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Thank you all you new people who signed up, I hope you find the newsletter helpful (and even entertaining!)


The next Magic, Witchcraft Chaos and Beyond workshop will be our first online (on Zoom) offering, and will consist of Anwen Fryer and me presenting An Introduction to Rune Magic.

In this 4 hour workshop (with breaks) I pass on some of what I’ve learned about runes, through interactive talks, videos created especially for the session and crafting support from Anwen who will take you though making illuminated rune cards. The basics of the Elder Futhark, Bind Runes, and Rune Galdor will be covered giving you a great grounding so you can continue your studies with a firm foundation.

This workshop is a pay as you feel event. When originally run with room hire and coffee included we charged £23, please use this as a guide, obviously online we don’t have the same overheads and can hopefully accommodate more people. Donations can be made to secure your place to - please put a note on to say it is for the rune workshop. Alternatively we can send you a card payment link to your mobile or email, just get in touch.

We will share the Zoom address once payment is made. If you are unemployed or on a low income please feel encouraged to attend for what you can afford, or ask about our bursaries.

Finally we ask you to get, from a supermarket or on-line shop 10 sheets of A4 card, colour is your preference however they need to be light enough to draw on so the writing stands out. This is essential to the course.

Looking forward to meeting you.
Dave & Anwen

As you may have noticed, there's some pretty strange stuff happening.  For a start, check this out, a self-reorganisation of the US states: 

‘Speaking on MSNBC, Governor Gavin Newsom said that he would use the bulk purchasing power of California “as a nation-state” to acquire the hospital supplies that the federal government has failed to provide. If all goes according to plan, Newsom said, California might even “export some of those supplies to states in need.” 
He said 'nation state'; that's maybe a sign of things to come. Other regional coalitions are forming too. 

UBIGuy Standing writing for The Idler:

'A modest basic income is definitely affordable. Think of the billions being poured into the financial markets. Think of the fact that every year the Treasury operates over 1,100 forms of tax reliefs that favour higher-income groups to the tune of over £400 billion, according to the government’s own figures. As shown elsewhere, there is no need to raise the standard rate of income tax in order to pay everyone at least £100 a week. That is not enough to cover people’s needs, but it would make a substantial difference to those on low incomes and facing those debts.'

Ramsey Dukes speaks on Technology versus Coronavirus  - how solutions might be found in the most despised technologies.

Some older technologies may be paying off. The idea of testing already-approved drugs against Covid in order to find a cure rather than a vaccine is getting results in some unlikely places - such as an anti-heartburn medicine.   

And nicotine...  

Don't neglect your physical fitness whilst stuck indoors. I'm not going to share my routine with you because it may not suit you, and then you'd blame me, but there are plenty of advice pages online.

Archive of recent newsletters and signup here

My first book, out of print for a while now, is out again in a smart new Amazon edition. Amazon seem to have been making strenuous efforts to conceal the new edition behind expensive 2nd hand copies of ancient editions; here’s the links: E-book and paperback.  And the Kindle edition is only £3.99!

The other day I talked with JulianVayne about My Magical Thing, a tattva-qabalah painting from 1981. He’s also done this with Tommie Kelly, Monika, Jake-Stratton-Kent, Alkistis DimechJanet Farrar and Gavin Bone and David Rankine. He's probably done a couple more since I assembled this newsletter. Julian is professionally engaged with education via museum objects so he knows what he's doing. Get all the links from his blog.  

On my blog, a review of Claude Lecouteux’s Demons and Spirits of the Land. He centres his argument that numinous experiences of the natural world are the bases of gods on the raw experience of natural power in the environment. This notion of spirit is closer to Aldous Huxley's idea of mind-at-large – that intelligence is something we are embedded in rather than something we have inside our skulls. 

Last Newsletter’s Covid bits are now on my blog.

On the Runa-Eormensyl blog a treat from poet David Jones - a Creation Myth poem.

'When the Gods made you and I my friend
the wolf, the bear, the snake,
the eagle, the raven and shark
cocked an eye and said,
“Behold! To us are born brothers”.'

Wherever you are you can visit Sheffield's Airy Fairy Virtual Cafe!
Email Anwen at or DM to this page for details. 
Last year Active Coast made an attempt on the sand drawing world record at the Land Sand Stone Festival. 'Kick back, watch the video and remember how beautiful our coast is.'

Recently-discovered burial of ancient British chieftain and maybe his 'shaman'? 

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