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Samhain 2019
Hello everyone, this is a quick newsletter, to get some relevant bits of news out (just) before Samhain.
I'm at Occulture Berlin for the Samhain weekend, there's probably still time to get a ticket.

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IOT British Isles blog has the latest episode of my Tales of Magic, I Ching astral doorways I, and a report on the recent Swansea Open Circle.

The Runa-Eormensyl blog has the final instalment of Ingrid Fischer’s Germanic Soul-Lore, 'Fate'.
But as Ingrid writes, ‘the work on your soul should not stop here’!
Alistair Fruish asks 'Is my work The Sentence, a 46k word single sentence novel, or is it the longest monometrical poem in the language, or both? Have a listen here to a recording from the British Library and decide.'

THE MONEYBURNER SPEAKS: Jonathan The Money Burning Guy was tour manager on the Cerne2CERN Pilgrimage. He writes about it here.  

Check out CJ Stone's visionary travelogue - New York: City of the Nephilim 

If you would like the astonishing Daisy Eris Campbell to do a one-woman show in your living room, contact her via about Anamnesis Now! '...the bizarre tale of the magick that has been afoot for me personally since the pilgrimage-caper, and what I think the implications might be.
"Anamnesis Now" contains Big News that must be heralded before April 24th 2020. If you would like to hear my strange tale, then you can!' 
'Just gather a minimum of 23 Seekers, all prepared to pay me £10, and sort me out a bed for the night and I will come a-heralding to a living room, pub backroom or theatre-type-space near you.'


Matt Wilson, of the awe-inspiring cosmic artworks (see examples above and below), now has an Instagram page full of his pictures. Go marvel!

Gordon White's Rune Soup podcast hosts Danny Nemu, talking about Plant Spirits, Scientism and Colonialism.

I bought David Luke’s 2017 book Otherworlds: Psychedelics and exceptional human experience a while ago, thinking wow, science, psychedelics and psi! The first section is about synaesthesia. Back in my youth, a friend said that during an acid experience he’d grasped a door handle and it had tasted of cheese. Interesting stuff, but I got bogged down and put the book aside. Synaesthesia does not point outside of the prison planet of physicalist scientism, and that what I was seeking. I picked it up again recently and ploughed through to the next section – when he starts talking about psi, and it got much more interesting. The reports are done in a sort of condensed academic style, but he gives excellent summaries for those uninitiated into the mysteries of academic psychology.

The section ‘Disembodied Eyes Revisited’ is a remarkable chasing-down of (OK, 'anecdotal') evidence for the independent existence of entities encountered on psychedelics. In particular, a terrifying, multi-eyed Tibetan guardian spirit Za, and its isomorphisms across various cultures. Best of all is the story of a 5 year old child who has been working in dream with this entity every eight days for some while. That account alone is worth the price of the book.

There's also some very interesting discussion of parapsychology tests administered to participants under heavy does of psychedelics. The volunteers in a Masters and Houston trial told the researchers that doing so was 'psychedelically immoral'. Now some who've tried to do certain types of magical things when on psychedelics may recognize this feeling. One correspondent of mine felt that he had seriously damaged himself by by doing magic on acid, but he had retreated into the most rigid case of Scientism I've ever encountered in an ex-tripper, so no more details were forthcoming. 

This theme is I think connected to the whole idea that science should get behind psi powers. This is something that may be good for some areas of science, but it could be disastrous for magicians. Because once psi-powers become ontologically respectable, the law will follow. And then they’d be able to bust us for doing magic.

Another aspect of what could go wrong in the zone where psychedelics and magic overlap is that if we keep testing people eventually we may find magicians who get repeatable results. Imagine how that could work out with a sociopathic magician, someone with no empathy for others. You'v got the cornerstone of a truly nightmare world. Maybe this perspective is what participants in psychedelic psi tests were intuiting. 

This is a timely and much-needed summary of the whole field. But I'd be happier if magic retained its fringe ontological status. At the moment, it's one of the few remaining tools those dispossessed by neoliberal capitalism have to change the world. However, it looks as if this kind of research will continue, whether we like it or not, so what's to be done? Just one thing: Become a better magician. Find the place within where you know you are not just this limited, flesh-bound being, but something much bigger and more significant. 

It's been a season for storytelling. Saw A Spell In Time, Bulgarian tales and music, stories with all the initiatic depths of true myth. See them if you can. (You might recognize the name of their patron - Prof Ronald Hutton.)

Also saw Norwegian storyteller Heidi Dahlsveen the other day at an event called The Death of Baldur. She is an exceptional storyteller, even weaving a personal tragedy into the narrative, thereby showing how much these old tales mean to her.
The picture at the top was created by Tommie Kelly, from an image that came to me in meditation. Tommie writes of his blog: 
'I started the blog, Adventures in Woo Woo, and later the podcast and videos, to discuss, investigate and test the ideas, rituals, systems and beliefs that are suggested by the various teachings of the Occult and Spirituality such as: Chaos Magick, Law of Attraction, The New Age, Satanism, Thelema, Wicca, UFOS, Tantra, Meditation, Aliens, Demons, Angels, Gods, Spirits, Ceremonial Magic, Hermetics, Divination and anything else that a skeptic would consider Woo Woo. '

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