Journey/Lex is a weekly reflection sharing poetry, photography, dance, song, art, and words from mystics and holy voices from near and far. 
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Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.
Catherine of Siena



Water and Seeds

An Easter Blessing

Deep within
I enter my garden,
winter passed,
snow melt prepares
for new life.
Barefoot I linger,
loam filters through
my fingers,
heady rich earth
to be seeded.
That which sprouted,
flowered, faded and
browned, now feeds
ground to offer new life.
I am grateful for
all that came forth
to bear my soul,
weed as well as
My winter job to
winnow the finished,

I hold seeds of reverence
for our Holy One.
I hold seeds of gratitude
for our Gift.
I hold seeds of joy
that I am beloved.
I hold seeds unknown
that will surprise.
I hold seeds of heirloom knowledge
to remember what once nourished.
And I hold seeds of all,
each a universe that
we may grow as One.
I inearth with all seeds 
this day of beginnings.

I sing and dance with them
my delight and joy.

Easter. Spring Equinox. Full Moon.

Our Holy One gifts us many paths to transformation.

Some of us have walked this Holy Week to Easter Sunday in the shoes of those who watched and were unable to stop the horrors. We can only feel the despair and pain through our eyes of experience. We wonder what can we do? How can we transform the world into a place where compassion and acceptance and love prevail? But we know the answer, the root command - love one another. It is the way to resurrecting that which has been lost or forgotten.

Some of us have watched the Moon. Light that is full, then fades. And cycles once more as it did for the ancients and now does for us, and will do for those who come after us.

Some of us welcomed a new year of growth as snow buried us deep into itself making us wonder how life can survive. Even still, we understand the need for the water it will become. And we also know that deep within where our loving God resides, we will thrive because we are beloved and abundance is always present.

All of us walk the path of resurrection, from seed to bloom to something dying in us or away from us, only to be given another chance. The Holy Wheel never ceases turning, will never abandon us.

We will plant again, hopefully transformed by what has passed. We will grow to endless possibilities of being Love and Life and Laughter.

Enjoy. Easter day is ours to revel in and to share. It is our transformation to celebrate.

Happy Easter. Joyous Spring. Stand in the glory of the Moon that lights our darkness. We are blessed.

Amen. Amen. Amen.

A very special thank you to Cathy Schmidt for the use of her lovely photo taken in her garden this winter. The deer are hungry.
Gabrrielle Roth & the Mirrors
Still Chillin'
(Click Photo to listen.)
May this moon open your heart wide.
May you let go of all negativity
and may you be renewed with bliss and joy.
Happy full moon! 
from ShamanTube 
Art by Gary Anderson
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 I am a first grade teacher who has found her ministry in sharing the word through poetry and presenting monologues of women from the New Testament. 

With this weekly reflection I hope to bring an awareness of the Divine through the arts - my poetry, photography, and through dance, song, and visual art, as well as words from mystics and holy voices from near and far. 


Mitakuye Oyasin.

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