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Yuletide 2020
Here's something for you to read in the long hours of the midwinter holiday!

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What are runes? How do we use them for spellcasting? How can we tell if a rune in a reading is well-aspected or not? 

My course Introduction to Rune-Magic is now available

In this course you’ll learn the basics of the Elder Futhark so you can continue your studies with a firm foundation. You’ll create your own set of rune-cards and learn how to do divination with them. You’ll learn how to sing rune-galdor, how to create bindrunes, and you’ll put these practices together to make your own runic spells.

The course consists of ten videos and five downloadable pdf handouts. 

In case you're new to my work, I'm a member of the premier initiatic organization in Germanic esotericism, the Rune Gild, and recognized in that organization as a Master of Rune-Lore.

See also my course Exploring Breathwork 




By popular request, no less!, we will be running a course on QABALISTIC PATHWORKINGS
This will start on Wednesday 20th January at 7pm. This first lesson will be a stand-alone Introduction to Qabalistic Pathworking. 

In this lesson, you'll learn about the basic approach of Qabalah as a mystical scheme, you'll build your own Temple of Malkuth imagery and you'll travel the first of the Paths of the Tree, the 32nd, from Malkuth to Yesod.

It will be followed by a full-length course Journey to Tiphareth, a series of 9 lessons which take the aspirant up the Tree of Life as far as Tiphareth. 

Email me at for booking details.

Join us in the New Year for more exciting courses!


I'm also running an online Connected Breathwork Group, for those who have some experience of the technique. It's just an hour and a quarter, enough time to do a 1-hour session, with feedback and further support via a dedicated Discord forum.
There are 2 sessions of this sequence of 4 left. They run at 7-8.15 pm on Wednesdays, on 6th and 13th January 2021. 

Pay as you feel, suggested donation £10 per session.
If you're interested, please email me at

There will be another series in a few months, so if you can't make these sessions but are interested please email me anyway and maybe tell me what day and time would be good for you.



Julian Vayne's lecture The Banned Lecture of Getting Higher is now available as a booklet from Psychedelic Press, here, for the trivial sum of £3. It contains a compact and well-argued case for extraordinary states, not only for the health of the individual but also for the health and healing of society and culture, and plenty of ways to achieve such states without necking any restricted substances. Buy it, learn something, and feel superior to Oxford University!

I ran a Twitter poll on whether we should continue with the annoying practice of making winter evenings darker or go for BST (GMT+1) all year round. 11 people responded, 9 of whom agree with me that we should have BST all the time. Is there any argument against it or should we just start doing the magic to get it to happen?

Alan Moore Gives Rare Interview: How Superhero Movies Have “Blighted Culture

All 'shroomers know that different species of psilocybian fungi give different effects. How about one that only gives great trips (but is very difficult to distinguish from poisonous ones)?

The excellent Jimmy Cauty, artist and part-time funeral director, has a new show on, a container that visits your local deprived area. 
“Four deserted Tower Blocks
Traces of a mythical tribe
A dark fable for our times…”

I love the phrase 'painstakingly vandalised'. 

You want weird? We got weird: Tibor Szemző sets Wittgenstein’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus to music - I was astonished by how listenable it is, quite lovely. 

Trust me, you cannot leave 2020 and the influence of the Great Conjunction without witnessing these chaps talking TO ACTUAL GODS! Including Aion, Enochian spirits and Carl Jung.

Continuing Brigantia's IOT and ME series, we have the excellent Nikki Wyrd!

Very few artists have succeeded in bringing Lovecraft's tales up to date and yet retaining their cosmic terror. This does it. Starting with Charles Dexter Ward, then The Whisperer in Darkness and then The Shadow Over Innsmouth this is the story of two podcasters who investigate some weird occurrences and... well, get themselves into all sorts of trouble. Very strongly recommended for terrifying winter nights.

For those of you who missed Ian Read's recent interview, the video version was taken down due to some technical issues but the audio is here


Read Duncan Barford's excellent essays on the HGA, on Art, on Meditation and other stuff. 


Julian Vayne talking good common sense about Qanon here.

And Erik Davis and others put a nice twist on it - Nerd Immunity. Basically, if you’ve been conned by garbage such as Qanon, then you may be as thick as two short planks, but you may simply be massively under-educated. Nobody studies history any more. Become a history nerd and - get Nerd Immunity to believing crap!

I'm not doing a full Conspiracy Bollocks this issue, but I can't resist a nice big winter portion of schadenfreude over this creep, a Republican politician who endorsed the Qanon LARP, getting arrested for child porn. Cui bono, eh?
So as not to end this seasonal issue standing in a puddle of sewage, here's a new free publication about the divine William Blake.

See you on the other side!

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