if nothing changes. 

Also go see Black Panther AND Wrinkle in Time.

And hey... fascism is scary and I just want you to know that I love you. Please take good care of yourself and eat your veggies. 

In Love, Solidarity, and Revolution,

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