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February 2021
A big welcome to all the newly signed-up people - thank you! - and all my regulars.

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Here's a nine-minute video of me talking with Doktor Snake about this course. 

Learn the Elder Futhark so you can do runic spells for:
health, prosperity, security, inspiration, guidance, creativity, discipline, success, justice, concealment, speed, communication, self-transformation - and anything else! 

10 videos and 5 detailed handouts, with examples that serve as detailed guidelines for casting your own runic spells for anything you wish.

And here's seven minutes of me with the same interviewer talking about my Exploring Breathwork course.

Also available on Chaotopia School of Magic - free course - Magical Self-Care. Check it out!


On my own blog, a version of the talk I gave at Occulture Berlin in October 2019, Soul of the West - Magick, Awakening and the Hellenic Gnosis.
This is a bit of a glimpse into how my own magical thinking has changed over the decades, and how chaos magic was an essential component of the revival of the sacred mysteries in the West.


The Runa-Eormensyl blog hosts the art of Dawid Rudzinski, his poems and runic graphics. Part 1 and Part 2. Go look and let your spirit be raised up!

Julian Vayne is still managing to find people who've got magical things. Here is just one of his latest, with Sorita d’Este.



How about this - Alan Moore interviewed by John Higgs! Double Discordian Points! Talking about RAW, disinformation, cockup more than conspiracies, time, and the similarities between art and magic.  

The Liverpool Arts Lab have produced a zine - yes, zines are back! - called BODGE. The name refers to a ritual and the accompanying design which was done at a weekend party in a castle in Northumberland a couple of years ago (which I wrote about in a newsletter at the time) - to the Hodge and the Podge we added the Bodge. Support this excellent bunch of community artists and buy a print copy. 


Readings of Leonard Pickard's amazing novel The Rose of Paracelsus are still being released. Here, Julian Vayne reads a bit. 

Psychedelic Press Journal #32 is out, and up to the usual fine standard. This issue includes a great study by Aleksandra Sheren of the subjective effects of San Pedro, a greatly underrated sacrament, a nice introduction by Alberto Cavallarin to 19th century philosopher Friedrich Schelling and a piece by Sam Gandy on the blurred line between synthetic and natural in our sacraments.



I’ve been planning to write something about the weird and unpleasant phenomenon of QAnon for some months. I thought about it rather a lot because once I’d heard about it I felt as though I’d stepped in a puddle of cultural diarrhoea and couldn’t turn anywhere without smelling it. So the only way forward was through - I needed to read and think about it until I felt I’d got my head round what it consists of and why it attracts people. It turned into a much longer piece than I’d originally imagined, so it’s now too long for this newsletter and it’s in my blog.

So please forgive me these ugly metaphors for an ugly thing - here comes the boot-scraper, a Tinfoil Hat Watch QAnon special - the Cultural Diarrhoea Puddle.

Chris Stone has been writing about a related area too. Check this out.

If you've any interest in magic, art so unconventional it got raided, and the story, well-told, of a remarkable woman, do watch The Witch of Kings Cross, the new film about Rosaleen Norton. 
And there's a biography by Nevill Drury, Pan's Daughter. 


I like some graffiti a lot, the magical and powerful ones. This book - The Writing on the Wall, by Roger Perry - is about his photos from the 1970s of graffiti, and has been reissued. I saw the one above many a time, it occupied a lengthy few seconds as you came out from underground on the London Tube. It just went on and on, and probably changed a few lives. 

Some people here might like this - Can’t Get You Out of my Head, a BBC TV series by Adam Curtis of Hypernormalisation fame. I've only watched one episode so far but I was gobsmacked by Operation Mindfuck getting mentioned. Discordianism on mainstream TV! He shows how apophenia slid into deranged pareidolia in the case of Jim Garrison and his ridiculous persecution of Kerry Thornley. Not a million miles away from the mental processes of people hooked on the conspiracy shite I go into in the QAnon piece, see above. 

To finish on a lighter note, here's something for Dr Who fans

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