CHAOTOPIA Newsletter, March 2019
Well, I suppose we've already had the start of Spring, nice and early. Enjoy the weather while it lasts! 

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This newsletter is practically all psychedelia. Coming up in Sheffield, part of a series of workshops curated and taught by Little Pope Peep and Dave Lee - Magic, Witchcraft, Chaos and Beyond #5 brings Psychedelic Press editor Nikki Wyrd to the fair city to lead you on a magical adventure.

The Big News: Magic, Witchcraft, Chaos and Beyond.
'Join Nikki Wyrd and Dave Lee for an afternoon exploring the fascinating world of Psychedelics and Magic with talks, tales and ritual. They will discuss psychedelic substances and states, with regard to ceremonial usage.

We start with an introduction from Dave Lee:
Psychedelics and magic surely belong together - they're just naturals for each other! 
I'm not the only person who was turned on to magic in the course of youthful tripping, but it seems that Western occultism has been in denial about the immense relevance of these substances to magical work. It's as if the magical world didn't want to be 'tainted' by association with drug takers, and the acid heads were confused and perhaps frightened by the powerful implications of psychedelic magic.
I shall talk a bit about the idea of this (false) split whilst telling a couple of magical tales from back in my psychedelic youth.

Followed by guest speaker Nikki Wyrd...
From Saharan magic mushrooms, to Amazonian ayahuasca, humans have a long history of interaction with psychedelic substances. Nikki’s talk will cover the evidence we have from archaeological and historical sources regarding our relationships with these spirits. In order to paint a vivid picture of what it is like to take part in a psychedelic ceremony, she will describe the peyote ceremony of Turtle Island (aka North America) in some detail.
After the lectures, a ritual fire will be constructed outside, and there will be an opportunity for an immersive experience of what it would be like to take part in a community psychedelic ceremony (without the ingestion of forbidden substances, of course!). It is hoped that sharing these techniques and practices will encourage people to engage with their own traditional sacred medicines in a more informed manner.

The last part of the day will feature Dave and Nikki in Conversation, with time for questions and personal reflections on this way of constructing ritual.
To join us for the full afternoon is £23
Book a place by calling 0114 2492090


Julian Vayne is doing a full day workshop at Treadwells on Working Magic in the City. Urban psychogeograpy experiences with a very experienced guide. 
The Easter-Moon issue of the Runa-Eormensyl blog is now out, with Part 3 of Ingrid Fischer's Germanic Soul-Lore.
Feast your spirits!
Check out the Ken Campbell Archive Hour for unique and amazing soliloquys by the mighty Ken.


Told you it was very psychedelic this month. Even Gimp are getting the vibe...

Issue XXVI of the Psychedelic Press Journal is out early April, and available to pre-order.
Isn't that just the best cover you've ever seen?
- My First Trip: How LSD Saved My Life - Nicholas Martinez
- The First Scientific Psychonaut Sir Humphry Davy: Nitro-Idealism, Spinozism, and Encounters Alien-Ethereal - Dr Peter Sjostedt-H
- The Tao of Unicorns - Krizstina Lazar
- Poetry - Mark Juhan
- The Candy Flip Papers - Sven Maeterlinck
- Psychedelics, Empathogens and Mindfulness-based Capacities: A Review of Recently Published Research Findings - Dennis Johnson
- A Review of The Science of Microdosing Psychedelics by Torsten Passie - David Lee

The Science of Microdosing Psychedelics
"Should I buy it? ... if you want to read an indispensible book about the various dosage regimens of LSD, and what happens under them, which might help you better understand your own microdosing experiences, and a scientific history of LSD dosing thrown in, then definitely yes." - David Lee

Europe's largest conference on psychedelic consciousness, Breaking Convention, is back! Now approaching its eighth year, BC is a truly multi-faceted festival selling nearly a thousand tickets in forty countries and offering the latest ground-breaking research and insights across human and social sciences, law, politics, art, history and philosophy. Call for papers, workshops, and tickets now all available here.
Psychedelic Press's 10th birthday Writers on Drugs tour in 2018 was a huge success. Writers on Drugs will be returning on December 8, 2019 in London for a full day celebration of writing and psychedelia. Limited super early bird tickets available.

In case you are, as with recent a correspondent of mine, still stuck in thinking that Scientism =science, please check out Peter Sjostedt-Hughes' masterly dismantling of such silliness.

And here’s Dr Passie talking about Microdosing Psychedelics. This is just 6.37 min of a longer interview and all worth watching.

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