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September 2020
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My Magical Self-Care course will be running from this coming Monday 28th September, three 1-hour online sessions, live and with short videos. There'll be plenty of practice that you can take away and use, plus 6 PDF handouts. 
There'll also be a Discord Forum for the 3 weeks of the course.

This is a rescheduled event, anyone who had previously booked will automatically be enrolled
Pay what you feel! This is, if you want it to be, a freebie for these difficult times.

Please email once you have paid so we can register you and send you the zoom link email and hand outs.

This course takes you through a range of proven techniques for maintaining your physical and mental health. 

In part 1, Monday 28th September, you’ll learn the neurological hack of pranayama for relaxation and enhancement of your immune system
Part 2, Mon 5th October introduces Connected Breathing for present-time awareness and the overcoming of some kinds of insomnia and also brings in the use of guided meditations for deep relaxation and aura work
Part 3, Mon 12th October will introduce you to working with a proven healing spirit, Kawa Pohr.

***DEADLINE this time for booking - SUNDAY 6pm - this gives us time to get the handouts to you.

Want to learn yoga and some breath technique from a very good teacher? 
This course from Adrian Cox looks very interesting - check out the free video intro to it. Adrian is an experienced yoga teacher and a breathwork client of mine, whose approach to yoga-based wellness has a lot to offer. This particular technique, Resonant Breathing, he has developed for healing of self and other, and he is teaching this as a certified course.



When I heard the news of David Graeber's death in a hospital in Venice a few weeks ago I could barely believe it. Some people just aren't meant to disappear. I'm part-way through reviewing his book Bullshit Jobs and he appeared at a Discordian event put together by Jonathan Harris, the Money Burning Guy late last year, which I couldn't make it to. I wish I had; he was someone who I'd probably have met before very long.

There is so much to this man and his life I can't begin to do it all justice. So I'm just going to put links in to some of the tributes to him. And say that he was perhaps the only major anarcho-leftist writer whose vision of human potentialities is at core magical.

This comes out in his visionary approach to change: ‘For David, anthropology was important for it was a means to resurrect other possible, more beautiful worlds, imagine societies other than our own exclusive one, figure out the larger implications, and then offer those ideas back to the world for an anti-capitalist politics.’

That quote is from a whole bunch of tributes to him, as 'a Nasruddin-joke-churning machine. Mischievous soul dancer. Pragmatic anarchist. Friend to the Kurds. Academic superstar. Wizard of chaos.' The essay is here.  

One of his most influential books, his analysis of money, Debt - The First 5000 Years, which I've yet to read, is available free here. It's been made into a 12-part radio series which you can listen to here.  

This is an interview with him from just before Yale chose to edge him out for being ant-establishment. 

And here's a tribute from The Idler magazine, reprising an earlier interview   on Bullshit Jobs. The 2013 article that kicked the whole thing off is quoted there, and it puts his Bullshit Jobs idea in perspective:  

In the year 1930, John Maynard Keynes predicted that, by century’s end, technology would have advanced sufficiently that countries like Great Britain or the United States would have achieved a fifteen-hour work week. There’s every reason to believe he was right. In technological terms, we are quite capable of this.’

And finally, check this for the best sort of magical thinking: 
"The ultimate, hidden truth of the world, is that it is something that we make, & could just as easily make differently.”

This is the class of dreamer we are terribly short of. This is the scope and power of dreaming we need. Ours is a terrible loss. Rest in Chaos, David Graeber.



Julian is still talking to people about their Magical Things. Here, Danny Nemu shows us the keys to magic.

And on his Blog of Baphomet a Magical Harvest.

The IOT and Me interviews continue with Bloody Kev, here


The F23 Podcast has Dreamfisher Kate Alderton on - learn about her collective dream magic work.   

And Discordian writer Ben Graham, talking about belief as a tool. and Grant Morrison's The Invisibles as a 'primer on chaos magic for kids’ amongst other things. 

Ben’s newsletter The Urban Spaceman has got Diana Rigg, music reviews, plugs for his latest book Pink Floyd Are Fogbound in Paris - the Krumlin Festival and other musings. Check it out - you can sign up here.

John Higgs wrote an 'Edwardian Glam Rock musical' HG Wells & The Spiders From Marswhich was scuppered by the lockdown. However, one song got recorded - Life on Venus, which it now appears there (sort of) is. Read and listen here

Anwen of Airy Fairy has a new website - - where the Magic Witchcraft Chaos and Beyond workshop series has a permanent home. 

This looks really interesting: Erik Davies, Dolly and Verity Spott for just a quid!

Not sure it's entirely appropriate to put King Arthur in th Discordian section, but where do you put England's true King?
Anyway, he needs some money. Send him some, to


This novel, Saint Peter's Snow by Leo Perutz, has blown my mind. Written in 1933, 5 years before Albert Hoffman's first syntheses of LSD-25 and ten before his first successful trial of it, it nonetheless is about a scientist who isolates an hallucinogen from a mould, St Peter's Snow, which infects wheat. I won't go too far into the plot to avoid spoilers, because I very strongly recommend this book; it reads like a well-written thriller. However, I have to tell you this: the description of the chemical constituents of this mould pretty much tell us it's ergot. 
So we have a new drug with amazing properties being produced from ergot; this story reads like a hypersigil for the discovery of LSD. And what if it was? Many people have puzzled over Dr Hoffman's decision to re-synthesize LSD-25 5 years after it had seemingly proven useless; was there another layer of intention beyond the production of the neuroleptic he'd been hoping for?

A recording of Kilindi Iyi's memorial event is now available here

'As some of you may be aware, proceeds from this event are being donated to The Detroit Psychedelic Conference, an event Kilindi was organising before his passing. You can still donate via using the reference 'kilindi' '

Listen to Maria Sabina singing her sacred song 
The redoubtable Lionel Snell has come out with another intriguing video: Two Types of Magicians

When I was a kid the Dr Who theme was my favourite piece of music for years. Here is Theremin player, singer and composer Carolina Eyck actually playing it. 

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