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May 2020

In June, we'll be running a three-part Mini-Course in Connected Breathwork, one of my specialities.  
If you've never done CBW before, you've a treat in store. This is a technique which transmutes each moment of experience into bliss, and provides opportunities for deep emotional healing when darker feelings come up. All you have to do is breathe continuously, which I'll teach you to do on this course, and pay attention to the feelings that arise. 

It's £65 for the 3 sessions, which is way below the usual fee for 3 sessions, but if you are on benefits or low income do please ask for a concession by emailing the address below. I'd much rather have you along if you're keen to do this but are out of pocket at present!

Also please confirm it's this course you are paying for by emailing, NOT the usual shop email because we can't always monitor it during the lockdown.
Here is the payment link, and more details here
The event to follow that will be another mini-course - a two-part workshop - Introduction to Chaos Magic, with Niki Hughes and myself.

This will cover all you need to design and enact your own magical workings. We'll cover enchantment (doing spells), invocation, evocation and divination, all in a thoroughly practical way.

It runs for two 4-h
our sessions on successive Saturdays - July 4th and 11th, from 14.00-18.00 BST (GMT+1)

This course is pay-as-you-feel, with suggested donation being £23. Please use the same booking and payment links as above.
Part 1 details here, see inside the event listing for Part 2 booking.
For my Rune-Magic online workshop on 8th May I did a divination on the progress of the pandemic in the British Isles. It was a 3-rune reading, and the staves I got were Isa, Eihwaz and Kenaz.

I found this to be very clear: death and lockdown, and the timescale suggested is till next Winter. In other words, it will be the end of next winter, early next year, before this pandemic has run its course. 
So, what is best practice now we've some evidence in?

Sweden's no-lockdown approach is proving a complete disaster.  

The country that's done best so far is Vietnam. 'Despite a long border with China and a population of 97 million people, Vietnam has recorded only just over 300 cases of Covid-19 on its soil and not a single death.' Their method included a rigorous lockdown early on, and then tracing contacts for those who turn up with symptoms. 

The UK's late lockdown is a dismal failure. We had the third-highest daily death rate internationally – 4.49 deaths per million people per day. Only Sweden, with a rate of 4.68, and Brazil at 4.49, came out worse. Sweden didn't do anything and Brazil is run by a government that is openly boasting about getting pension costs down.

Britain has failed badly. The herd immunity people were wrong. The people that took their cue from healthcare workers were right.

Looking at methods for containing viral spread, the French have got a great scheme: dogs that can sniff out infected people, and this training is being worked on in England.  

So the take-home: Early lockdown and tracing contacts? Best practice. Lockdown later? Almost useless, small positive effect. No action? Disastrous. 

SELF-HELP (which is all we've got when we're ruled by donkeys): Irish researchers have found that having
high levels of Vitamin D pro
tect against Covid; it “support the immune system through a number of immune pathways”

Lionel Snell's Thoughts on lockdown.

Archive of recent newsletters here

On my blog, a piece about the People's Pyramid and why I'm going to join it when I die. 

There's also a good BBC radio 4 show about the People's Pyramid. 

The IOT British Isles blog has a piece by the Kite, The Great magical Lockdown

Mr Kite also talks about 'The Illuminates of Thanateros and Me, Part 1'  on YouTube, interviewed by Soror Brigantia. 

My chaos magic friends have been busy writing good stuff. Julian Vayne writes in his Blog of Baphomet about 'Strange Days Call for Strong Magic'. The gloves are off in places; he takes a swipe at some of the conspiracy idiocy promoted by until-recently-sane chaos writers. 

Runa-Eormensyl blog is doing even better since I handed over the editorship!  We have: 

Šárka Sedláková's 'Nettle - the dark twin of flax', a brilliant piece which braids myth with herblore. 

PD Brown's inspiring poem 'Tiw'

'...Star of the show, secured by spear pole’s head,

Two-ended shaft that joins him to his queen;

Polarity that some might name as love;

A mythic poem: earth and sky as wed.'

Eirik Westcoat's Carve the Futhark exhorts us to carve the series in air, space, wood and our own being. 
There's a brand new Festival23 Podcast in the World of 23, with Jamie. If you haven't yet heard Daisy Campbell's story of last year's pilgrimage and it's aftermath the Magical Childe, here is another opportunity. And now there's another episode, featuring Anwen of AiryFairy,  'DiscoWiccanChaosMagiciZen Priestess', talking about 'magic, pilgrimage, temples and worship', and giving a glimpse of her learning process as she got into magic. 

Her Virtual Coffee Mornings are still happening, check it out. 


Issue 30 of Psychedelic Press Journal is all about one of the best things in life, Psychedelics combined with Sex. I have an article in it called Strong Acid, Sex and Magical Energy. Subscribe here. You will never regret it. 

Lunam Grove has constructed a sound piece around readings of the amazing Rose of Paracelsus by Leonard Pickard. Check it out here

If you've never sampled the writings of Peter Sjostedt-Hughes, this might be a good place to start - The Self Unlocked, Psychedelic experience is the key to the self.  This is a man who has managed to get a philosophy degree and doctorate without losing sight of what's important in life, which is a hell of an achievement. In this article he talks about what elements go into making the self, then looks at which ones are flattened by psychedelics. His style is very clear, taking big concepts from philosophy and laying them out clearly and succinctly without dumbing down.  

'The self under psychedelics is thus broken up, recreated, contracted, dilated, forgotten, reclaimed, de-culcated, sublimated, alienated, isolated, interfused, multiplied, unified, and eternalized. Psychedelics reap destruction upon the human condition, or from another angle, they heighten the human condition. Either way, the self is never the same again.'  

Breaking Convention conference now have a newsletter which, as you might expect, is chock-full of news about the world's of psychedelia. You can sign up via

Last month Kilindi Iyi died. I'd seen him around at psychedelic events since the first Breaking Convention in 2011, where he advocated super-heroic doses of psilocybin mushrooms, but I only met him properly last summer, at Ozora Festival. He seemed strong and vital, a major presence amongst the psychonauts there. He fell to the coronavirus. Here's a brief eulogy from Breaking Convention: 

'Many of you may already know of the passing of Baba Kilindi Iyi, an important figure at all of the Breaking Convention conferences; a warrior and a gentleman. His larger than life presence will be missed. His influential work for his community, and for the mushrooms, lives on in the Detroit psychedelic conference, numerous podcasts and other recordings, and through his students in many fields. We at BC send our heartfelt condolences to his family and his friends.
'There is a fundraiser in his honour, to help those he leaves behind.'

Watched Magic Medicine the other night. Excellent brave film about psilocybin as a treatment for depression, watch it if you can. One phrase sticks in my mind -  the bloke who said he wasn't cured but he now has a psychotherapist living in his head. 

There is no cure for depression. Best outcome is something like that, so that when things are really evil, you've got a way of being with that that generally doesn't make it any worse. 

Listen to David Nutt and Terence McKenna at Drug Science Podcast.
Those of you who know me or my writings will be familiar with my scornful rants against stupid conspiracy theories. Including some of the rancid garbage that passes for science in the anti-vaxxer world.

However, there's no denying that the Gates Foundation are engaging in some very risky, and in some cases very nasty, experiments on the general public, often in 3rd world countries well away from what the first world media pay attention to. Check out this video, if you don't mind being made sick and furious, once more, at the antics of the billionaire class. You may, like me, end up having a bit more sympathy for some anti-vaxxers (though definitely not the it-causes-autism fuckwits). 

Who'da thought it? Some new age types are getting into truly brain-damaged conspiracies - very good article, which, given my cynicism about the new age, comes as no surprise at all. 



Julian Vayne is still getting people to talk about their magical things. This is just one of those chats, with Erik Davis, who has a very weird magical thing. Which is no surprise, seeing as he is the only Doctor of Weirdness on the planet.




We can't be the only people who have noticed that birdsong sounds louder since lockdown. Mark Avery gives us a number of keys to learning about bird-calls. 

  1. Introduction
  2. Great Tits
  3. Song Thrush
  4. Songs and calls
  5. Dunnock
  6. Blackbird
  7. More on Great Tits
  8. Chiffchaff
  9. Even more on Great Tits
  10. Yet more on Great Tits
  11. Robin
  12. Great Tits again
  13. Greenfinch
  14. Chaffinch
  15. Wren
  16. Skylark
  17. Blackcap
  18. Sonagrams
  19. Willow Warbler
  20. Cuckoo
...and here are another 20:
  1. Starling
  2. Black Redstart
  3. Garden Warbler
  4. Sedge and Reed Warblers
  5. Blue Tit
  6. Yellowhammer
  7. Why a dawn chorus?
  8. Common and Lesser Whitethroats
  9. Goldfinch
  10. Nightingale
  11. Oystercatcher
  12. Golden Plover
  13. Curlew
  14. Lapwing
  15. Snipe
  16. Black-tailed Godwit
  17. Dunlin
  18. House Sparrow
  19. Corn Bunting
  20. Turtle Dove



The amazing Kimatica Studio are offering some of their psychedelic/visonary/dance art online. Join their newsletter,  bathe in  breathtaking visual intensity, no other art gets anywhere near what these people do!  

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